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Young Brother-Sister Ass Crack

In the way some kids play doctor, my sister and I played massage therapist. That’s what our Aunt Kay did for a living, although we didn’t really know any of the details.

About the time my sister Amy was old enough to start having sexual feelings, she called me, her younger brother, into her bedroom one day when my parents were out on their weekly date night. They were supposed to have had a babysitter for us, but she failed to show up. For the first time, my parents felt we were old enough to be left alone at least this one time.

My sister wanted to play massage therapist again. In the past, we had done it with clothes, or at least underpants on. Amy explained to me that Aunt Kay has people take all their clothes off. How she knew this, even whether it was true, I had no idea. Amy insisted that I should try it entirely naked.

For reasons I couldn’t explain at the time, even though getting naked in front of my sister would be embarrassing, I was all for it. With just a bit of hesitation, and her egging me on, I was out of my clothing, and laying face down on her bed. I felt like it was somehow ‘wrong’ but I also knew I really wanted to do whatever it was we were doing.

My skinny little penis was fully erect from the start. She certainly saw it as my underwear came off and before I laid down, but didn’t really say anything. I don’t think she yet understood the full significance of erections. I liked the liberating feeling of being naked and hard in front of Amy.

She went to work, giving me what she thought was a massage. Basically, she very lightly rubbed her hands over my shoulders, back, arms, legs, and then my ass. I have to say having her hands on my ass was really quite nice. She ran a fingertip from just near my scrotum to the top of my ass crack a couple of times. It was above my asshole. In other words, my butt cheeks were together, so she couldn’t even see my anus, let alone touch it. Still, it sent shivers through me.

She knew there was an anus in there, and she wanted to see it, I guess, because she told me to get on my hands and knees. That exposed my anus completely.

With very light touches, she started rubbing her finger on the portion of my ass crack below my anus, near my scrotum. Then she’d rub the ass crack above my anus, leading up to where the butt blends into the lower back. It was so good!

Then, she started rubbing right around my anus in little circles, only a half-inch away from the opening. That was so amazing! My penis was rock-hard, and then it started to kind of throb, or pulse. Nothing came out, but my goodness, what a feeling! I know now that it was an orgasm, dry because I was still too young. Puberty came slowly to me. I was still short and skinny while the other boys in my class were already very man-like.

I have no idea what she was planning to do next. Maybe stick a finger in my butt? Maybe at least touch the very middle of my anus? Maybe play with my penis or balls? But she didn’t have an opportunity to do any of that. You see, the orgasm freaked me out. I immediately crawled off the bed, and put my clothes back on. I politely told her that I really enjoyed playing with her, but had to go, and then I quickly left her room.

No doubt she was confused by my rapid exit, but not nearly as confused as I was.

She inquired several times, but I wasn’t ready to talk about it until a couple of days later. I explained the feeling I had experienced to the degree I could, and she became very curious. She totally wanted to experiment with me, and try something more. I was starting to feel I’d like to continue the experimentation. And what about her? I would have really liked to see her nude, play with her vagina, and maybe try the finger around the butt thing with her.

But, it never came to pass. As it turned out, we never had alone time after that until we became old enough to be involved with girlfriends and boyfriends of our own.

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