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Hotel Maid

Caught Jerking Off by Hotel Maid

Another story from a client:

It was one of my first times alone in a new city. I had been recently hired to repair industrial box folding machinery. I would drive to any of a number of places on the West Coast and fix a thing, which usually took less than a day, stay in a hotel at the company’s expense, then drive home.

So one night, I was in a hotel alone. It was late morning. I knew I was supposed to be checking out already, but I was still in bed. I was a bit worried that a maid would burst in to clean the room, and there I’d be naked.

Worry turned into something else, a kind of exhibitionist excitement. I got up and unlocked the door, then returned to bed. I was on top of the bed, with no covers on.

I started to masturbate, just imagining what would happen. In my imagination, the door would burst open, and I’d get caught by the maid, dick in hand. I loved the idea, but of course it was just fantasy. In reality, I’d never let such a thing happen. I was getting ready to get back up and lock the door.

But, I was very erect, and close to cumming. I figured I’d be safe for another minute.

Then suddenly, knock, knock, and “Maid Service,” she shouted in a loud, confident voice.

Of course normally I’d yell something like “Just a minute,” but I was suddenly so scared, it came out almost in a whisper.

The door burst open. This was really happening, and it wasn’t going at all like I had fantasized. Instead of a horny experience, I was scared to death. There was no turning back. There was no undoing what was happening. There was absolutely no doubt that the maid saw me laying on top of the bed holding my hard, but rapidly wilting penis. Immediately my mind filled with all the trouble I could be in. She’d probably run out and get the manager right away. Or maybe some big guys who would beat me up and throw me out into the parking lot, maybe still naked. Geez!

Nothing like that happened. She stalled for a minute, waste bucket in hand, then simply said, in a surprisingly calm voice, “Oh, sorry.” Then, after a moment she added, “Go right on with what you’re doing. Don’t pay any attention to me.”

My mind was slowly switching gears. So, I wasn’t in trouble after all. But did she really mean that?

“Really?” I asked in a smaller, squeakier voice than I had intended.

“Sure dude, my boyfriend does it all the time. We can’t even watch a movie together without him jerking off right next to me.”

I tried to imagine it. This small, frizzy-haired, delightful young girl – she couldn’t have been more than 22 years old – and some big oaf of a boyfriend that didn’t deserve her, naked and wanking next to her in front of a TV on a sofa. Come to think of it, she’d be naked too. OK, so maybe she had wild hair, and maybe her nose was a bit big, and her eyes a bit weird, but she was kind of hot.

Of course that thought happened in a flash. I was immediately back to thinking ‘is this really alright?’

I decided it was, and so slowly, sheepishly, resumed stroking my now soft dick. Meanwhile, she went into the bathroom gathering up all the towels over her arm. Passing me on the bed again, she threw a towel to me and said, “Here, you’ll need this.”

I continued to stroke, still a little concerned that something wasn’t right. But I was getting erect again. Carrying the towels, she went right out the door. I mean, she swung it wide open. Anyone could have been passing by, and they’d see me wanking away. But no one passed in the brief moment that she went out with the towels, and returned with clean ones.

She went out the door again. As she did, a family of four walked by. There was a mom and dad, and two kids, about 10 or 12 years old. I was mortified, but they never turned their heads. They had no idea there was a naked guy jerking off not ten feet from them.

The cleaning girl came back in with a vacuum cleaner.

“Do you want me to leave?” I asked.

“No, Dude. Stay, and keep me entertained. It’ll make my day more interesting.”

Like an idiot I said, “Really?” again in a too-small voice.

I didn’t hear her answer. She had plugged the machine in and turned it on.

So she vacuumed, and I masturbated. All too soon I came. She missed it. I had kind of hoped she’d see me cum, but she was diligently vacuuming in a corner. I wiped up with the towel, walked past her into the bathroom and freshened up. I used my T-shirt as a towel, not wanting to use any of the ones she had just replaced.

She was still vacuuming. It seemed endless, and I realized later she must have been stalling while I dressed.

In a moment, I was dressed, and my bag was packed. How to end it? I had a $20 bill in my wallet, and I made a show of leaving it on the dresser, while she just glanced at me and continued vacuuming. She smiled just a little bit. I smiled back, probably with a big, stupid grin. I walked out, got into my car, and drove away.

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  1. That sounds like exactly what I’d imagine happening for me, but of course I’d never let it become a reality. I wouldn’t have even taken as much risk as you did, although I wish…

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