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Basketball Spray

It all happened so fast, there was nothing I could do about it. But in the end it turned out OK. Here’s the story, exactly as it happened.

I was barely on the basketball team. I’m tall as you can see [I’d guess his height at around 6’6″], so that should be an advantage, but I was undoubtedly the worst player. The coach and teammates were all nice about it, always trying to help me improve my game. My scholarship was in danger, and there’s no way I’d get recruited for a pro team. But that’s alright, because my love, my passion, was medicine. Still is. I’m the chief trauma surgeon at Jacksonville General.

Anyway, there was this one player, Charles, who was somehow the coach’s favorite. He was probably the best player, but he and the coach had something special. it was like he was the coach’s son or something. It was almost like Charles ruled the basketball department, and the coach was his son!

Every now and then after practice, the coach would have us all line up or sit on benches in the locker room, and lecture us about something, or demonstrate something. Sometimes Charles would actually be teaching us strategy instead of the coach.

So on this one occasion, Charles instructed us to line up against a long empty wall we had there on the far site of the locker room. I think it used to have toilet stalls, because there were still bolt holes in the wall, but otherwise it was just a long, empty wall. He wanted us to all go up there naked. I assumed it was another testicle check or something.

Charles was holding the hose that was used to wash the floor. I followed it to its far end, and saw that he had it hooked up to a sink, so I figured he must want warm water, not just cold from the sink in the janitor’s closet.

He turned it on and told us to hold still. Then, working from left to right, he started spraying each of us with the water, which did indeed turn out to be comfortably warm. He trained the spray on our genitals. Really! And the coach just stood there, kind of smiling. By the time Charles got to the third guy, he explained what he was doing.

He called it a ‘gay’ test. He said if anyone gets an erection from the water being sprayed on his balls, he was gay. Three of us got erections, including me. I was so embarrassed! I figured I’d never live it down. My reputation was ruined. Because you see, I really was, am, gay, but back then, I still thought I had to hide it.

To this day, no one has said anything about that weird test Charles conducted. From time to time, I have wondered what in the heck he could have been thinking!

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  1. He just wanted to see your dicks get hard.

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