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Mature Erotica

by Jeremy J. Watson

I’m George, just a regular guy who spent my earlier years writing software. I was fortunate to get in with a start-up, and the company did well, so I retired comfortably. I’m 62 years old, and very typical in appearance. I’m white, medium weight, bearded, balding, and somewhat athletic because I play a lot of tennis. I do have a bit of trouble relating to people, however.

In a way, I’m unlucky because I’m too ugly and shy to get a real girlfriend. On the other hand I’m lucky, because I have Suzette who visits on Tuesdays. She actually likes to be my fake girlfriend. I know I’m not romantic, and she’s fine with that. I just want to have sex.

Well, not sex, actually. For some reason, I’m not much into penetrative activities. I don’t know if it’s because I’m worried about catching a disease, or maybe I’m a bit autistic or something. Or maybe it’s because it feels like I’m cheating on my wife, who died several years ago. I just much prefer massage and handjob kinds of things. Suzette is the same way. She likes our activities, whatever you might call them.

I think she’s beautiful, although you may not agree. She’s well over 50 years old, with small breasts, her short, curly hair is gray, and she has sparkly eyes with a fun-loving attitude. She’s also athletic, always playing tennis, It’s through tennis that we met.

We’re both widowed. We loved our spouses very much, and are still shocked that they could have been taken away from us so young. I have two grown, successful children, both living nearby and in the software industry. She has one daughter who became a lawyer and moved to California.

So on Tuesday afternoons, she comes to my house. We swim in the pool a bit. Naked of course. We hang out in the loungers and talk for a while. Then, she comes over, and places a warm hand on my already hard penis. She’s slow about it, which I appreciate. In time, she starts stroking me, and after a while I ejaculate.

Then, it’s her turn. As luck would have it, I love doing exactly the same things she loves having done. The typical arrangement is that I stick one finger slowly in her butt, while licking her clit. She orgasms really hard from that, generally arching her back and moaning. Often, she’ll start shivering or jittering before she cums, and continues to shake for a good many minutes afterward.

I know some women can cum multiple times. Not Suzette. She’s like a man in that respect. She cums once, and she’s done.

However, occasionally, I can cum multiple times, so sometimes, she’ll ‘do’ me again.

Every now and then she’ll toy with me in a way I particularly like. Instead of our usual arrangement, I ‘do’ her first. Then she’ll do me. After I cum, she just keeps going as if nothing happened, with the cum still on her hand and my stomach and eventually turning into a foam from her continued motion. Suzette just keeps stroking. It is painfully ticklish to me, and I try to get away, but with her other hand, she just pushes me back into the lounger. Oh, I’m sure I could overpower her and get away, but that would wreck the exquisitely, nearly intolerable, post-orgasm game.

If I start to settle down, she may rub the palm of her hand over the tip of my penis, sending me into a frenzy of squirming. On a good day, I’ll stay hard, or get hard again, and sometimes, I’ll have a second orgasm. On other days, it’s more than I can take, and I have to say our safeword, “Stop!” to get her to stop.

Sometimes, after she finishes me off like that, I’ll turn my attention back to her. We’ve been trying to get her to cum twice in a day, but so far, haven’t managed it. We both enjoy trying, however.

After our activities, she then heads home, and that’s that.

Two Tuesdays ago, I did something weird, I got her a bouquet of flowers and cooked her a nice lunch. She seemed to be really appreciative, and kissed me on the cheek. Instinct took over, and it turned into us French kissing and hugging for an hour, like a couple of teenagers. I have to admit that it felt really good!

After that, we did our thing, Instead of by the pool, we retired to my bedroom, where we laid on the bed together, continuing in our new-found closeness, while I ‘did’ her first. I included something new to us, I kissed her breasts, and then her nipples, which she loved. That day, something happened that is very rare for her, a sort of double-orgasm, or two orgasms in a row, we couldn’t quite tell which.

Still holding each other close and kissing occasionally, she then rubbed me to to an orgasm, did the post-orgasm torture thing, and I was able to cum a second time. At one point she also put my penis in her mouth. I didn’t think I was going to like that, but I enjoyed it very much.

Last Tuesday, I set up a webcam out back by the pool, and asked whether she’d mind. Not only was she fine with that, but Suzette admitted to being a bit of an exhibitionist.

We did our thing and broadcast online, at one point, getting 110 viewers. Imagine, 110 people saw us naked at the side of the pool, doing our thing! Somehow, I’m proud of that.

In thinking it over, I am a bit disappointed that after our play was over, no one could ever see it again. Just those 110 people, and that’s it. So next time, we’re going to make a video, and post that online, hoping maybe thousands of people will eventually see us.

Suzette tells me that for that, she wants to fuck, and maybe even buttfuck. Oddly, I’m totally onboard with that, and can’t wait for next Tuesday!

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2 thoughts on “Suzette

  1. George, there are a lot of people in the exact same boat as you. Hopefully they’ll get lucky and find their own Suzettes.

  2. George, what a lucky guy, you have my dream relationship. In college my girlfriend was into mutual masturbation. Since then I have looked for a female masturbation partner. Like that you are both nude when you have your fun, exciting and arousing to think about and to read your story. George

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