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Hypospadias At Marshall’s Beach

hypospadias on Marshall's Beach

I went back to the beach. Finally, we had a day that was warm enough. I was worried about the tide, however. It was already high, and coming in. The tide wasn’t horrible, so I was able to walk far enough north where wanking is commonly done and considered acceptable. When it’s a busy day, you can usually see men in all sorts of activities from blowjobs to out and out anal fucking. Sometimes women, too. But today was just barely warm enough, and it was a weekday, so the only thing I saw was a few naked men in the distance.

I decided I needed a good wank. After all, that’s what I came to the beach for. There’s something about openly wanking in nature, and where I might be seen by others, that really excites me.

Now, on this beach, on other occasions, I’ve interacted with other guys, generally trading handjobs, but for today, all I wanted to do was jerk myself off.

So there I was, enjoying continuous orgasms, a most enjoyable thing that any guy can learn, and along came a guy, who stopped and watched. I’m fine with that. More than fine. I enjoy being watched.

He kind of looked like he wanted to be invited. He was pretty good looking. He was white, with a slight Asian or maybe Hispanic appearance, medium build, fairly young. I decided company might not be so bad after all.

He laid down with me on my large towel, and after the briefest of introductions, I started giving him a very gentle handjob. I like starting out that way. After a really long time, I’ll get more energetic, maybe even rough, depending on what the guy (or girl sometimes), wants.

Right from the start I could see his penis was different. It curved forward, as if trying to hide the underside, which did have significant hypospadias. That’s a fairly common congenital condition in which the meatus, otherwise known as peehole, doesn’t come to the top of the penis. Instead, the opening is on the underside, generally in the frenulum area.

That’s what this guy had. It was quite pronounced. I could sort of pull the lips of his glans, the edges surrounding essentially a slot where the peehole would normally be, and touch what amounted to the inside of his urethra. At first I thought it might be sensitive, but as I touched it, he went ‘Yummmm…” so I knew it was good.

I stroked him for quite a while using various techniques, and occasionally rubbing that top inner urethral area. He amazed me by not cumming the whole time, even though he stayed good and hard.

I asked whether it might be OK to take pictures or a video. Not only was he fine with that, but he said he’s a bit of an exhibitionist, and really liked the idea. I filmed a video, and took several stills, which you can see here.

After a while, we switched positions. He jerked me a bit, but I was actually feeling more like ‘doing’ myself. Not only that, I had been in low and high orgasm for a while, so it can be harder to stay excited at that point. So then we switched back. He must have been close to cumming several times. I believe this guy is a very good edger. He may have been in low and high orgasm himself.

I sometimes think I’m one of the few guys on Earth who know that continuous orgasm technique, but actually there are many men who practice it regularly and with good success.

Finally, I was concerned about getting too much sun, so we parted amicably, neither of us having ejaculated.

Before parting, I asked for his email address, and to what degree he’d like to be shown on the website. He said stills, video, and showing his face were all fine. He even consented to printing his name. I got his email address, and sent a model release. He signed the release, but changed his mind about showing his face. So, I’ve got to edit the video. Perhaps I’ll get that posted here soon. Meanwhile, here are the stills:

The tide came in further, making the walk back to the exit at the south end of the beach difficult without getting soaked, but the day was well worth the effort.

5 thoughts on “Hypospadias At Marshall’s Beach

  1. Nice pix. I have never seen a peehole like that before but then I’ve only been up close and personal with fewer than ten cocks. I would find that a bit of a turn-off only because it’s different from what I’m used to. Nice cock otherwise, however. Next time you hook up with a guy on the beach, see if you can get some C2C photos.

  2. so hot man. show offs are the best

  3. Did you ask him about if he liked sounding and what he used, if he did it?

    1. I didn’t think to ask him that, but I believe his answer would certainly have been interesting.

  4. love the public show-off you featured. nothing so hot as a nude guy who just enjoys the natural state, and enjoys being fully aroused with his penis for the camera

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