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Sex With a Really Hot Teen

By Spurtz

I started a new business many, many years ago with a partner on a 50-50 basis. For the first year or so my partner pulled his share of the weight. But as the business took off and became super successful, he pretty much stopped even coming to the office except to pick up his paycheck. Which was the same one I was drawing despite the fact that I ran the company and he did nothing.

You would think I would be very unhappy with that arrangement, but in fact, just the opposite was true. I was more than happy to give him his paycheck as long as he stayed away. I had built a very efficient, smooth running business but every time he stuck his nose in the door, chaos occurred. He was one of those guys who was not happy unless he could cause problems.

He built himself a nightclub which kept him busy at night. During the day he had developed a somewhat clever scam. He had purchased several properties and had a reputation for somebody with money who was looking to buy more properties. He would only deal with female real estate agents and had quickly learned that he could go look at homes with various agents, most of whom would fuck him while touring a home, if they thought it might seal the deal. According to my partner, about 80% of the real estate agents he dealt with would fuck him. More than once on the floor of an unfurnished empty house.
One agent in particular was a divorcee whose ex-husband lived in New York with their 18-year old daughter. My business partner came to me one day and told me that the daughter was going to be visiting her mother during the summer and could I give her a job. It so happened that our receptionist had just resigned to get married so I put the daughter into the job. We had very little foot traffic so her main job was answering the phone.

When the daughter Ellie showed up you could have knocked my socks off. Not only was she extremely attractive, she also had a body to die for. After she had been there for a few days the one thing she did that drove me crazy was how she showed off her legs. She always wore hose that had some kind material that was very shiny, much more so than conventional nylon stockings. Maybe they were silk. She also wore extremely short skirts. She knew she had killer legs and obviously loved to show them off.

All of a sudden I found myself visiting the front office way more than in the past. I tried to flirt a bit with her but she was all business. I freely admit that I had the serious hots for her. I was 32 at the time so she probably thought of me as an “old man.”

One Friday evening I had a local trip planned to an event that tied in with what my business was doing. To my great surprise, Ellie asked if she could go along with me. I told her to meet me back at the office a couple of hours after our normal closing. She did have her own car. She showed up and left her car at the office and we took off in mine. It was about an hour’s drive to event which lasted a couple of hours and then an hour back. By the time we got back in town it was about 10 pm. I asked if she would like a tour of my apartment, which was actually worth a look, as I had had it professionally furnished and decorated. Again she surprised me by accepting my offer.

Once was the tour was over, we sat on the couch and listened to some music and enjoyed some mixed drinks. Up until then I hadn’t made a move on her or even attempted any light flirting. But now with her alone in my apartment, it was Katie bar the door. I put my arms around her and kissed her and got zero resistance. In fact I got a very enthusiastic response. Over the next hour we must have kissed a thousand times. She had a terrific rack which I managed to work over pretty thoroughly but only from the outside of her blouse.

I got my hand up her skirt and eventually got a finger or two in her pussy, which was nice and wet. Try as I might, she wouldn’t let me go any further. I did eventually get her bra loose and was able to get my hands on her bare tits but I never did actually see them. My dick was as hard as it had ever been and I wanted to fuck that young girl in the worst way. But she kept telling me she was saving her virginity for when she got married.

Finally I gave up. We got in my car and I drove her to the office to get her car. But before she got out of my car, we started up again with passionate kisses and me fingering her pussy. I really thought for a minute that she would let me fuck her in the car but no luck. I gave up a second time and she left. She also left me with the worst case of blue balls in my entire life.

I had assumed that I could jack off once I got home and alleviate the pain but it doesn’t work like that. I did jack off. Twice in fact, but my nuts still hurt so fucking bad I couldn’t go to sleep. I was really pissed at the little cock tease and when I went back to the office on Monday morning, I made it a point to avoid her.

For the next week I only interfaced with her when I absolutely had to. She knew I was really unhappy with her. Then one day I came back from lunch to find a sealed envelope sitting on my typewriter. Yep, we had typewriters back then. It had my name on the envelope. I opened it and there was a note inside. For some reason, the words in that note have been engraved in my brain for over fifty years. It said, “I have decided to do that which I said I would never do.” It was unsigned but could only have come from Ellie.

I went to her desk and asked her if she really meant what the note said. She said, “Yes.” I said, “No more fucking around?” Again she said, “Yes.”

I told her to drive over to my apartment after work. I only lived three blocks away. Sure enough she showed up and I immediately took her into my bedroom. We started making out like crazy and within about ten minutes we had our naked bodies entwined with each other. Believe me, it was fucking hot. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. She had a very athletic body. Her firm teen tits looked magnificent. The one thing she did that I will never forget is at one point she got a firm grip on my dick and ran my cockhead all over her face. She basically gave herself a facial massage with my dick. I never had that before or since but it was wonderful.

That led us to the 69 position where she eagerly sucked my dick while I ate out that sweet teen pussy. And shortly after that my hard cock found its way to her pussy. She went through a bunch of crap about “first time” and I was “taking her virginity” but it was all an acting job on her part. When I finally shoved my cock in her cunt she acted like it really hurt and made some comment about busting her cherry. I went along with her little charade if that’s what it took for me to give her a royal fucking.

But once we got past all of that, she became a human dynamo and fucked my brains out. Before the evening was over I fucked her three times and she spent a lot of time between sessions playing with, and sometimes sucking, my dick. No way was this kid a virgin.
At one point I was laying on my back and she was stroking my cock to full hardness for another round. Then she climbed on top of me. She straddled me and managed to position her clit directly over the frenulum of my cock and started sliding up and down the length of my dick. I’ve always wondered if that felt as good to her as it did to me.

I only got together with her one time after that. Somehow my business partner found out I was fucking her and he got all upset about it. I never understood what he was pissed about since he was fucking her mother almost daily. I guess he told the mother that I was banging the daughter, because the girl was shipped back to NY the next week, never to be heard from again. She was a great sex partner and I always regretted we didn’t have more time together.

(Author’s Note: This is a 100% true story.)

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