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Tantric Massage Stories

By Spurtz

I found a site that was L.A. based that listed people available for sex although the listings were thinly disguised as massage or similar services. But when you clicked on the listing you were taken to websites that were more descriptive of the services offered along with lots of photos. I was always curious how come they were able to get away with what they were doing without the cops shutting them down.

Anyway there was a listing for something like “The Tantric House of Pleasure” that interested me. I looked at the website and the photos of several women were very enticing. And the list of services offered were also quite appealing. The two services I selected were “extended orgasm” and “prostate massage.”

At the time I was between marriages and had nothing going so I didn’t mind spending a few bucks to get off. So I called the number and made an appointment. The fee was $300. I think that was for an hour and a half.

I went to the address which turned out to be an apartment in Santa Monica. It was one of those apartment complexes made up of several two story buildings arranged kind of like a college campus. I went to the address and rang the bell and after a short wait, an attractive 20-something opened the door. She was dressed in an “I Dream of Jeannie” outfit. She asked if I could wait as my girl (she had some exotic term for her that I don’t recall) was not there but would arrive shortly. So I sat down in the living room which was done up like a harem complete with incense burning. Flowing large silk sheets (I assume) billowing from the ceiling.

After about ten minutes an absolutely drop dead beautiful blonde blew in the door. She looked and dressed like a college-coed. She apologized for being late and said she had to change clothes and would be out in a minute. She came back shortly in another harem get-up that was actually quite attractive.

Neither of these two girls looked anything at all like hookers. I really thought they might be working their way through college. My girl was extremely well spoken and obviously intelligent. She took me into one of the bedrooms. The other girl was just finishing up with another client as we walked by the other bedroom.

My gal had me strip down and lay naked on a massage table. The bedroom was also all done up in an Arabian nights theme. She laid the usual small towel over my privates and got to work. She apologized that no prostate massage would be done because she had forgotten her rubber gloves but said she would reduce the fee.

Then she gave me a fairly cursory light massage and got right into the extended orgasm which in reality was basically just an edging handjob. I will give her credit. She knew just when to back off to keep me from cumming. After about a half hour I couldn’t hold back and went ahead and blew my load. I don’t know if the orgasm was all that extended or not, but it was damn good. Overall it was an extremely pleasurable experience because the girl was extremely pretty, talked to me through the entire session, and the setting was very erotic.

A couple of months later I called again but the number no longer worked and they didn’t have an ad in the site any more where I found them.

Several years later I went looking on the site and found another listing for a team massage. A guy and a gal. No Tantric connection and really no suggestion of sex. But I thought it was worth a shot. They did outcall and showed up at my house with a folding massage table. The girl was Asian and very pretty. The guy was average looking but both were friendly and down-to-earth. Still not knowing if any sex was involved, when they asked me to get undressed, I went ahead and stripped down in front of both of them. Climbed on the table. and when asked if I wanted a towel I said no. They both started kneading me and it was really nice. In fact I almost dozed off. Then I realized only one set of hands were working me and it was the girl. It was difficult to turn around to see what was going on but the guy was actually fucking her while she massaged me.

Once I realized sex was on the table, I turned over and the girl immediately started stroking me and the guy continued to fuck her from behind. I really can’t remember if she blew me or not. I’m kinda thinking not although things were just getting started with regard to the future. Once I came, they wrapped things up and left but I already made an arrangement to come back the following week. The next time any charade regarding a massage was forgotten. The massage table wasn’t even used and we had a full-on MFM threesome. I fucked her, she sucked me, I blew him, but he didn’t reciprocate although I didn’t care as long as she sucked me off. I think we hooked up a third time and then out of the blue, she called me and wanted to know if she could just see me and cut out the guy. The problem was, he was only giving her a third of the money and she didn’t think it was fair. And it wasn’t because as far as I was concerned, she was the main attraction.

I saw her a few times after that but then I hooked up with another gal that didn’t cost me anything so that was the end of that.

An interesting thing about the guy, in the several sessions we had, I never saw him cum. I asked the girl if she ever saw him blow his load and she said he hadn’t. The other thing I found odd, was he never really seemed to be into the sex stuff. It was more like just something to do to keep from getting bored.

Somewhere around that same time frame I hooked up with another outcall masseuse. Might have found her on that same site. She was quite pretty and also very accomplished but it was strictly business. For the basic fee, which I think was $150, she would come to my house and wear a somewhat revealing teddy and jerk me off. If I wanted her to disrobe, it was more money. If I wanted a blowjob, it was even more. So we just stuck to basic handjobs. But surprisingly enough, I invited her out to dinner prior to one of our sessions and she was more than happy to go. She was very intelligent and a fun conversationalist. We did go out a couple of times. Even after I would ejaculate, she would clean me up and stick around for a half hour or so just to talk.

This was in the middle of my first foray into M2M sex and I told her about some of my escapades. She was very interested and asked lots of question. Then one day she called me up and said she had a client who was bi-curious but was afraid to act on it. So she told him about me and said she would talk to me about a threesome. He would pay for everything (he was a doctor) and she would be there to lend a helping hand but it would primarily be me and the guy. I told her sure.

Then after talking to him she called back to set up a date. She had dreamed up some elaborate scenario where we two guys would be blindfolded along with a bunch of other stuff that I don’t even remember. Oh, one of the things was that after we were blindfolded she would masturbate each of us to get our cocks hard. Some of her scenario didn’t really sound plausible to me and I gave her a few suggestions without letting her down. I can’t remember what the final playlist was but I remember I was ok with it. I had told her about cock-to-cock jackoff with a woman doing the jacking and she was all for it. Surprisingly she had never heard of it but thought it was a terrific idea.

So we set a date and time and I was really looking forward to it. But about an hour before they were supposed to arrive at my house, she called to say he had a medical emergency to attend to and couldn’t make it. My guess is he got cold feet. A make-up session was never scheduled. About that time I hooked up with a gal who become a permanent girl friend so I more or less lost touch with the masseuse. We would email back and forth from time to time but that eventually died out. In one of her last emails she said she had quit the massage business so I assume she had met someone and possibly gotten married.

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