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Rotating Sex Toy Review

Unique Jack-Off Toys by Jack Mehoff

Maybe you’ve seen the little videos on XXX websites showing a device that slides over your cock that has some internal components that slide up and down your prick while also rotating around your hard-on. I’ve been seeing the video for the past month or so and was really curious about it. So, I went to the website and it was $99 which seemed reasonable for something that appeared to be fairly complex.

The website appeared to be from the U.K. but reading the fine print it was also somehow connected to a Chinese company. Obviously, the device was made in China. I sent the company an email asking some questions and the response definitely came from a Chinese person in China.

I really wasn’t that keen about giving my credit card info to a company in China that was “sort of” presenting itself as being in the U.K. I searched other sex toy sites to look for somebody in the U.S. selling something similar. I quickly found it on a site called It’s called a “Roto-Bator Pussy Masturbator.” But it was a lot more costly. $168.95. However, when I made the purchase, they immediately gave me a $25.38 discount plus threw in my choice of some free additional toys. The free combo had several items including a vibrator and a couple of other items. I wasn’t really interested in any of that stuff, but they had a foam sleeve called “Glow-in-the-Dark Masturbator” which appeared to be a simple masturbating device. But I thought it would a different experience than the Roto-Bator, so I opted for it.

The site also accepted PayPal which I feel is a much safer alternative to a credit card. The site said “Ships in 2-3 days. Delivered in 8-12 days.” Well, I had it four days after I ordered it.

The Roto-Bator comes in a very nice four-color box and the device itself appears to be extremely well made. I was very impressed. The only negative, and this is my fault for not paying more attention, but the unit only has the rotating feature and does not pump up and down your cock like the one in the video that originally attracted my attention. So instead of just holding it in your hand and letting it do all the work, you have to pump it up and down yourself. But in actual practice, I think this is more desirable for a couple of reasons. One, doing it yourself allows infinite variation in stroking action, and two, the additional complexity of the internal mechanism could lead to early failure. I don’t know that for a fact, but having a mechanical engineering background leads me to believe in the possibility.

The foam sleeve is a very simple device and probably cost the company about a buck to make. Interestingly, it only has a tiny hole in the middle. About 3/8-inch in diameter. So, your cock has to be liberally lubed up to even get the thing on your dick. And your dick has to be pretty hard, otherwise trying to force the sleeve on will just bend your half-hard dick in the middle. But once in, it has a very nice feel and stroking it up and down provides a very pleasant sensation that you can’t duplicate with your hand.

The Roto-Bator is a totally different experience. The opening where you slide your cock in sort of looks like a mouth….or a pussy…with two distinct lips. The latex extended cup that your cock slides into has a series of bumps on the inside that feel great when you slide the device up and down. Then outside the latex cup is the rotation mechanism that has series of encapsulated balls. The rotating portion of the toy does not actually touch your penis. It touches the outside of the latex cup that is holding your penis and the rotational movement is transmitted through the latex cup onto your erect member. Unfortunately, I did not get the full benefit of the rotating action because I have a rather thin prick….at about 1.625” in diameter or a little over 5” in circumference. I could feel it, but not as tight as I would have liked. A good size would be a cock diameter of 1-7/8” to 2.” I would be curious to know how thick of a prick it might be capable of taking. The way it’s designed there is a limit. I’m estimating that anything over 2” in diameter might be a problem.

It looks like you will hit bottom at a length over 6-inches but that isn’t totally accurate. I’m right at 6-inches and I was missing hitting the bottom by at least a half inch because as I pushed the unit all the way on, the skin on my cock was bunching up at the base and preventing full penetration. Which brings up another point. Pushing it on hard like that was stalling out the electric motor and stopped the rotation. It’s probably a good idea to avoid doing that because I don’t think it’s good for the motor.

The website copy and the text on the box make the following claim: Three thrilling speeds and seven rotation patterns. I couldn’t figure out how to do that. The unit has three buttons on it. Press one button to turn it on. But to make something happen, you have to push one of the two remaining buttons. One button gives constant rotation and the other gives oscillating rotation where it goes in one direction for a couple of rotations and then reverses itself. I carefully read the instructions and nowhere did it tell me where to get three different speeds and seven different rotational patterns. I found one speed and two rotation patterns.

I didn’t mention that, again, your cock has to be liberally lubricated to get the most benefit. I found that the maximum stimulation for me occurred as I pulled the device nearly off the end of my dick and then pushed it back on. As those lips on the opening passed on and off my coronal ridge and frenulum, I got some great stimulation.

Despite not getting the full benefit of the rotation, overall, I was very pleased with the performance. It’s very similar to getting a blowjob and one of the things I liked is I seemed to be very satisfied just working the device up and down my shaft for an extended period. Longer than I would normally jack my cock by hand.

I didn’t cum in either of the two times I’ve used it. I got very, very close the second time and I’m sure with a bit more practice, my cock will become trained to the different stimulation created by the masturbator and I will achieve ejaculation. It turned out that the third time was the charm as I did ejaculate into the device.

The unit comes apart very easily and is easy to clean up with some soap and water. I had no cum to clean out, but it had a lot of lube in it. Plenty of lube is the secret. The unit comes with a small bottle of lube and another small bottle of clean-up liquid.

The stronger friction of the latex lips, compared to pussy or mouth lips, did leave my coronal ridge a bit tender. I smeared some Neosporin cream on the head of my dick and it went right away. I’m sure with continued use my dick will toughen up and that won’t be a continuing problem.

Author’s Note: I apologize for the crappy photos. I really needed somebody to take the photos for me. Trying to maintain a hard-on, keep my dick lubed, handle my camera with lubed up hands, and trying to frame the photo while keeping the neutral background in the frame was a bit of a challenge. Maintaining an erection was the most difficult with all the other stuff going on.

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