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Medical Exam

Some people have strongly sexual fantasies about medical exams. Some of the most common fantasies are of simple procedures, such as taking rectal temperatures, observed urination, or inserting suppositories.

Occasionally, a patient will run into a medical practitioner who has perfected the art of making the exam as arousing as possible, without seeming anything other than professional. It can start with asking the patient to be more naked than necessary for longer than necessary. Seemingly innocent light touching of the genital area goes on for longer than necessary, perhaps while asking intimate questions, or explaining something in great detail. For the man, a hernia check with the practitioner’s face quite close helps. Then the digital rectal exam. Or perhaps first, the patient’s testicles need to be checked (fondled), looking ostensibly for lumps. The peehole should be opened with the fingertips and examined, and finally, the penis should be slowly and carefully palpated all the way from the base to the tip.

Your author talked with a woman who was borderline anorexic for a while, and finally had to go to the hospital when she became weak from not eating enough. The doctor in the emergency room placed a speculum in her vagina to do an exam, and she said it was a very strange, and wonderful sensation. She felt like she was ‘really being cared for,’ and during the exam, she orgasmed. Fortunately, she was soon released, accepted psychiatric help for her eating disorder, started living a normal life, and is in great health today. Women frequently have orgasms during medical exams.

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