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After Ejaculation, Foursome

The four of us have been close since marriage. My brother married Cindy, I married Mary, and we’ve all been happy, going bowling, playing pickleball, eating at nice restaurants, and so on ever since.

All is nice except for one thing: My wife, who was brought up heavily Catholic, cannot seem to enjoy anything other than ordinary sex and she even struggles with that. My brother, for no reason I can figure out, isn’t very interested in sex either.

My sister-in-law and I, on the other hand, are rather interested in sex. We’ve discussed our interest openly in front of the other two on numerous occasions, which probably frustrates them, but doesn’t stop us. My wife hates it when we use real words, like “cock” or “cum” or even “vagina.” Still, Cindy and I get a little crazy at times, and we do carry on.

Recently she said, “It doesn’t really get good until after ejaculation.”

I noticed my brother winced when she said that.

I asked what she meant.

“It’s called ‘post-orgasm stimulation.’ What I really want to do is rub Mike’s penis until he cums, but then keep going, essentially teasing him with ongoing stimulation, since I know you guys are so sensitive afterward. But he hates that.”

Before I could think it through, I said, “I’d love to try that!” resulting in dagger eyes from my wife.

Then Mary softened and totally surprised me, saying, “Well George, if you and Cindy want to do that, I think you should. It would take the pressure off Mike and I to satisfy you two.”

After quizzical stares and a moment of shocked silence, Mike added, “It’s OK with me, but you have to do it in our presence.”

“Why?” his wife asked. I was quite curious about that also. My head was already spinning from the possibility that had just opened up.

They were giving us their permission! This was great. I had always admired Cindy’s body. While I’ve always been into white people, I was never opposed to blacks. I just never gave it any thought. Well, that’s not quite true. I had masturbated many times imagining Cindy in bed, the way her tits and ass must look, and imagining tightly curled black hair you know where. She’s tall, thin and athletic, with let’s say a very well-developed upper body.

“Because we don’t want you two falling in love with each other or something. It’s gotta somehow be such that when you two do whatever you do, we’re all in it together.”

Mary added, “Rule number two: No penetration. You two can kiss, you can fondle each other, but no sticking of George’s penis into Cindy’s vagina.” It was shocking to hear Mary even mentioning such things.

The discussion went on for another half hour, after which we decided to hire babysitters, having all the kids at Mary and Mike’s house, and the four of us would convene at our place.

We had a nice dinner. It was hard for me to eat. My stomach was in knots just thinking about what was to come. We all decided that Mike and Mary would stay clothed. Cindy and I opted to be totally naked.

Slowly, reluctantly and surprisingly embarrassingly, I stripped off my clothes, as Cindy did the same. I could see she felt the same way. It felt like when I was a kid, and was about to do something naughty, but was determined to go through with it anyway. Like the time I took my new bike apart and couldn’t get it back together. (My dad was so mad!) My heart was racing.

I saw Cindy naked for the first time. She was twice as beautiful as I imagined, although I was somewhat surprised to see stretch marks along the sides of her belly. I hadn’t expected that. I also didn’t expect to see her crotch area totally shaved. Not knowing anything about black people, there were two more surprises. She had mild tan lines around her bikini area. And her nipples were absolutely black. I probably could have ejaculated then and there. I was already hard as my underwear came off.

Cindy, who works at the local TV station doing the weather, and normally has wonderful diction, in her best inner-city accent said, “Ah cain’t wait to get ma hands on thaat!” Everyone laughed nervously.

We unfolded Mary’s massage table, spread a sheet on it, and I climbed on. Meanwhile Mike and Mary retreated to the kitchen.

Cindy, who is always no-nonsense, went right to work on me. First, she massaged me a bit. My arms, my shoulders, my hands, my feet, my legs. My dick was waving in the air the whole time, rock hard. She totally ignored that. Finally, she started lightly massaging my balls. It felt so fucking nice! I could have just enjoyed that all day. There’s something about the vulnerability of having someone else’s hands on your testicles. Actually fondling your balls themselves. You know the person could squeeze and hurt you terribly, but you also know they won’t. It is so extremely erotic!

But it only lasted a moment. She went right to my cock, wrapping her hand around it, and jerking me off. I noticed that Mary and Mike had returned from the kitchen, and to my amazement, were watching intently. I probably should have been embarrassed to have the two of them see me this way, but I was way too blissed out to care.

Oh, oh, I was too far gone. I started ejaculating. Hard! It went on and on, lasting perhaps a whole 30 seconds, and was one of the strongest cums in my life. Cindy kept stroking me.

It was wonderful – for a moment. But now the sensitive part was setting in. My dick was beyond ticklish. I was getting that feeling that every man knows, when the penis is way sensitive to touch. I started thrashing around on the table, but Cindy didn’t stop, saying, “Come on George, this is where it gets good.”

She added, “Mike, Mary, hold him down. We can’t have him thrashing around so much or he’ll fall off the table.”

Mike pressed down on my knees, while Mary held down my shoulders. Cindy continued.

Then, the unthinkable happened. Cindy, as best as I could tell, since I couldn’t move my head to look down at my crotch area, had started rubbing the palm of her hand over the tip of my penis.

It was excruciating. I yelled, “Stop!” But she didn’t.

Cindy just said, “This won’t injure you or hurt you any. This is the best part. You’ll see.”

I saw a look of concern in Mary’s eyes, but she continued to hold me down, and didn’t say anything to stop Cindy. However, I could barely notice my wife’s concern as I was thrashing about tremendously, in absolute, well… I don’t know what. Maybe call it a terribly unbearable tickle.

I so wanted Cindy to stop. At the same time, I didn’t want her to stop. I started feeling like I was going to pee. There was nothing I could do about it. I believe I even felt some liquid fall onto my lower belly. I must have let out some urine. Still, Cindy continued. The pee feeling started to turn into an ejaculatory feeling.

Sure enough, I came again. It was the first time in my life I had ever cum twice in such close timing. She fucking continued. The urge to pee came on strong again, then went. The horrible tickle, or itch, or whatever you want to call it went through a pain period, then it changed again. This time, I felt like I was going to ejaculate again, but never started actually ejaculating.

I was surprised that my penis was staying hard. One would think after cumming twice and having this unbearable torture, it would go soft right away.

She continued to rub the palm of her hand over my glans. The feeling started to die away. It was becoming OK. My penis started to soften.

Finally, Cindy stopped. I immediately wanted more, but knew that the session was over.

The three of them left me on the table to recover. When I could speak again, I asked Cindy what I could do for her. “Maybe next time, George,” she said as she started dressing again.

Then she added, “Not maybe. Next time, for sure!”

After I dressed and we put the massage table away, the four of us settled down for some glasses of wine and a game of Scrabble.

That night in bed, my sweet wife quietly asked me, “Did that satisfy you?” At first I was going to say ‘yes’ but then it occurred to me, maybe by a hint of something in her voice, that she was horny. My Mary, who never enjoys sex, was horny!

My penis came back to life, and we did what married couples do.

Things have not been the same since. I did give a treatment to Cindy on the massage table right in front of Mike and Mary. She didn’t want any sort of reciprocation of the torture I had endured at her beautiful black hands. She just wanted me to massage her, especially her beautiful tits, her eraser-hard nipples, and then she wanted me to ‘explore’ her clit as she called it. I explored it nicely, and she had several long, convulsing orgasms. Mike and Mary had to hold her so she wouldn’t throw herself off the table.

Later that evening in bed, Mary quietly and shyly said to me, “You know, I think I’d like to try something like what Cindy had today.”

I wouldn’t be surprised if something similar was said at Mike’s house. We’ll see what happens next!

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  1. Yeah, I had a gf who liked to torture my dickhead after cumming. She got off on me trying to squirm away from her. I want to read your story when the four of you do a real foursome, which seems inevitable.

  2. Outstanding

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