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Too Shy to Meet Neighbor

Another story from a client:

A couple moved in next door. At first they seemed ordinary enough. I have to confess I know nothing about them. I’ve been a bad neighbor. Somehow, maybe it’s shyness on my part, but I’ve just never taken the time to go over there and say “Hi.” Neither has my wife.

So here’s the thing: On about six mornings so far, I’ve glanced out the window into the back yard, which is separated from his yard only with a chain-link fence. And I see him there, naked as the day he was born, laying in a lounge chair with a giant erection, jerking off. I always look away immediately. He’s gotta know I see him. The neighbor on the other side must have seen him also. I told my wife about it. She said, “I know. It’s a good thing the kids are grown and out of the house,” Then she laughed.

We know nothing about this guy and his wife. But just looking at him, he seems nice. They’ve been good neighbors. No noise, no trouble…

[I asked him how he felt about it.]

Well, I kind of admire the guy.

[I asked him whether when he gets to know the neighbor, whether he’d join him in his masturbatory activity.]

Hell no… Well, I mean, only because I’m too shy, really. Otherwise, I suppose I’d love to.

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  1. I certainly would and then some if he’s willing!!!!

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