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Picking On The Naked Boy

Copyright 2017, Jenelle Watson

I’m going for a doctorate in art so I do a lot of sketching and painting. In the course of my studies, I’ve attended many sessions involving nude modeling. It means nothing, just part of the life of an artist. We study nude models because if you don’t know exactly what’s underneath clothing, you can’t accurately represent people wearing clothes. Furthermore, by focusing on the naked human form, eliminating the clothes, you get to the real essence of the human body. For beginning artists, drawing clothes is difficult. It is easier to draw people without clothes.

That being said, I have to admit I’m kind of a prude. I mean, I’d never go to a nude beach or anything like that. As far as modeling in the nude for other artists, all I can say is I’m really thankful my parents have a dollar or two, so I don’t have to work my way through school. I’ll let professionals do all the modeling, thank you very much.

I suppose I could model. I look pretty good, nothing special though. I’m second-generation Chinese, and I’d guess you could say I’m typical being short, thin, and I have very white skin. I wear my straight black hair long, almost always down around my shoulders. And, dare I say it, my boobs are much smaller than non-Asian girls. I wish they were larger. On the other hand, I know girls with large breasts do have problems with athletic activities, getting comfortable bras, and so on.

I don’t like many of the other art students. They don’t want to make a career of art, or teaching art, which is want I want to do. Many of them are taking art classes because it’s ‘fun’ or because they think they can breeze through. What a waste. All the money that college costs, and these non-artists, which is what they are really, are wasting their time ‘playing’ with art.

Like the crazy thing that happened last week. I’m still embarrassed thinking about it, although, OK, I’ll admit I did get into the spirit, and it did end up being a lot of fun.

So, there were seven of us in the studio. We were doing the typical drawing from a live model. That’s where the art department hires a person to pose for a number of students. Many of the models are college students themselves. Some are good looking, some, not so much. It’s all OK with me. In fact, we’ve had elderly models, too, both male and female, that I really enjoyed drawing. I like trying to put their personalities, or what I imagine their personalities to be, on paper. You see, most of the models don’t talk much. On the other hand, a few jabber on for the entire session. Mostly the young ones.

And that’s what we had last week, a jabber-body. This was the second time this model, Conrad, posed for us. Oh, he was a good-looking man. Great looking, I’d have to say. Perhaps being Asian, I’m particularly attracted to his style. He was not only Caucasian, but a very light one. His hair was so blond it was almost white. He was tanned, but not all over. He must have a favorite pair of swim trunks, because he was definitely two-toned, with clear demarkation lines. Oh, and he was tall, like maybe 6’2,” kept his face clean-shaven, and his wavy hair fashionably long. He was thin. Not a bodybuilder, but with well-defined muscles. He had enough of a six-pack, which I particularly enjoy representing in my drawings. Oh, and he was initially shy, starting to talk with us only after several minutes, which I like. I, too, am shy.

But that’s all personality and appearance stuff. I create art. The models pose. That’s all there is to it. Oh, every now and then, my body gets a bit naughty. Like with Conrad, of course I saw his penis, but unlike with most of the models, I got a little shudder when he first disrobed, and felt a little something ‘down there.’ No big deal. It happens.

The last time Conrad posed for us, two of the girls in the class had been carrying on kind of crazy. These would be the typical I-don’t-give-a-shit-about-art people, just there for easy credit or kicks or something. They were tittering through the whole second half of the session. I don’t know what they were whispering about, but it seemed to amuse them. It annoyed me.

So, on Wednesday evening last week, there were those two ‘crazy’ girls, two guys, and two other girls, besides myself. I recognized them all, but none are true friends or anything like that. This was kind of a practice session, there were no professors, TA’s or anything like that around.

We were in one of the larger art studios where nude posing happens, with no windows facing the hallway, and a door that’s locked during the session.

All seven of us were there before Conrad arrived. One of the tittering girls said “hi” to me, then told me, and the other students, what they planned, and I was disgusted.

They wanted to try to get Conrad to have an erection. Really! They seemed to think this would be great fun.

Here’s the weird part: As I said, I was disgusted. But something else too. I was aroused! If you had asked me right then and there, of course I would have denied it, even to myself, but fact is, I’d have loved to see Conrad with a boner.

It’s not like I haven’t seen an erection before. The first time was when I was 16. Then, I had a real boyfriend when I was eighteen, and oh yes, we fucked, so I know what it is. And, yes, I do find it quite enjoyable, under the right circumstances. I don’t have anyone right now, but I’m in no hurry.

I don’t know what the two crazy girls thought of my response. I hoped I seemed non-commital. I’m not one to frown or get all histrionic when people act stupid. I knew they’d play their little game whether I went along with it or not. So, I was resigned to just do my art, erection or not, and get what I could out of the evening. And something more. In the back of my mind, I have to say I was getting a bit excited. In fact, I remember being a bit disappointed when I realized the girls probably wouldn’t actually go through with their dopey plan.

Within a minute, Conrad arrived, dressed in a simple T-shirt and typical faded jeans torn on one knee. I was guessing, like a typical model, he had nothing on underneath.

I’m sure the ‘plan’ was a secret to him. I thought about telling him what the girls were up to, because after all, it might be terribly embarrassing for him. Also, just the idea that everyone in the room knows something you don’t – well, that’s just not nice. But, out of shyness, if nothing else, I kept my mouth shut.

So, one of the other girls, Millie, decided to take charge, and asked Conrad to take a fairly ordinary pose on a stool which stood on a little carpeted platform, at about a 45-degree angle to most of us. To illustrate what she wanted, she posed on the stool for a moment first. The pose was kind of like Auguste Rodin’s “Thinker,” Except our stool was higher than Rodin’s rock. In fact, she was almost standing up, not really curled forward at all, with her legs splayed fairly wide and forward of the stool. Kind of a masculine pose. She then gave over the little platform to Conrad.

He took off his shirt, folding it neatly over a nearby unused easel, and then removed his pants placing them over his shirt. Sure enough, nothing underneath. Interestingly, since the time I had seen him last, he had taken to shaving his crotch area. That’s pretty common among our models. As I understand it, more and more guys in general have been shaving there. My last boyfriend didn’t shave there. I asked him once, and he was like “No way!”

I have to say, I like the hairless effect. Interestingly, I felt a little twinge between my own legs. Yes, I shave there, too. It makes masturbation so much more enjoyable, don’t you think?

Conrad sat on the stool, or really, more like against the stool. His legs were longer than Millie’s and so he spread them farther forward and wider apart. He had acted a bit shy as he removed his clothes, almost as if this was one of the first times he posed nude, but seemed to have no problem displaying himself that way.

We started our sketches. The room was quiet at first. Maybe Conrad wasn’t as shy as I thought, because he was the first to speak. He started telling us his basics:

He’s a computer science major. He didn’t say it, but I think he is kind of a genius, because he said he’s 18 years old and already on his way to a master’s. Like so many of our models, he does it for the money. At least around here, the going rate is $30 an hour, and sessions are usually 90 minutes. He said, which is so true for students all over America, that his student loans are already huge. He wants to do what he can to reduce the burden by working as much as he can manage. But, he doesn’t want to bag groceries or deliver pizzas. He wants what he called ‘real money’ so he can have time to study, and but also earn what he can. So, he poses when he can get sessions.

I suppose some of our models, especially the girls, get some kind of kick out of modeling. I can understand that exhibitionism streak in a way. When I was with my boyfriend, I rather enjoyed smooching in public. To purposely let people see us kissing, that kind of charged me up. Then, one night, we had full-on sex on top of a sleeping bag on a picnic table in a campground. We imagined other campers might see us, yet it was so dark, they probably didn’t. I enjoyed the thought that they might see us very much. Too much!

But I thought Conrad was the real deal.

Everything was going along alright, when one of the crazy girls, Liza, suddenly asked, “Conrad, do you do this modeling just for the money?”

What kind of a question was that? I was embarrassed for him.

“Mostly. I have to admit there’s a little something else. I’ve thought about it, but can’t quite put finger on it. It’s something about the freedom of taking one’s clothes off among strangers in a setting where it’s OK. Maybe it’s a sort of sneaky thing. Like I’m getting away with something. No, that’s not quite it…”

Ralph, one of the guys in the class chipped in, “There’s something about being naked that IS freeing.”

Nan, the other ‘crazy’ girl, the other one who was instigating this thing about wanting to get Conrad erect, asked both Conrad and Ralph, and perhaps the group in general, “Doesn’t it feel nice to feel the cool breeze on your… your whole body?”

Liza chimed in, “Yes, it feels great to be out of one’s clothes for a change, when you’re not just in the shower or something. It kind of gets me horny.”

I could see what they were up to. They were going to try to get Conrad horny. They were going to talk him into an erection. Geez!

Nan then added, “I like to run naked from the shower to my dorm room.”

Paula, who I thought was a non-crazy girl jumped into the fray, “I secretly like looking at the other girls in the shower, don’t you Nan?”


Millie added, “I like seeing anyone, guy or girl, naked. It does something to me. I probably shouldn’t admit that I get a special kind of joy out of these art classes.”

Well, I’m sure you can imagine where this was going.

Before long, all four girls were talking about masturbating themselves. The guys weren’t exactly doing nothing at this point. They started adding in little quips and things, like the other guy, Jason, a football player, added, “For me, it’s medibation.”



“What do you mean?”

“Well, some people meditate. I understand the idea of calming your mind, but I don’t really care for holding still and quiet for periods of time. I like to be doing something, so why not kill two birds with one stone? I’ll have a nice, long, masturbation session in which I clear my mind. I suppose you could also call it ‘mastitation.'”

Most of us chuckled a bit.

“I second the motion,” from the other guy, Ralph. Plus an assortment of “Mmm, yes” kinds of comments from the group.

“Motion, get it?”


I don’t know what drew my eyes to Jason at that time. I mean, I don’t generally stare at men’s crotches, but I suddenly noticed he had a definite bulge in his sweat pants. I could make out the form of his evidently very large erection.

Then, I looked at Conrad, and by gosh, the plan was working. His penis, which had looked typical – average size, shriveled, uncircumcised, must have been starting to get erect. I mean, it was about the same size, or maybe just a bit bigger, but the foreskin was pulling back a bit, revealing the pinkish purple tip, which I hadn’t seen before.

I should have been disgusted. But, no, I was more like a moth drawn to a light bulb. Again, I felt a little twinge, and something else, a kind of horniness in my lower stomach. I was thinking, ‘Come on, that’s totally unprofessional.’

I continued to sketch, determined that when I came to Conrad’s penis, I’d draw it as it had been a couple of minutes ago no matter what it’s current state might be.

Nan came right out and said what no one in their right mind would actually say to an art model: “Conrad, are you getting an erection?”

I’ve never seen a guy turn so red in the face.

“Oh, I’m… I’m so sorry…”

Jason, of all people, our big, All-American, short-haircut football guy, interrupted. “Well, Conrad, I rather like it!”

Unsettled laughter from the group.

By now, there was no mistaking it. Conrad was developing a full erection, right in front of all of us. He continued to hold the same pose, but now his erection was sticking up at almost a 90-degree angle. It was long. Not remarkable long, but, well, pretty long. And thin. It was not a large diameter cock. It was really quite nice to see, I have to admit. I noticed, too, that his balls were drawing up to his body, and his scrotum had that nice feathered look they sometimes get when they tighten up.

Holy fucking cow! I felt a little wetness between my legs.

I do believe it was Liza who took us over the top: “Conrad, I think I speak for the group. Hold that pose, I mean, don’t lose your erection!”

More giggles, and general assent from all seven of us.

Well, you know psychology, That had the opposite effect on Conrad. His pulsing erection started to pulse downward. It was drooping.

Jason said, “Con, it’s OK if you stroke it a bit.”

Poor old Conrad looked like a deer in the headlights. He most certainly did not start wanking right in front of us. I do believe he was too shy for that. I mean, I liken it to me rubbing my clit in the gym shower in front of all the women. As much as I might enjoy fantasizing about doing that, I’d never actually do it.

Nan started chanting, “Stroke, stroke, stroke.”

The next thing you know, all of us joined the chant, even me. It became quite loud. I can only imagine what other people in the building must have thought.

What could our still-red-faced Conrad do? The way I see it, he had only two choices: One was to throw on his clothes and run out of the room. The other would be to start masturbating right there on the stool.

So, guess which choice he made? Right! First, he touched his dick tentatively. It had softened almost entirely up. Then, he started kind of half-heartedly stroking it, but instead of becoming harder, it seemed to have fully softened. I guess embarrassment has that effect on men.

One of the women said, “Let me help you with that.” That woman, to my total surprise, was me!

I didn’t wait for an answer. I stepped up no the platform, got down on my knees, and put his squishy penis in my mouth. It was surprisingly warm, a bit bigger, more of a mouthful than I thought, and tasted a bit like, kind of like coconut ice cream.

I was in a horny fog at that point, but I did slightly notice a cheer went up in the room. I guess what I had done wasn’t too forward after all, at least under the circumstances. I remember thinking to my amusement, “This is an art class. The pose demands an erection. I can help the model achieve the pose.”

The only problem was that it wasn’t working. He stayed soft. Nan came up next to me, and was doing something. I couldn’t quite tell what at first, but then I figured it out. She was very lightly stroking his scrotum with her fingertips. But after a minute of that, still no erection. Now, I’m a girl, but I’m pretty sure, even I’d have an erection at that point.

Hey, maybe Conrad was gay.

Nan quit touching his scrotum, and then licked her index finger for some reason. Just as I was wondering about that, she reached under his balls, as he shifted his position. He stood up from the stool, leaned forward, and pointed his toes inward. Ah, I figured it out. She was starting to finger his asshole. While he stood up, I followed, keeping my mouth on his penis, his penis which was now hardening up very nicely.

I’m pretty sure Nan and I could have quit our ministrations at that point, and gone back to our easels. But we didn’t! We kept right on going until Conrad almost yelled, “Stop! I’m gonna cum.” We both backed off. His penis bobbed up and down a couple of times, and I was expecting to see cum spill out. But, he held it together.

We went back to our easels. Conrad sat back down, and held his beautiful erect pose for several minutes. He was quite good at holding still, except for one thing. His penis was bobbing a little bit from time to time. But after a couple of minutes, it quit bobbing, and started softening.

I took a step in his direction, but Jason walked right past me and up to Conrad on the platform. Before I could say anything, Jason was blowing Conrad. At first, Conrad kind of backed off with a look as if things just couldn’t get any weirder. Then he settled in, and even moaned a bit, as he started getting hard in Jason’s mouth.

I looked over, and Liza was kind of squeezing the front of her skirt. Oh, she was masturbating a bit!

Now, I think I may have mentioned that I’m kind of a prude. I’m also shy. But sometimes something comes over me. It just seemed that Liza could do with something more. Some kissing maybe. So what did I do? Right, I just walked right over, hugged her, and gave her a great, big smooch. I was hoping she would take it in the spirit in which it was offered. She did! She kissed me back, and the next thing I knew, she and I were Frenching up a storm.

The next few minutes were a blur as far as what was happening in the rest of the room. When Liza and I finally took a break, I looked around and couldn’t believe what I saw. Millie and the other non-crazy girl were sprawled across a couple of chairs, had their pants down and were mutually fingering each other’s pussies. And somehow Conrad had put a condom on, had Nan bent over the stool with her skirt off, and was fucking her. No wait, he was sticking it in her ass. Cool! There was a sofa at the back of the room, Jason and Ralph were there, sitting side by side, stark naked, with a pile of clothes on the floor, and jacking each other off while watching all of us. Nan and I stepped out of our clothes, practically ran over to the sofa and joined the two of them in the fun.

For a second, I thought maybe they’re gay and would not like us coming over, but they welcomed us with open arms.

We didn’t fuck those two guys. They may have liked that, but there were no condoms, and while I can’t speak for Liza, I don’t think we really wanted to get that involved with guys who were practically strangers. We did all smooch and cuddle, but then we seemingly naturally broke into two groups of two. While Liza and I went down on each other, the two guys seemed perfectly content with sucking each other’s dicks. Maybe they’re gay after all. I don’t know. Does it matter?

And talking of ‘naturally,’ when Liza started licking my clit, I was in heaven. There was nothing ‘lesbian’ about it, or at least, well… I don’t know. All I can say is I really, really enjoyed that, and I’m pretty sure she did too! When I started licking her, it was like I just couldn’t get enough. I wanted to slowly ingest every drop of her girlie juice. When she arched her back, screamed, and orgasmed, shaking and shuddering all over, I was absolutely delighted.

So, I didn’t get fucked that evening, but had my pussy eaten by a girl. It was the first time in my life that’s happened, but I can assure you, it won’t be the last! Interestingly, I orgasmed big-time. With my former boyfriend, I usually ended up discretely satisfying myself after he went to sleep. I have a feeling fucking with guys is usually better than that, and I’m sure I’ll find out soon. In fact, next week, most likely.

At a little before 9:00 the session ended. We had to clear the room for the cleaning staff. So, we put on our clothes, and talked a bit. At first, everyone was rather silent. Then Millie said, “Communication is always a good thing.”

We knew what she meant. So, we started talking all at once. Every one of us concurred that what we did was a good thing. A great thing! We’re going to reserve the room again the next time it is available on a Wednesday, that’s next week. I can’t wait to find out what happens.

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