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The Downside of Masturbation

Like anything good, there can be a downside to masturbation.

Wine can be nice, but we all know what happens when you get too much of it. Cars are great. They take you places, but they can also crash. Sugar turns out to be more harmful than people realized.

But this is about masturbation. If everyone masturbated as often as they liked, the world would be a better place, wouldn’t it? People wouldn’t make decisions out of horniness. Fewer children would be born into our already overcrowded world, and those who were born would be wanted, not accidents. Sexually transmitted diseases would be greatly reduced. People would think more clearly. They’d be less grouchy toward, and maybe even, in time, wars would quit happening.

But what about the downside?

Here are the things to consider:

The biggest concern is addiction. Some people become addicted to masturbation. How can you tell if you’re addicted? An addiction is defined as an activity that interferes with your life. If you’re about to lose your job, if your relationships are going down the tubes because you’re wanking too much, it’s time for something new. Maybe take up a musical instrument.

You’ll find a few people in our modern world who are violently opposed to masturbation. We all know how crazy that is, but these people are real. If you openly discuss masturbation with them, they may do what they can to wreck your life. And of course, going too far in your promotion of masturbation can get you in trouble. In most cities, if you sit down at a bus stop, pull down your pants, and start rubbing yourself, you’ll soon get arrested. So, you do have to be careful about how how you manage your life.

It is possible to become so satisfied with your masturbation that you withdraw from the world. If you’re naturally shy or introspective, this can make matters worse. Be on the lookout for the possibility and seek a supportive professional if needed.

Some people become obsessed on masturbatory fantasies. While most fantasizing is not only harmless, but helpful, it is possible to start wanting something so badly that you take inappropriate actions. If you find yourself leaning in that direction, talk with a professional advisor.

One of the great things about solo wanking is that it is totally safe. You won’t catch any diseases. However, you can indulge in activities that are physically harmful. Be awfully careful about introducing bacteria into your urethra. Most urinary infections clear up easily, but some can be obstinate. A few are even deadly. Men have been known to fracture their penises. Many penile fractures happen when men with erections fall out of bed, but it is possible to break your dick in other ways.

Hospital emergency room personnel all have stories about people who came in with objects stuck in their anuses, urethras, vaginas, or things tightly locked around their genitals. Be careful how you use superglue!

For most people, excessive rubbing is not a problem because if you’re damaging your skin, it will hurt, and you’ll do something else. But some do go too far.

People in fragile health should consult medical professionals about masturbation. Whereas it generally produces good hormones and lowers overall blood pressure, during the process itself, the blood pressure goes higher.

Be logical about what toys, chemicals and temperatures you use. You can cause infections, damage your skin, or worse.

Like the time your author, Jeremy, was alone in a hotel room during a convention. He found a tapered ballpoint pen which seemed like a great sounding toy. But what to use for lube? The only slippery material around was shampoo. So, Jeremy coated the pen in shampoo, and stuck it a few inches into his dick. His urethra started burning right away. He pulled the pen out, but the horse was already out of the barn. His penis swelled up as if it were erect, but it wasn’t, and hurt so badly Jeremy couldn’t stand fully upright.

When it was time to urinate, Jeremy couldn’t do it. He let out one little squirt, and it stung way too much. But he eventually had to pee, and he ended up sitting on the toilet for an hour, letting out a teaspoonful at a time, and each little squirt stung very badly.

The next morning the pain was even worse. It took three days before Jeremy could stand up properly again. It took two weeks before the sting went entirely away. And, Jeremy was lucky. It could have been worse.

Whereas this website is mostly about solo masturbation, you’ll also find information on couple and group masturbatory activities. Whereas giving a handjob to a friend, or sticking your fingers in someone’s ass is far less likely to transmit a disease than sexual intercourse, it is still risky, and appropriate precautions should be taken. For instance, never stick a finger anywhere if you have an open sore. Basically, the farther you go away from solo sex toward intercourse, the more likely you are to die. Wanking in the same room with a friend – totally safe. Wanking your friend. Less safe. Sticking your fingers in her pussy, even less safe. Rubbing your genitals together… well, you get the idea.

Then there’s guilt. Depending on your upbringing, you may have unresolved feelings of guilt after masturbating. I’d like to tell you ‘there’s nothing to be guilty about,’ but that’s too simplistic. The fact is, if you’re in that situation, you will feel guilty. Guilt is a good thing. It helps you avoid future troublesome activities. However, enough is enough! I think the best bet is talk with a supportive professional.

One thing you might not realize about guilt is how it can affect others. Let’s say you’ve wanked side by side with a friend. Maybe you did something more. For you, it was a great experience. However, your friend may freak out after it’s over. Always consider that possibility and take appropriate actions, such as good, open communication with your friend beforehand and afterward.

Along the same lines, you may think your friend can be discrete. What would happen if your friend told other friends, family or coworkers about your activities together?

Bottom line, think everything through before taking risks, then have a good solo wank.

There’s a pretty good assessment chart to determine whether you’re addicted to masturbation here.

4 thoughts on “The Downside of Masturbation

  1. Another downside to masturbation is that if done too much, you train your penis on the type of stimulation that best allows you reach orgasm and ejaculate. This in turn can make it more difficult to reach orgasm through vaginal or oral stimulation. Many men finish off a blowjob or a good fuck by jerking off because that’s the type of stimulation their cock has been trained to expect in order to cum.

    I have never stuck anything inside my penis and have no plans to do so, but taking a shower and masturbating with soap was very painful when soap got into my pee hole. Ever since that experience, I have avoided letting soap get anywhere near my dick. It burned like holy hell but fortunately did not last as long as it did for the writer of this story.

  2. In my experience as one who frequently masturbates, on the occasions when I do have vaginal or oral stimulation, it is a real treat, and I have all I can do to avoid cumming too soon. But that’s just me. Spurtz’ comment may be quite legitimate.

  3. Further to this discussion, how many XXX videos that start out as blowjobs or fucking or girls giving handjobs end up with the guy jacking off on his partner? Now I know that some of that is because whoever is making the video wants to see the cum fly. But watch some of those party videos (Dancing Bear) where naked guys work a roomful of women having the girls suck them off or jerk them off. But about 90% of the time, the guys can’t cum and have to finish up jerking themselves off.

  4. i love that last photo–the portrait of the hairy guy was gross but second one made me stop and masturbate. thanks–lovely.

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