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Peegasm: Also known as pissgasm.

1. In women, peeing a little is common during orgasm. It can be confused with female ejaculation, and according to some experts, it is all that female ejaculation really is.

2. Sometimes one has a brief shiver while urinating. This can happen to men and women.

3. A few women are capable of orgasming while urinating.

4. In men, it’s an entirely different ballgame. Urinating while ejaculating is nearly impossible. Therefore, many men feel it is something to strive for. The trick is to start with a very full bladder, and to be good at edging. When you’re so full that you really can’t hold it any more, when little dribbles of pee start leaking out no matter how hard you resist, start wanking like crazy. If you feel your valves shutting off the flow of urine, stop stroking, the resume shortly afterward. If you feel you’re getting too close to orgasm, back off. At first, you’ll slip over one edge or the other. Either you’ll end up using all your urine, or you’re ejaculate. Usually ejaculation shuts off the flow of urine, but if you can relax your orgasmic contractions while they’re happening, the urine can continue to flow. Ultimately, the day will come when you are peeing, and stroking yourself at the same time. You’re very relaxed, and then suddenly, the pee starts to spurt in an ejaculating sort of way, and your semen is mixed with the urine. Keep practicing, It will happen!

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