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Ickiest Thing

The ickiest thing: fisting another man's butt

I was recently asked about what was the ickiest sexual thing I have done.

I once put my whole hand in another man’s butt.

He was a friend. We had jerked each other off several times. He’d ask for anal fisting now and then, and I’d always decline. He kept practically begging, and finally, I caved.

He put some very viscous fluid in his microwave to warm it. He said it was some sort of veterinary liquid. It was clear, had no odor, and was very thick and slippery.

He got on all fours while I coated a finger in the slippery goo. I slowly introduced my finger into his anus. That wasn’t so bad. I’ve joyously put my finger in many female and male asses in my time. I’ve always enjoyed the tight feeling around my finger, especially when they are orgasming.

I pulled it out slowly, and went in with two fingers. I massaged his prostate gland for a while, which he was loving. A few drops of semen dripped out of his erect penis. I’ve learned this is natural. From compressing the prostate, where semen is stored, it will naturally be expelled.

My penis was also erect, but I ignored it.

I withdrew the two fingers, and put in three – ever so slowly. That went well, so I put in four. His anus was becoming relaxed.

Now was the time to go for the big event. I coating my whole hand with goo. Then, just in case we were successful, I also coated my lower arm half way to my elbow.

Slowly, very slowly, I pressed and twisted, and soon all five fingers were within him. He had me stop for a while to get used to it. When he was ready, I pushed and twisted some more, and felt his anus expanding to take my whole hand. Finally, I made it all the way in. He was in heaven. I just held still for a bit, then decided to go exploring. I pushed in farther, which was easy now, since the bulk of my hand was past his sphincter. I found a constriction about ten inches in that curved off to one side. I believe this is where the rectum meets the large intestine. He was wincing and going ‘ouch’ now and then, but he wanted me to push on. Finally, I was about 12 inches in with my fingers worked in around the curve, and as far as I could go. Or at least as far as I could safely go, in my opinion. I was worried that I could actually burst or damage his colon.

We had seen videos where you see a man on all fours like my friend was, but the other man’s arm is buried inside almost to the shoulder. In other videos, you’ll see a man on his back, and you can watch a bump move around within his stomach area, pressing upward against the abdominal wall, all the way up to the rib cage.

We weren’t able to accomplish that. I was happy with my 12 inches. In fact, I pulled back out a little bit so I could do some exploring. I figured I might be able to feel his kidneys, stomach, spleen and liver from within there. I imagined doing this to a woman, and finding and gently massaging her ovaries. Would that be as delicious for her as testicle massage is for us guys? I was thinking how fun it would be to get my fingers around his bladder and give it a little squeeze. I’ll bet that would be interesting if it had some fluid in it. But the definition of what I could feel inside him wasn’t very good. It was all just squishy feeling, except for his backbone.

After a while, he expressed doneness, so I very slowly removed my hand. It was difficult for him to expand enough for me to get the widest part of my hand back out, but of course we managed it. I figure anything that goes in can come out.

I went into his bathroom expecting the worst. I figured I’d be covered in poop. But no, I was clean as a whistle except for the goo on my hand and arm. However, that stuff wasn’t particularly water-soluble, so it took forever to wash it off. BTW, I should mention too, that there was never any odor. It seems my friend had given himself an enema before my arrival, for which I was very thankful.

In conclusion, while anal fisting isn’t something I’d want done to me, and I’m not particularly a fan of doing it, it made my friend very happy. I did stay erect the whole time, so I must have enjoyed it more than I’ll admit. He and I jerked each other off afterward.

Shortly after that day, I moved out of town, so we never repeated the experience. I’m not sure I would have if he had asked.

I believe this practice is highly dangerous. I present this account only for your amusement, and strongly caution you not to try it yourself. I actually met a guy who had undergone a colostomy from giving himself a high-pressure enema, so accidents, horrible accidents, can happen. I’m not sure how strong the rectum and large intestine are, but since there are so many other and fun ways to have fun and give yourself orgasms, I recommend those instead.

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