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Anal Intercourse Memoir

There was this tiny blond girl with long straight hair, and small breasts that I found attractive. Very attractive. I don’t mind small breasts, and rather like them in fact. She was a student in the music school at the university. Her instrument was flute. She carried a little case everywhere she went with a $3,000 instrument in it.

When we first met, I expressed interest in the flute, and she actually offered to let me play it, probably quite rare among musicians with such instruments. Knowing a bit about woodwinds, I took her up on the offer, turning out some semi-improvised tunes the echoed nicely in the empty hallway that we were standing in. She then played some classical passages.

Well, one thing led to another, and talk of sex came up. For some reason, she mentioned that she had been constipated, and of course like an idiot, I had to chime in with, “Well you know what can cure that? Anal intercourse.”

She could have done anything, like maybe slap me. Instead, in a small voice, she asked, “Really?”

I had made it up. I had no idea whether anal cured constipation, but I had recently been interested in anal fucking. The girlfriend I had recently broken up with wasn’t interested, and I had never done it.

Well, it wasn’t long before the both of us, neither of which being particularly romantic individuals, maybe even both of us slightly Aspergery, decided that we had to run the experiment.

Of course we started with tremendous foreplay. She orgasmed as I licked her clit, and I thought, ‘Oh well, It’s probably over.’ Not so, she was good for more. Much more.

We decided the best lube would be her own juice, so I slicked up my dick by pressing it deep into her vagina. This was the early 1970s, so of course we didn’t use a condom or any sort of protection. I had all I could do to not cum right away, but I knew that would spoil the fun to come.

Pretty soon, she was on her hands and knees on my bed, with her pretty, very white, skinny ass in the air. Her pussy had blond naturally whispy hairs, but her ass was pretty much hairless. I liked the pinkness of it. Some darker-skinned girls have darker brown assholes. Her’s was pink. She had radial lines or light wrinkles about an inch long leading to the center of her anus, as some girls do have. I was in heaven just looking at it.

I knelt behind her, and started by fingering her ass. If we had done nothing more, I would have been full of joy, but once she was loosened up, I did start to press my dick against her butt. It was more difficult than I thought getting in. You have to line it up just right, or it seems to deflect sideways or just not quite find the hole. But of course you know about all that, too.

Finally it slipped in – just the head. It kind of popped in. It’s a good thing I had the good sense to not instantly jam it in the rest of the way. She spent a couple of minutes trying to acclimate, but couldn’t do it. It was hurting her, so she had me pull out. I was slightly disappointed. I was trying to imagine what it would feel like to truly buttfuck her.

A minute later, still on her hands and knees on my bed she asked me to try again. Of course I did, and this time there was no pain. I went in very, very slowly, even backing entirely out to scoop more girl juice from her vagina and then press back in. Finally I was all the way in, and trying desperately not to cum. I really enjoyed my first experience with a super tight, slightly greasy anal canal. But alas, I did lose it, pumping several streams of cum into her.

I kissed her vagina to another strong orgasm, and then we both fell asleep. The next morning she reported that it did indeed fix her constipation. We were an ‘item’ for a part of the summer, but we did eventually drift in separate directions.

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  1. Great story.

  2. Wow I wish I could have been there

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