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Edging is the practice of arriving at the brink of orgasm but not going over the edge. It is sometimes enjoyed by women, but is more common among men. That’s because women are often natural edgers without trying. Immediately after an orgasm, many can have more orgasms or at least they still enjoy the activity. Men, on the other hand, often need a refractory period before they’ll enjoy more sexual activity. However, this tendency to be ‘done’ after orgasm in men can be defeated.

A man can do this several times in a row, prolonging the enjoyment of masturbation. It can also be done with friends, male or female, as a mutual masturbation practice. Perhaps where edging is most important is in sexual intercourse with a woman. Women usually take longer to come to orgasm. The callous man will ejaculate, then leave the woman to her own devices. That’s not the best way to maintain a loving relationship. If the man learns edging, he can learn to entertain her perfectly, and have more joy for himself in the process.

Many men play with edging, but most don’t realize there is another level that can be learned, and is even more enjoyable. With practice, one can have mini-orgasms, or even dry orgasms in which little or no ejaculate is released, even though contractions and all the rest that goes with orgasm is experienced. These orgasms are seventy percent as strong as full-on ejaculatory orgasms, but the big advantage is the man stays hard, and can continue stimulation right away, having more mini-orgasms, even lasting for hours, with practice.

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  1. When younger, while in sexual congress with a lady, I was horny enough that sometimes I could just keep going and experience multiple orgasms. Then when older, I went through a period where I did a lot of edging. It was mainly so I could entertain a lady friend by jacking off for her amusement and providing a spectacular cumshot. Some of those edging sessions lasted a couple of hours prior to her arrival at my house where the show would be performed.

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