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Knowing a Thing is Possible Makes it Easier to Learn

Knowing a thing is possible makes it easier to learn.

Knowing something is possible makes it easier to learn to do it yourself.

For instance, I used to do a trick with four tennis rackets. Then, I saw a guy do the same thing with five rackets. I had no idea that was possible. I started practicing, and learned to do it with five also.

So, more to the point, I always knew that a man can edge – bringing himself close to orgasm, and enjoy the experience over and over in a single session. You probably already know that. The man doesn’t orgasm, so while enjoyable, it isn’t amazing.

But what I didn’t know is that he can bring himself closer and closer, until he is literally in orgasm multiple times and for extended periods of time.

The man who does this doesn’t ejaculate, even though he can be so far in orgasm that his urethra is rhythmically contracting, as if ejaculating, but nothing comes out. Or sometimes, a single drop comes out now and then.

The exact trick is this: When you’re starting to feel that ‘gonna cum’ feeling, just relax as much as possible. Slow down or stop the stimulation, but only for a second, then continue. I think that’s the big trick: Don’t let the feeling fully subside before you resume.

In time, your body learns what you want, and cooperates, letting you more easily stay in orgasm without cumming. It gets to where you can easily do it whenever you want. You don’t even need to bring anything to clean up, because making a mess is optional. You can be satisfied without ever having ejaculated.

You’ve gotta try this, because it is absolutely remarkable. You also discover new things along the way. For instance, you can feel wonderful chills throughout your body that you may never have noticed before. You can keep those chills going and going.

Once you get it, a whole new world of delight opens up. You can have ten times the joy you’d get from a single ejaculatory orgasm. You get to notice things you never noticed before, like literal chills running throughout your body.

Women too: Of course I don’t know the specifics, but I think if a woman really concentrates in staying in the early stages of orgasm, she can dwell there, enjoying the full experience of orgasm for as long as she wants.

No matter your sex, I’m not saying this is easy, but practicing is fun, right?

Let everyone know how it is working for you, or whether you already know this technique in the comments below. I believe everyone would especially like to hear about this experience from women.

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