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Works Every Time

Here’s what I do, and it works every time:

Personally, I’m bisexual, but this would work just as well for straight and gay people.

I’ve got a section of pictures on my phone. Pictures of cars, birds, cats, fruit, you name it, but things that might come up in conversation. In between each picture is a picture of me, posing with an erection or jerking off. Sometimes, there are pictures of me playing with friends – you know, mutual masturbation.

Now, when a prospective play buddy, male or female, comes along I’ll start a conversation. Let’s say it goes to money. I’ll say, “I found a $2 bill with red markings. Have you ever seen such a thing?” Most likely, my prospect will say “No.”

“Well, here, I’ll show you,” and with that, I scroll around until I find the $2 bill picture. Then I’ll hand the phone to the person. 95% of the time, after looking at the picture for a moment, they’ll try sliding the picture one way or another to see whether I have more pictures of it, or just out of idle curiosity.

Suddenly, there’s a picture me with a huge erection. I act all embarrassed, like, “Oops, you weren’t supposed to see that.”

That invariably launches a discussion on sex and masturbation, where I admit I love masturbation, leaving them an opening to say they enjoy it also. From there, it doesn’t take long to get my new friend to come home with me and play!

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