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Touching My Cousin’s Penis

My 18-year-old cousin, Raul, knows that I know a lot about sex. I don’t see him very often, maybe twice a year, generally at family gatherings. He’s a cool kid, and we enjoy hanging out together, even though I’m 5-1/2 years older than him. We both love baseball. So much so that I’m in a farm league, with a good chance of making it to the majors. He’s been recruited to the University of Illinois on a baseball scholarship. We talk a lot about baseball, as you can imagine, but we also talk about girls, and sex. Don’t all guys? One time he asked me to tell him all about fucking my girlfriend Marie, and well, I did. I kind of felt guilty afterwards, describing our relationship in such detail.

Well, I saw Raul the other day, and he got me talking about fucking again. It seemed like he had something on his mind. I waited patiently, figuring he’d either tell me what was up, or he wouldn’t.

Suddenly, he blurted out, “But it isn’t supposed to hurt, right?”

“What hurt?”

“I mean when you have sex with a girl, it should be nice. Not painful.”

“Of course, it’s the most pleasant thing in the world.”



“Well…. OK, so like I met this girl, and we hit it off, and we decided to do the ‘thing,’ you know…”

“And something hurt?”

“Fuck yeah!”

“I don’t get it. What hurt about it?”

“Well, I pretty much couldn’t get my dick in her, and when I finally did, it was awful.”


“You know, pulling my foreskin back,” he practically yelled in some sort of frustration.

“Oh,” I was starting to get an understanding of what might be going on. Did he have a too-tight foreskin? I’ve heard about that. In fact I read about it somewhere. Some guy had it. He called it “phimosis” and did some exercises to stretch it out. Funny thing is, when I read about that, I got all horny and jerked off. Why a guy with foreskin troubles would get me horny I don’t know, but there it is.

“Dude, do you have a tight foreskin?”

“I don’t know. Um, I guess maybe.”

I thought about it for a minute, then decided it would be weird, but OK, so I said, “Let me see.”


“Yes, unless you want to go through the rest of your life with pain when you’re with women.”

“You won’t get all gay on me or something?”

“Fuck you.”

“Well alright, just don’t get weird, OK?”

Making a funny, scrunched up, embarrassed face, he unzipped and pulled down his pants.

I couldn’t really see what was going on. For a youngster, he was pretty hairy down there.

“Here, lay down on my bed, and let me see in detail.”

Wordlessly, he obeyed.

I pulled over my rolling chair, reached out, and lifted his penis away from the nest of hair so I could see what’s what.

It was the first time in my life I had touched a penis other than my own. I’m not sure I liked my reaction. I felt a sudden, horny pang in my own dick and lower body. I told myself it must just be a normal reaction.

Oddly, Raul’s penis jumped a fraction of an inch when I touched it, and he let out an involuntary, “Ohhh.”

I was gently holding his penis, and turning it slightly, trying to see it better in the somewhat dim lighting in my room.

As I reached over to snap on a light, he said, “Don’t get the wrong idea, but that felt surprisingly nice.”

I was thinking, ‘what a huge admission on his part.’ I was also thinking that I admired his honesty. I would have thought it too gay to say such a thing.

As I finished fumbling with the light switch, I turned back to him, and could swear his penis looked a bit larger.

“Are you getting an erection?”

“Um, no!”

“Well, it’s OK, and would be natural under the circumstances.”

Just in case, I didn’t want him to worry, or feel bad. He didn’t say anything.

I lifted up his penis again and got another “Ohhh.”

It was heavier than the last time, and definitely bigger, too. I was thinking doctors probably have to put up with this all the time. I got another little thrill feeling in my crotch, thinking about being a doctor, and having to examine women – and men. My parents have already told me that if I don’t make it in baseball (unthinkable), I have to go to medical school. I guess that wouldn’t be horrible.

Anyway, I started to pull his foreskin back, and he went, “Owww.”

I jumped and let go.

“That hurt?”

“What do you think?”

“I didn’t realize. Yes dude, you do have this thing. It’s called ‘phimosis.’ I read about it.”

“Is it bad?” he asked with a shaky voice as his semi-erection started to subside.

“No, a circumcision is all you need.”

“No fucking way!”

“Why not?”

“Because I kind of figured the same thing, and read up on circumcision. I totally don’t want that. Lots of guys get them, and some turn out OK, but some have all sorts of trouble – pain for weeks, swelling. I saw pictures. It looks awful.”

“Well, I read up also. I mean, I just happened to come across an article about it. You can do stretching exercises.”

“That I could do. But would it work?”

“I don’t know, I’m not exactly an expert on that.”

We both laughed, but his laugh was a bit nervous.

“So look Miguel, I’ve never even seen another guy’s junk, I mean other than in videos on the web. What’s it supposed to be like?”

“Do you really want to know?” I was hatching something in my mind. The thought was only half-developed, but it was kind of a naughty thing.

“Yeah, I mean, like, I always thought my dick was normal. And you’re telling me it’s weird.”

“Not weird, dude. Just… well, it hurt when you fucked, right?”

“Right, it did, just like when you pulled my foreskin just now, but worse.”

“So, you want to know what a normal penis looks like?”

“Kind of.” I was starting to figure he was feeling kind of naughty, too. My cousin wanted to see my dick, didn’t he?

How to handle the situation? It was turning out I really wanted to show him my dick. I didn’t have time to think it through and really understand how non-normal this conversation was becoming. Especially with him there on my bed, naked except for his T-shirt. And, I noticed, his dick was half-hard again.

“Well, here, look,” and with that I whipped down my pants.

He did look, and it felt surprisingly, well, ‘interesting’ to have a guy looking right at my crotch like that.

“So your foreskin can come back off the head?”

“Yes, that’s the way it’s supposed to be for you, too.”

“Dude, may I?” and without waiting he just reached out with both hands and grabbed my dick. Then he started to pull the foreskin back. I have to admit, that felt amazing!

2 thoughts on “Touching My Cousin’s Penis

  1. This sounds like the beginning of a very good story. How about finishing it. You only have named the cousin but it would be good for us to know “your” name as well.
    The continuation could be that you offer to help Raul with his exercises until he is stretched enough. That could have lots of plot twists. I know I would enjoy reading “the rest of the story.”

  2. Yes, it is rather unfinished, isn’t it? I believe I will write more on this soon. In the meantime, you might like

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