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Wife Edging

My wife and I have developed a morning ritual. We don’t do it every morning, but I’d say it’s more than half of all mornings.

We wake up, but stay in bed. She gets me hard if I’m not already. Then she starts wanking me. Sometimes, I’ll scoot around and give her a good clit licking at the same time. Many times, she’s content to just do me.

Now, she loves to see cum spurting out of me. But on these mornings, she refrains. Instead, she’ll jerk me off to just the point where I’m going to cum, then she stops. She waits a good minute, and does it again. She may do it three times in all.

Wife giving me an edging, no-orgasm handjob/>

But here’s the thing: She doesn’t let me cum. I get up and shower. Sometimes we shower together. Sometimes in the shower, I’ll finger her to orgasm. Sometimes, she’ll edge me one more time.

Then, I get dressed, eat, and head off to work. I have to go through the whole day horny, because of what my wife did, and how I didn’t cum at the end. It’s really quite exciting. Somehow, the world is more colorful, more vibrant, when you’re in that unfinished state.

Finally, evening comes, and we typically do what couples normally do.

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