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The Family That Cums Together…

by Spurtz

I grew up in a very liberated household. Nudity was the order of the day and my parents were OK with my brother and me jacking off if we felt like it. We didn’t know this when we were younger but one day I saw my dad jacking off in front of the TV and realized it was OK. I had a younger sister and it was OK to do it in front of her but my parents had strongly warned me and my brother about any interplay between us and my sister. Cock play with my brother was alright as long as it was in moderation.

We were never quite sure how far we could push the sex stuff but if we went too far we heard about it and for the most part, we could pretty much do what we felt like doing.

When I got to be 18 I started seeing Linda, a girl in my high school, and she would frequently come to my house. Of course, everybody had to get dressed when she was there and after a while this got to be very constricting for everyone because we were all so used to being naked all the time. After Linda and I had been going together for about a month, I knew that she was quite liberal and so I got up the courage to tell her about our family nudity. I think she was surprised but not shocked and she was not at all judgmental about it. I told her that with her visiting so frequently it had put kind of a strain on the whole household because we all had to radically change our lifestyle.

I asked her if it would be alright for everybody to carry on with our normal (for us) mode of undress. And she surprised me by saying it was fine as long as she didn’t have to go nude. So I told my parents and siblings and the next time she came over, we were all back to being in the buff. It was no doubt a major adjustment for her but for an 18-year-old girl she did a good job of handling it. After about her third visit she told me she felt awkward being the only one dressed and said she had decided to go along with the rest of the family.

Of course I was thrilled to hear this and eagerly looked forward to seeing her nude. We had played around a little bit at that point with her rubbing my hard cock through my pants and I had gotten a finger in her pussy and sucked on her titties a few times but had never seen her naked.

So she stripped down and joined the group. She had a very nice body on top of being extremely cute. One evening we were sitting in the living room watching tv. My brother and sister were off somewhere with friends and mom was in the kitchen and dad was somewhere in the house doing something and the two of us had the room to ourselves.

I don’t remember what we were watching but there must have been something on the screen that triggered arousal in me. You know how easy it is for an 18-year-old to become aroused and out of nowhere my cock sprang to life. I was reasonably well endowed for my age – about 7 inches and a quite nicely formed cock as I have been told many times in subsequent years by various lovers. Of course Linda noticed my cock standing straight up and it was the first time she had seen me with a full erection. I saw her looking at it with the strangest expression on her face. She timidly reached over and grasped it and gave it a nice squeeze. She told me later that she didn’t know what came over her but when she saw my prick standing so proud with the foreskin rolled back exposing my shiny cockhead with the skin stretched tight she had an overwhelming desire to touch it. And who was I to complain?

I asked her if she would stroke it for me and she started to move her hand up and down the length of my now rock hard prick. We were so caught up in what we were doing that we didn’t even notice my dad walk in the room. As he sat down opposite us we became aware of him and Linda’s hand came off my prick so fast that you would think she had touched a red hot poker.

My dad said “Don’t’ let me interrupt you kids. It looks like you are having some fun.” I could tell that Linda was still in shock and didn’t really know what to do.

But I noticed a really strange thing happen. My dad’s cock had quickly hardened which was sort of an unusual sight. I rarely saw his cock in an erect state even when my brother and I might be jacking off in front of him. But obviously seeing Linda’s hand stroking my erect penis was some kind of trigger for him because now his 8-inches was fully engorged and I could see Linda staring at it. She had that “deer caught in the headlights” look on her face, probably wondering what the hell she had gotten herself into.

I whispered to her to please go back to stroking my prick, which had gotten even harder if that was possible. But she shook her head and whispered back “Not in front of your dad.” I tried to tell her it was OK but she wouldn’t do it.

Then my dad grasped his hard cock and started slowly masturbating in front of us. I lightly stroked my own cock but being 18 and incredibly horny I had to be careful as it wouldn’t take much for me to start spurting my cum. I think the whole thing was freaking Linda out at the same time it was turning her on. I guess her horniness finally overcame her timidity and she reached over and took hold of my throbbing penis. Watching what my dad was doing to his prick, she started mimicking his actions on my cock. Of course I was in sensory overload at that point and in no time I was spurting stream after stream of hot cum all over my chest and belly. Like all inexperienced girls, as soon as I started shooting Linda let go of my prick and I had to grab it and finish myself off to a most glorious orgasm.

My dad had a pretty good head start on me and by the time I started cumming he had already been stroking his prick for some time so he immediately began ejaculating a major load all over himself. I had only seen my dad cum a couple of times but never as forceful or with as much volume as he did this time. Linda and I both watched in awe as stream after stream of cum shot out of his prick and coated his chest and belly. One spurt even splattered off his cheek.

As dad and I both milked the last drops of semen from our still hard pricks, Linda’s head swiveled back and forth between the two of us taking it all in. Dad called out to mom in the kitchen to please bring a couple of towels and that we had spilled something and made a mess. Mom walked out with two hand towels and laughed when she saw me and dad with cum covering both our bodies with our wet and sticky pricks still in our hands with the last vestiges of our orgasms dripping from the tips.

“My, somebody has been having some fun” she laughed. She asked Linda if she had gotten to cum too and Linda sheepishly said no and so Mom scolded me for being selfish. Mom tossed one towel to Linda and then knelt in front of dad and began cleaning him up. She took his now deflating prick in one hand and with the other she wiped his chest and stomach clean while Linda took the hint and started doing the same for me.

Then my 18-year-old sensibilities were shocked to the core when mom took dad’s cum covered prick and started licking the cum off it and then put it in her mouth and sucked it clean. Linda didn’t see this as she was too busy cleaning me up. Just watching this made my cock come back to life.

This little session broke the ice as far as sex was concerned and Linda and I had many mutual masturbation sessions, some with other family members watching and some with others participating. One of the best was Linda jacked both my brother and me off together while my younger sis watched and diddled her clit.

And no, there was never any sexual interplay between my parents and any of us kids. We all had a really healthy attitude towards sex and I feel that growing up in that atmosphere has totally eliminated any of the common hang-ups a lot of people have when it comes to sex.

2 thoughts on “The Family That Cums Together…

  1. Tremendous

  2. I think I would have been in heaven if I grew up in a family as liberal about nudity and masturbation as this. But I would have probably asked Linda to give Dad a good handjob and asked Mom to stroke me to a blasting orgasm as we watched one another.

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