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The Blow Games

My wife is a little slip of a woman, and I love her to pieces. If you could imagine a 4′ 2″ Filipino version of a young Mary Tyler Moore, then you’ve got a good picture of my wife Lisa. Her tits aren’t very big, but I love that about her too. She’s perfect.

When we were dating, and when we first married, we had sex, just like everyone else. And, we still do that from time to time. However, what we’ve been doing lately has been so entertaining that we seldom fuck any more.

We call it ‘the blow games.’

We get cozy in our bed, generally after a while in the hot tub. She may start on me, or I may start on her. Let’s say I start. I’ll lick her pussy for a long while until she starts orgasming. But here’s the thing: I won’t stop. Sometimes, she’ll orgasm several times in a row. Occasionally, she’ll go into what I can only describe as continuous orgasm.

Often, it becomes just too much for her. She wants to squirm away, she moans, she screams, she pushes her little hands against my head, but no matter what, I keep going. Perhaps, whether you’re a man or a woman, you know that feeling of having orgasmed, and you become super-sensitive. You really, really want the attention you’re getting to stop. I keep going, and eventually her squirming dies down. Sometimes she’ll have another orgasm or two.

Then it’s my turn. She starts with an ordinary blow job. How she gets so much of my cock into her little mouth, I don’t know, but she does, and it feels so amazingly good! She literally sucks. Sometimes she blows. She slides her mouth up and down. I’d like to say I can take this treatment for an hour, but she’s just so good that I usually blow my load down her lovely throat in just a minute or two.

That’s when the fun begins. She doesn’t stop. She just keeps sucking my super-sensitive cock. I squirm, I yell, I laugh. It’s absolutely horrible. And, at the same time, it’s wonderful. She doesn’t quit until I go soft. Often, I want my dick to become soft right away so I can stop the torment. But for some reason, it stays hard for quite a while after my orgasm. I guess that’s from the ongoing attention. Finally, after a very long while, I settle down, and the blowjob starts to feel great again. Once every blue moon, I literally ejaculate a second time.

So, that’s how we spend our evenings. I hope your evenings are as pleasant as ours.

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