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Post Orgasm

Post-Orgasm Stimulation

Post-Orgasm Stimulation, also known as post-orgasm torture is the continuation of sexual stimulation after a person has orgasmed.

With approximately one-third of women, the concept is insignificant, because they are often ready for more stimulation immediately after orgasm, and can have several orgasms in a single session. For the other women who, more like a man, are ‘finished’ after a single orgasm, post-orgasm stimulation can be, well, stimulating, if not excitingly intense.

With most men, soon after ejaculating, they’ll lose their erection, and lose interest in stimulation. In fact, their penis becomes very sensitive and any sort of touch can feel terrible.

With post-orgasm torture, the man is forced to endure ongoing stimulation. The effects can vary. With most men, it sends them into an almost unbearable squirming situation if they are tied down and helpless, and causes them to ask the administrator to stop. Many men are attracted to the idea of post-orgasm stimulation. They fantasize about it. But when the actual time comes, and they have ejaculated, they will usually find it unbearable.

There are a couple of tricks to overcome the unbearableness, and make it actually delightful instead. One is to be very gentle with the recipient after the ejaculation. This means continuing to handle his penis and perhaps his balls, nipples, ass, etc, but very lightly and slowly for a few minutes, After a while, you can work back up to full stimulation. In ideal circumstances, the recipient may never lose his erection, and can be ready for a second ejaculation, sometimes within a minute or two. Practitioners of this art can have several small ejaculations, maintaining their erections for hours.

The other approach is to totally relax just as the ejaculation is happening, and have the administrator stop all stimulation until the ejaculation subsides. With practice, you can reduce or even eliminate the orgasmic contractions, and a bit of cum will flow out smoothly. You may even manage dry orgasms. Unlike a full ejaculation, shortly after one of these mini-ejaculations, you’re absolutely ready for more stimulation.

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