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The Difference Between Precum and Cum

<< What is the difference between cum and precum >>

That’s an excellent question. Many people don’t know the answer.

Precum, also known as pre-cum or pre-ejaculate, is usually a clear liquid that leaks out usually just a few drips before ejaculation. Cum, also known as semen, is produced during ejaculation and is generally thicker and white in color.

Precum is produced in small quantities, often only one drop at a time, while cum usually is spurted out in a volume of 2 – 5ml (1/4 to 1 teaspoon). Some men seldom if ever produce any noticeable precum.

However there are so many variations that it can be confusing. Boys and some men only ejaculate a small quantity of clear fluid. Other men can have a thicker precum that’s somewhat white in color.

Men who experiment with separating orgasm (the feelings) from ejaculation (the actual expulsion of cum), can produce quite a bit of precum during the course of a session, often not ejaculating and producing any cum.

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