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San Francisco

This city of just under one million people, surrounded by Oakland, Berkeley and Marin County, is regarded as one of the leading LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transvestite) capitals of the world. There are many private meetings and get-togethers as well as public venues, such as the Steamworks and Body Electric in Berkeley, SF Jacks, and the Masturbate-A-Thon in the city itself.

There used to be a large, old three-story warehouse in the heart of the city that housed the Power Exchange. This was a venue that people could enter on weekend nights with all sorts of play facilities and scenarios. There were buckets with packets of lube and condoms scattered around, and all sorts of furniture and rooms, such as dungeons, slings, and a room with a bank of TVs playing various forms of porn. Attendees to the Power Exchange were primarily heterosexual or bi, with almost as many women as men in attendance. It helped matters that women were admitted with no cover charge on some evenings. Men typically started out wearing towels, but ended up discarding their towels as the evening wore on.

Perhaps one of the most fascinating aspects of San Francisco is public nudity. Until recently, it was legal to appear without clothing in public. That law was changed to being a misdemeanor as it is in most communities a few years ago, but is seldom enforced. There were times you could see naked people strolling around, catching buses, and even occasionally wanking at bus stops.

San Francisco is home to Baker Beach, a world-famous nude beach. It also has Marshall’s Beach, just north of Baker Beach, and so close to the Golden Gate bridge that drivers going south can see naked people. Not only that, Marshall’s Beach is an anything-goes beach, where sexual activity is not uncommon. Here’s much more about Marshall’s Beach: Marshall’s Beach. Both Marshall’s and Baker are within walking distance to the heart of downtown San Francisco. However, to access Marshall’s Beach, one has to walk down 330 stairs.

Marshall’s Beach

Even though California contains San Francisco, California is the least ‘kinky’ state in America, according to a survey by The kinkiest states are Alaska, Oregon, Vermont, West Virginia and Wyoming.

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  1. There is a place in L.A. called “The Zone” that is basically for men to trade blowjobs. It appears to be shut down at the moment due to Covid. I never went there although I thought about it a couple of times. You can read about it here. Mixed reviews.

  2. SF,…. Hm. I think this is where it all started for me growing up intact here in the U.S.. It was early 80’s living in San Jose, I found an advertised personal I think in the back pages of an old foreskin quarterly or uncut magazine purchased from Leather Masters. It read: Open “SF uncut jack off club” meet. I responded by mail, got a reply and headed to SF in hopes to play with other like minded curious uncut guys my age. Instead I encountered a few older uncut guys and a hand full of curious cut guys with foreskin fetishes including circumcision play and talk. Oh boy maybe I could submit some of my memoirs from some of these encounters I had in SF?

  3. Yes, I think we would all like to read your memoirs.

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