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Digital Rectal Exam

A digital rectal exam, or DRE is a medical test in which a nurse practitioner or doctor inserts a gloved finger through a person’s anus to check for rectal, uterine, or prostate problems. Most people do not like this procedure, and going for an exam with the notion that it is unpleasant makes it so. A few people look forward to it, and they tend to actually enjoy the attention. Some men will become erect during this, or other examination procedures. Medical personnel are used to the occasional man who becomes erect, and generally assure the patient that it is normal. It is quite uncommon, but men have ejaculated during their exams.

What may alarm more conservative men is that when the prostate is pressed with fingertips, not only does it feel good in a sexual way, even if during an exam, but it can cause some semen to leak out of the penis, which may feel like a mini-ejaculation.

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  1. I’ve had many, many rectal exams by a doctor in my life and I’ve never found anything remotely sexual about them. Never came close to getting hard and of course an ejaculation was not about to happen. Now if it’s a wife or girl friend doing it, that’s another story.

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