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The Donut Shop Girl

There was this gorgeous curly-haired, blond chick named Kate who worked in a doughnut shop. I asked her out, and she said ‘yes.’ But that evening she stood me up. I waited in the restaurant for more than an hour. I was pissed and disappointed.

In the doughnut shop the next day, I said to Kate, “What the fuck?” She apologized profusely, with some lame excuse, and said she would go out with me that evening.

She then stood me up again. The whole routine repeated. Again a lame excuse, and again a promise to actually go out with me the third time. I sat in the restaurant that evening being pretty sure I was the biggest idiot on Earth.

Then, after waiting only a few minutes, Kate actually did show up.

We fucked on the first date, and we became an item for a couple of months. Kate turned out to be reliable, never standing me up or even being late after that.

At the time I was living in the clothes-free hippie-like household in North Hollywood. There were five of us. Tom and I were in the fix-it business, driving around Los Angeles in a van full of tools. Greta and Liza were beautiful sisters from Germany who both clerked in the natural food store. And the other girl, Jackie, was sort of a loner, although she did participate in some activities with us.

Anyway, I invited Kate, and Tom’s Asian Indian friend Smita to dinner. After dinner we all got naked. Within a half-hour the seven of us, even Jackie, were having a great orgy. I rolled around with all the girls getting and giving manual and oral attention. The one I ended up fucking was Liza. I had been hoping for months to fuck her sister Greta, who I thought was prettier, but Liza was a fine consolation prize.

After awhile Kate and Smita got all lesbian on us putting on a show that caused the other five of us to stop what we were doing (we were pretty satisfied by that time), and watch them.

Tom and I just sat there with our wilting erections, looking at the two girls, and then at each other, kind of like, “What do you think? You want to?” Yet, we were too conservative, or scared, to do anything. Perhaps it was because we had already orgasmed. But I think the real reason was that we were both afraid of being perceived as ‘gay.’ Even under those circumstances, acting macho, keeping face, won out. Still, I would have loved to have that penis of his in my mouth. I wondered, yet I was pretty sure, he felt the same way.

It was a real missed opportunity that would have changed history. Ant least our history. Later I found out from a mutual gay friend of ours, a guy with whom I had played a couple of times, that he had done Tom. He told me Tom sat on his dick like an expert. I was shocked and delighted. Yet still, Tom and I never did end up doing anything.

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