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Camping with Co-Workers

Five of us from the factory were planning to go camping. I almost didn’t want to because I was thinking the mosquitoes were going to be too bothersome. I’m sure glad I finally decided to go.

It was going to be George, Jackson, Ernie, and Lee, plus me. Lee’s a girl, and that was one of the deciding factors. I figured if she’d be there, maybe I could get to know her better.

Saturday morning arrived, and Lee backed out at the last minute, saying she didn’t want to be the only female among guys. I understood, but was disappointed. I had just broken up with my girlfriend, and was looking forward to flirting, maybe even getting lucky, getting some sex with Lee. I was imagining us rolling around together in a single sleeping bag.

Us four guys arrived at our place by the creek, and I was pleased because the mosquito situation was excellent. In fact, there were very few bugs in general, although we did see a turtle, several hundred toads, squirrels, and actually spotted a bobcat in the distance.

It was a warm day, and Jackson suggested, “We’re all men here, clothes aren’t needed.” With that, he tore off his shorts and underwear and jumped in the deep part of the creek. I’m ashamed of my first thought: I wished my penis was larger. It’s not super-small, but I wanted to be more of a ‘real man’ with at least a normal size dick, if not a large one, like Jackson’s.

In retrospect I wonder if he did that – got naked in front of all of us – just to show that thing of his off. As you can imagine, I was reluctant to strip naked in front of the other guys, but when the other two took off their stuff, what could I do?

I couldn’t help glancing. I secretly do appreciate male beauty. Not like women, you understand, but a chiseled, hairy body and a good dick is a work of art in its own right. Then I noticed Ernie’s dick. I could swear it was chubbed up a bit.

Anyway, we were playing and splashing around, just having a good time in and out of the creek, and it was turning into one of those happy times I’d remember for the rest of my life. I had worked shoulder to shoulder with these guys for over a year, and they were all becoming good friends.

Something interesting was happening: The nakedness was normalizing. It was as if the four of us guys were always naked and it was no big deal. We stayed naked as we gathered some firewood (out of the back of George’s car) and built a campfire on the sandy shore of the little creek. It was then that I noticed Ernie. He was sitting crosslegged by the fire with a full hardon sticking up.

Being the idiot I am, I decided to make fun of Ernie, calling everyone’s attention to his woodie. I thought he’d… well, I don’t know what I thought. I wanted it to be just male-companionship kidding, but as soon as it was out of my mouth, I regretted it. I didn’t want to embarrass him. I didn’t want to call him out as gay or something stigmatic – no that that’s a bad deal or anything.

But Ernie wasn’t having it. I couldn’t kid him, because he stood up, and proudly showed off his full boner to everyone, saying, “Guys, I always get hard in situations like this. It’s just natural nudity, and I happen to like it.” He’s always been a bit of a rebel, and a bit of a leader, but still, I thought the other guys would join in the kidding.

Instead, Jackson was the only one to speak, quietly saying “Way cool!”  Then there was a moment of silence. What does one say in a situation like that?

Slowly, as Ernie sat back down, still with a rock-solid cock, the conversation started up slowly. We covered the usual stuff, such as comparing brands of beer (between us, for the whole weekend we only had two six-packs).

George was the one who really surprised me. During a quiet moment, he turned to me, and said, “Hey Jamie, I’ll bet that thing gets really big when it’s hard.” I had forgotten to be ashamed of my small dick.

“Oh, I suppose so…” I started to answer, then thinking a bit more clearly, I said, “Oh, yes, probably bigger than yours,” causing a bit of laughter in the group.

“I don’t think so. Let’s compare,” he answered and started to stroke himself into an erection. I mean, he was just sitting there, and started jerking off, right in front of us. How weird is that?  A snapshot of the group at that point would be interesting. There was Ernie sitting there with an erection sticking up out of his lap. There was George jerking off, and two other naked guys, probably with deer-in-the headlights expressions.

Ernie simply said, “I’ve been looking for an excuse to do this.” at which point he started masturbating. I glanced to my right, and found that Jackson was stroking his rod, too. Oddly, my heart was pounding. Why? Probably because I was suffering from more, and stronger emotions than I had in a long time. If I could dissect them all out, there would be fear, shame, exileration, and solidarity. There was fear because this simply isn’t done. Jerking off is supposed to be done in the bedroom, and maybe not even there. I was still in that headspace where I wasn’t sure masturbation is a good thing. I couldn’t really explain the exhileration. Maybe because I was about to do something boldly rebellious. Maybe it was a super-sexy situation. Oh, yes, I know it was all guys, but I was becoming really charged up. And solidarity, because I know the four of us co-workers would never be the same after this!

Soon, all four of us were wanking away around the campfire. Jackson exclaimed that in reality, his penis wasn’t much larger than mine. He stood up, and asked me to stand next to him. I kind of wanted to, so of course I did. We proudly showed our super-erect cocks to the group, and sure enough, his penis, which I had thought of as rather large, was only slightly bigger than my own. To my surprise, and almost shock, Jackson, who is a bit pudgy, said, “Jamie, I’d die for a body like yours.”

Suddenly, my life-long shame about having a small penis was replaced with a genuine pride of my muscly arms and legs and slightly washboard abs.

I’d like to say we sat there and jerked off all afternoon, but within minutes George was moaning, stood up, and shot a few squirts of cum into the fire, followed almost immediately by Ernie, then Jackson, and finally me.

We did something similar on Sunday, but it became a bit more personal. George wanted to suck Jackson’s cock, which I found exciting to watch, but it also worried me in some unexplainable way. Then, Ernie wanted to give me a handjob. I was like ‘no’ inside, but I said ‘yes.’ Now, I’ve been wanked by three women, and it was always fun, and always led to sex afterward, but I’d never been jerked off by another guy. Wow, Ernie was an expert! I don’t want to think about where he learned that. His hand was warm and delightful. He knew exactly how long to stroke and what kind of pressure to use. He even stopped and started a few times at just the right moments, driving me crazy until I finally slipped over the edge and came all over his fist. Meanwhile, Jackson and George stopped what they were doing, and intensely watched me getting rubbed off by Ernie. I have jerked off many times since, remembering that handjob.

Sunday evening came all too soon. We always figured we’d do it again, but somehow it never happened. Winter came and went. By then Jackson had taken another job. Ernie married Lee, George had a steady girlfriend, and I was… Well, I was really hoping the four of us could have done it again.

2 thoughts on “Camping with Co-Workers

  1. It’s a funny thing about cock comparison. When I was a kid, no way would I ever let anybody see my dick. Even in high school. Now when erect it’s a decent 6-1/2″ but when flaccid, it’s quite small. I never had any trouble whipping it out with a female partner because by then it was hard.
    But as I got older and found myself in group sex situations or circle jerks with several guys, I never had the slightest hesitation about showing my cock, soft or hard. Never gave a second thought to even thinking about it. I just didn’t give a shit. And I’ve been in several situtions with other guys with much larger cocks. So what?

    I have to wonder where you found that photo to lead off this post? Looks like something right out of the ’30’s or ’40’s.

    1. Like most of the photos on, that photo is public domain from Wikimedia Commons, a great source of photos and videos.

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