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Specific Medibation Techniques

Medibation – Specific Technique

Whereas pretty much any combination of masturbation and meditation qualifies as medibation, and simply jerking off in the usual way has its meditative benefits, there is a specific technique that can be considered the truest form of medibation. This is nearly the same for men and women.

For women:

Bring yourself to orgasm using any form of masturbation you prefer, then stop stimulation before you go into orgasm. Once the feeling subsides somewhat, resume stimulation. Do this over and over, trying to stay below the threshold. For some women, sometimes, the orgasms come easily and will last a very long time. For women who have achieved that, this technique really isn’t necessary, but practicing it will make the effect last much longer and feel even better.

For men:

Bring yourself close to ejaculation using any form of masturbation you prefer, then stop stimulation before you cum. As soon as the inevitable ‘gonna-cum’ feeling subsides, start up the stimulation again. When the feeling starts to turn orgasmic, stop again, then resume when you can.

For everyone:

What was just described is edging. With practice, one can last for hours, although at the beginning most people fall over the edge into full-blown orgasm too soon. Now, take it a step further. Resume stimulation only seconds after you’ve stopped. Don’t let the pre-orgasmic feeling entirely subside. After you’ve attained some skill, you might even simply reduce stimulation, instead of stopping.

Once you become an expert, a rather amazing thing happens: You can stay in orgasm for a very long time, maybe even hours. Typically, an experienced medibator can stay in orgasm for a couple of minutes, then have more long-lasting orgasms every little while.


Some women have already experienced a mild form of this in ordinary sex or masturbation. You may have had an orgasm that lasts quite a while, or several orgasms in a row. This technique will enhance that so you can do it almost every time, and last as long as you’d like.


Once you become a master (pardon the pun), you can fairly consistently experience one of two phenomena. In fact, you can choose which you’d like to experience.

The more common one is dry ejaculations, or dry orgasms. You can be so deeply in orgasm that you actually feel the contractions or pulsations, yet nothing comes out. The other version is mini-ejaculations, in which only a drop or two comes out from time to time, you stay hard, and can continue wanking. Both take practice to achieve, and both techniques are rather remarkable when you learn them.

For mini-ejaculations, play with being as close to the edge of ejaculation as you can manage. In time, you’ll feel your semen working its way out your urethra, you’ll know you’ve let a drop or two of cum out, but it won’t be a full ejaculation. It’s not uncommon to have two or three mini-ejaculations, then a mind-blowing full ejaculation at the end of your session.

For dry ejaculations, don’t entirely stop your stimulation when you feel you’re going to cum. Instead, reduce the stimulation, and try to remain carefully conscious of your ongoing orgasmic state.

The point:

The point of all this is to free your mind. Ten minutes, an hour, or even more medibation is equivalent to or even better than the same amount of time in meditation. This frees the mind, which brings one a calmer mental state, a clearer mind, more capable of creative solutions to problems, and oddly, probably due to the hormonal shifts, a winning, can-do attitude.

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