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Feeling Her Ovaries

feeling her ovaries

Trying to feel her ovaries through anal and vaginal fisting

My girlfriend used to like ordinary, gentle sex.

Then, one day, we got to discussing something. I believe it started with a discussion of fisting. I related how I fisted a buddy’s anus. He wanted me to go as deep as I could. I started feeling around, trying to see if I could determine his kidneys, bladder, sections of intestine and so on. All I could really feel was his backbone.

When I mentioned this to her, she got really interested. Really horny, too.

It was her belief that I could find her ovaries. She figured they’re a lot like testicles, just deep inside the body instead of outside. From anatomical drawings, they seem to be about the same size and shape as testicles.

Well, I really like having my testicles massaged, so it follows that she might like to have her ovaries massaged.

So, there’s an experiment we’ve tried about twenty times so far. The general Idea is I’ll fist her vagina or rectum, going as deep as I can, pinching my fingers together within the walls, kind of trying to squeeze her vaginal wall or colon around her ovaries.

It gets kind of rough. It hurts her a little bit sometimes. I keep asking if she wants me to stop, but no, she wants me to try even harder. At first, it was quite a slow and almost frustrating job trying to get my whole hand into either opening, but with practice, it became possible with both her vagina and anus, then easier.

She says it will help her with chidbirth. She relates a story from one of her girlfriends, that said when her son was in the process of being born, she actually had an orgasm. Though rare, we’ve heard of this happening to other women as well. Evidently, it helps if the vaginal canal can be loose – practiced in being stretched.

We haven’t managed it yet. I have not been able to discern her ovaries among her other inside stuff.

So that was the original purpose, but now, it’s become something else. She absolutely loves these investigations. She has had many orgasms just from me anally fisting her. She’s also had very long-lasting, spasmic, super-strong orgasms from the vaginal fisting.

[Note from Jeremy: I know this is not for everyone, and I certainly advise you not to try it. It might be dangerous. But, I hope you enjoyed this report.]

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