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Buckets After Glans Rubbing

Our wives think we’re watching football, but actually my buddy and I play with all kinds of orgasmic stuff.

Most recently, we purposely tried to ‘ruin’ each others orgasms. Not in the classic sense, which as you probably know is bringing a guy to orgasm, then letting go of his cock just as the sperm starts pulsing out. That, in itself, is an intense feeling. You so want the stimulation to continue through the orgasm, but it doesn’t. Very interesting!

On this occasion, we worked on something else. Taking turns, one on the mattress while the other knelt next to the person, we’d subject ourselves to intense palm rubbing over the glans, the head of the penis. In case you don’t know. It’s horrible but harmless – as long as you use lubricant – but it makes you squirm uncontrollably. It’s the most terrible tickle in the world.

Well, we did that to each other beyond any reasonable degree. A few minutes with one guy doing the other, then switching roles. At times, we each felt like we might cum, or pee involuntarily. Sometimes that happens with glans rubbing. On this occasion neither us ejected any sort of fluid, other than perhaps some pre-cum that was mixed in with the lubricating oil we used – nice-smelling coconut oil in this case.

As an aside, I’ve come home smelling like coconut oil on numerous occasions. My wife must know what’s going on to some degree, but we’ve never talked about it.

So he rubs me while I can’t stand it, squirming and yelling all over the place. Then I do the same to him.

Then, after submitting to that treatment repeatedly, perhaps five times each, we tried to jerk each other off. We couldn’t do it. We couldn’t cum. The sensitivity had been temporarily ruined.

I went home strangely frustrated but also elated. For the rest of the day, life seemed sharper, better. Colors were brighter. He reported the same.

Later that evening my wife and I fucked, and came just fine.

Two days later, he and I did some more conventional wanking, mixed only with a little glans rubbing, and we each came buckets.

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