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Nudist College Family

byJenelle Watson

Right out of high-school, I signed up for same early college courses, so I didn’t get the usual summer vacation. I was fine with that, I like learning. The only downside was that I’d be leaving my family right away. The university was 300 miles away.

Oh, and the other downside is that I wasn’t sure I’d like dorm life. You see, I like masturbating. I like it a lot, and wasn’t sure how I’d manage that with a roommate.

My family and I had visited San Diego, and found a place where I could stay that my parents found acceptable. What they liked about it was that it was an ordinary home owned by a nice mid-forties couple, the Bradfords. It was a big old Victorian 5-bedroom house, kind of unusual except in the heart of downtown. There were going to be three other students there, besides myself, each having a private room. That was a nice surprise for me. No problem with as much privacy for as much masturbation as I wanted!

So I got off the Amtrak and Tom Bradford picked me up at the station. He seemed to be a very friendly man, which would make missing my father easier. Not that I notice such things, but Tom was a pretty good-looking older guy. I’ve always had a thing for tall, dark guys, His longish, dark hair was graying at the temples. His big, droopy mustache was cute, and matched his professory-looking glasses perfectly. And, if I’m being honest, I kind of go for older men, as well. Guys my age can be so immature.

After a stop at the 7-11, we arrived at the Bradford home, where Barbara met me at the door with a big smile and a hug, like an aunt I hadn’t seen for a while. Nice. I’m not bisexual, but if I was, I’d go for her. She had reddish hair, plenty of freckles, and a nice rounded figure with big breasts. She was short, like me, at around 5’4.” But I’m anything but her shape. I am skinny, too skinny, dark-skinned, Asian, and my boobs are too small. People say I’m pretty, but I don’t buy it.

She then kissed Tom, passionately. You could see they’re a good, solid couple, and I could tell I’d enjoy being in their home.

To my surprise, all three of the other housemates were doing summer classes also. Well, one, Jerome, a totally average-looking guy, was a grad student working through the summer, doing some sort of project having to do with psychology.

They were all there on my first day, as I settled into my room.

So, I met Asa, a slightly strange looking girl just my age. She was tall, so blond you could call her hair white, skinny, and had high cheekbones, in a way like Catherine Hepburn. Her breasts were surprisingly large.

I also met Leonard. Although he was only my age, what a striking man! He was very tall, thin, black. Very black, like first-generation African. He had short hair, and a neatly trimmed beard. His glasses looked out of place, like as if he was, but wasn’t an athlete.

The arrangement of the house was probably typical. All the bedrooms and a single bathroom were upstairs. Downstairs was an office, den, living room, kitchen and another bath. Tom and Barbara wanted us to know that we had full run of the house, and let us know they’d be particularly happy if we’d make good use of the living room.

They told us a few other things, mostly house rules. They laid it out in friendly conversation, not like rules at all. Just the usual things: No undue noise, no drugs, no drunkenness. One thing surprised me: No guests unless everyone in the house knows beforehand. I asked why and was a bit taken aback by the answer. Then I just figured, I’m in the real world, the adult world now, and some things should be expected.

The reason for no guests without everyone knowing, according to the Bradfords, is because we may not be properly attired. Without coming right out and saying it, they insinuated that it was OK for all of us to be seen in any state of attire, including no attire.

I was thinking I’d stay attired, thank you very much.

Barbara invited us for afternoon tea at 4pm, letting us know it was entirely optional. We all attended.

The tea celebration was held in the living room, and although I’ve never been to a formal tea, it was sort of like what you see in English movies. It was nice. Somehow, Jerome got us all out of our shells quickly. He explained that his interest in psychology is communication. He is very interested in getting people communicating. He did it particularly well. I almost felt like I was with my own brothers and sisters within just a few minutes.

Jerome fired up my own interest in psychology. Hmmm. Communication. Yes, I’d like to specialize in something like that, too.

I was not surprised to find out that like me, Asa and Leonard were going to pursue psychology as well. They were the same age as me, and the summer program in which I had enrolled was an introduction to psychology.

Tom and Barbara participated in the conversation also. Somehow, they didn’t feel like they were more than twice as old as us students. Barbara is a professor of, you guessed it, psychology. Tom is head of the maintenance staff at the university.

I didn’t ask, but my guess was that they didn’t need the money from us students. I think it was more like they enjoyed the company of younger people. I noticed they didn’t have any kids of their own. Perhaps we were to be their pseudo children.

Toward the end of the afternoon, Barbara said something weird: “Please don’t be alarmed if you see Tom or I starkers around the house. This is a clothing-optional household.” Then she reminded us again, “Please feel free to dress, or not, any way you please around here.”

Perhaps alarm bells should have sounded. Maybe they did, but I couldn’t help thinking about how much my parents just spent for the rent here, and I didn’t want to object and possibly mess that up. I noticed that none of the other students said anything, either. At least for a moment.

Then Leonard had one word with a smile on his face, “Cool!”

I spent the next day arranging my clothes, hooking up my computer, driving around in my old Toyota figuring out how San Diego was laid out, buying some snacks and so on. I heard about a nude beach 20 miles north called Blacks Beach, but of course there’s no way I’d go there. I didn’t see much of the others that day.

Then it was Monday, and 8am found me in a lecture hall with a hundred other students. I spotted Asa and sat next to her. She smiled. It was a couple of minutes before the start, and she quietly asked me, “What did you make of the clothing-optional thing?”

I said, “Alarm bells.” and she laughed.

She told me that her parents had a private investigator check out the Bradfords, and found no record, no complaints, no problems at all, so she wasn’t worried. She then added, “Wouldn’t it be something, really, to see Leonard naked?”

“Fuck yes! He’s a looker, that one!”

“You know, Jerome isn’t bad either. It’s not like I’d throw him out of bed.”

We both laughed.

“But the problem is we’d have to be naked, too,” I added.

“Not really, it’s clothing-optional. Optional, get it?”

“Ah, right. OK, yup, that would be OK then.”

The lecture started, and it was more exciting than I thought. Oh, the things we were going to learn!

After the lecture, and some other campus activities, I joined the others back at the Bradford house. When 4pm rolled around, Barbara invited everyone to tea, and everyone happened to be home at that time.

Barbara was wearing a really stringy bikini, and I have to say, for someone her age, she looked very nice. She mentioned that we were all welcome to use the backyard pool. I hadn’t even realized there was one. It never occurred to me to check out the back yard. Way cool!

As Barbara was serving us, she turned away for a moment to pick up a spoon that had fallen on the floor. To my surprise, I noticed that her bikini wasn’t entirely covering her asshole. I could see one side of it, or actually the browner skin and the radial lines leading up to one side the hole itself, Seeing that wasn’t the surprising part. It was my reaction to it. I almost gasped. I’d never have thought a woman would have that effect on me.

I decided I certainly would check out the pool later. After my very first college homework, I came out to the pool around 8pm wearing my own bikini, one much less revealing than Barbara’s. I was happy to see Jerome and Leonard there, playing around in the water. I liked those guys already. My heart skipped a beat when I realized they were stark naked in the water. It’s not like anything was revealed. They were shoulder-deep in the water. But still!

I averted my eyes, and said something like “Oh, excuse me,” turning to walk back into the house.

They laughed, and Len said, “This is a clothing-optional house. The Bradfords have made that clear, and I, for one, intend to enjoy that, and I figure what better place to start than at the pool?”

Tom appeared, and said, “Jen, no need to be uncomfortable. You are absolutely welcome to do anything you want, and that means wear, or not wear, whatever you like.”

It was a little hard to hear him because my emotions were clouded by my vision. You see, Tom was walking through the doorway toward us wearing absolutely nothing. Oh, I’ve seen a couple of naked people on the Internet. You can’t avoid it these days. But to see a super-handsome man wearing absolutely nothing in person, and to see his penis just hanging there, well, I was pretty much overwhelmed.

But, I tried to stay cool. All I could say was, “Thank you, Tom.”

Not knowing quite what to do with myself, I turned back toward the pool, sat on the edge, dangling my feet in the water.

The fact was, I was quite uncomfortable in that situation, and stayed for only a couple of minutes, making some sort of lame excuse, and returned to my room.

As soon as I was by myself, I was totally relieved. And something else too. I couldn’t get the image of Tom’s penis out of my head. He was a thin, fit man, and seemed to like shaving. Men are supposed to have hair all over, right? But Tom was sleek as a baby – his chest, his legs, and his crotch. I have to say, I liked that look! The next moment found me with my door locked, my bikini bottom off, and rubbing my clit like crazy.

An hour later, I came down to the living room, to find Barbara and Tom there. He was still naked, and my heart skipped a beat. She was wearing a white bathrobe that was casually open, so I could see her whole self. Interestingly, she shaves too. I guess I could have figured that out when I saw the edge of her anus earlier, but I didn’t.

Here I was wearing jeans and a T-shirt, and I felt oddly over-dressed, like I might be embarrassing them.

They welcomed me, and that moment, Jerome entered, and they welcomed him also. I felt a little less out of place, since he was fully dressed also. But only for a second. He said, “When in Rome…” and the next thing I knew, he was stepping out of his clothes.

Geez, what does a self-respecting girl do in that kind of circumstance? There was a part of me that thought it would be amazing to get naked right along with them. But I just couldn’t do it. Remembering Tom’s statement that I could wear whatever I wanted, I just sat there, kind of frozen. I tried to join the party as much as I could.

It wasn’t that bad. Again, Jerome did some things to get the conversation going, as Asa arrived and then Leonard came in a moment later. They stayed clothed also, which brought me some comfort. My curiosity about Jerome’s conversational techniques overcame the weirdness I was feeling about the unclothed state of Jerome, Tom and Barbara, and so I asked him about it.

Jerome launched into a discussion of something I had heard of before, but never quite understood. It was NLP, neuro-linguistic programming. Evidently, it is a sort of pseudo-psychology, but has many techniques that help people become more relaxed so they’ll be able to talk about the things that concern them, even inner secrets at times. I made a mental note to find out more about that later.

Jerome went on to describe one of the techniques called “mirroring.” If you subtly position your body in the same way as someone you want to talk with, they become more comfortable in the conversation.

Mind you, he was still totally naked as he was telling us this, and somehow, it was starting to normalize in my mind. I was learning something about psychology from a guy, who just happened to be completely naked. He seemed pretty casual about it, like having clothes or not made no difference to him. That seemed to be the case with Tom also, and Barbara who had slipped entirely out of her bathrobe. Now that her hair was dry, she told us, she had no need for anything to keep her long, red hair off her back.

Jerome then went on to demonstrate mirroring, laying his right arm over the back of the chair he was sitting in, just as Tom’s left arm was resting on his chair. We started to see how such a simple technique can work. Jerome then sat stiff and upright, and said he was mirroring me. Everyone laughed good-naturedly, but I was a bit embarrassed.

We talked more about Jerome’s special interest, communication, and I found it all fascinating. In time, the group broke up.

A couple of weeks passed, and college was turning out to be as fantastic as I had hoped. The homework load was reasonable, and most of it – but not all – was pretty easy to figure out, memorize, or whatever I needed to do.

In the meantime, the nudity at the Bradford house continued. Actually, it increased. Pretty much every afternoon or evening, most of us gathered around the pool, and everyone except me was naked around the pool. Barbara started making a tradition of 4pm tea, and those of us who didn’t have classes often attended in her living room. Being a professor of psychology, and such a friendly, open person, we found her a good source of information, as well as advice. In the afternoon teas, various people in the household appeared various ways, but more and more often without any clothing at all. Except me. I thought about it. I sensed how freeing it could be, but some sort of fear was holding me back.

The fear was intensifying the fear. I mean, there was a part of me that really wanted to just wander over to the pool unclothed like everyone else, but I simply couldn’t do it. Something stopped me every time. I practiced in my room a few times, removing all my clothes when the door was locked, but that was as far as I could go.

One day I headed across the hall to the bathroom, and since the door was ajar, I walked in, as I usually did. Leonard was standing in front of the toilet, peeing. I was shocked. He wasn’t. He simply said, “Hi Jen, come on in, I’m almost done.” With that, his stream of pee stopped. He shook this penis a bit, washed his hands, dried them on the towel by the sink, then squeezed past me through the doorway. I happened to notice that his penis brushed against my hip on the way out. It wasn’t horrible. The sensation was practically no sensation at all, but the thoughts it invoked were strangely strong.

I locked the bathroom door, did my business, then returned to my room. In there, I threw off all my clothes, enjoying my new ‘freedom’ of at least allowing myself to stay naked in my room for longer periods of time, and then gave myself a good orgasm, thinking about Leonard’s large, uncircumcised black penis.

A couple more weeks passed, and I have to say, I was becoming very used to my naked housemates. Still, I couldn’t disrobe in front of them, and I was starting to realize this was a real problem. I had a mental block, and a big one. The more I tried to imagine myself naked with the others, the more I became really weird. Like, I could raise my heart rate and break out in a sweat just thinking about it.

I popped out the pool in my bikini one evening, and things were pretty much like usual. Barbara, Jerome, and Asa, were all in the pool. I think Leonard had a class. On this occasion, Tom was sitting on the edge of the pool. No big deal, he did that a lot. But this time, his penis happened to be enormous. I recognized that as an erection, the first live one I had ever seen. He was just sitting there, and his smooth penis was sticking almost straight up. I’m sure they all saw it, but no one else seemed to care.

Again, I left almost instantly. Why? I had felt something in my lower stomach. In my whole body, really, and my legs almost buckled. I had to go to my room and masturbate! For the next several days, I couldn’t get that image of Tom with his erection out of my mind.

A day later, passing Leonard’s room, I noticed his door was open as usual, and I looked in, just to say “Hi.” I saw him sitting at his desk, and he was naked. That was not unusual. But what was unusual is that he was idly stroking his penis, which was also huge and tall. As soon as I said “Hi,” he jumped a bit, and turned away. He apologized, not realizing he had left his door open.

Trying to think quickly, I said, “Hey Len, no big deal, we all do it,” then walked down the hall to my room, where, you guessed it, I threw off my clothes, and wanked!

I went back to my parents for the week before the start of the fall semester. It seemed strange to be in a house where everyone wore clothes all the time. Go figure!

The first days of ‘real’ college were amazing. There were thousands more people. But the Bradfords’ place remained the same. I was very happy to be back. Actually, more happy then when I returned to my parents. The Bradfords, Len, Jerome, Asa and I were becoming a really nice family.

Asa greeted me first, and we hugged. Then, weirdly, she kissed me on the lips. At the same time, I felt her big breasts lightly pressed against mine. It was only for a second, but I felt an electric charge!

Moments later, Jerome hugged me. Then Leonard, Barbara, and finally Tom. When Tom hugged me, even though it was a regular hug, I felt another electric charge.

Later that afternoon at the pool, everyone was there, and everyone was naked except me. I felt bad. Really bad. I wanted to play and cavort and be naked with them, but I just couldn’t. Oh, they treated me nicely. Very nicely. But I wasn’t really one of them. My clothes had become an iron-clad barrier. Back in my room later, I didn’t masturbate for once. Instead, I cried myself to sleep.

The next morning, I was resolute. I had to do something about my problem. I wasn’t being a prude. It wasn’t that I didn’t approve of nudity. On the contrary, I had become of the same mind as everyone else in the house – that nudity is the natural state, it is a good thing, and the rest of the world has gone textile-crazy. That’s not to say that clothing isn’t totally appropriate in many circumstances. On the other hand, clothing shouldn’t be a necessity all the time under all circumstances. So what was my problem? It seemed every time I as much as entertained the thought of disrobing in front my ‘family’ I just froze up with fear.

Now, I was in a family of people studying psychology. Barbara was a professor of psychology for gosh sake. Surely, they could help me. So, at tea one afternoon, I asked Barbara whether I might speak to her alone later on.

She invited me into her room, and sat on the edge of her bed while I sat in a chair. I had a little trouble spilling the beans – telling her that I had come to realize I had a real mental block about nudity. To my relief, she didn’t laugh and she didn’t dismiss it as ‘nothing.’ However, she also couldn’t help. She explained that her specialty is teaching the business of psychology. Her classes are about how to make money as a psychologist, how to set up a practice, and all that. She has a PhD in psychology, but hadn’t been a practicing shrink for more than ten years. She suggested I talk to Jerome. She seemed to think his NLP approach might be helpful.

So very reluctantly, I brought up my situation with Jerome. He was very understanding. He let me know he had thought that’s exactly what I was dealing with, but of course he couldn’t just come right out and say “Let me help you with that.” I had to come to him.

In his room, with the door locked, we started on something he called the “Fast Phobia Fix.” He had me do a bunch of mental imagery and forty-five minutes later, I thought my problems might be over.

That evening in my room, I took off all my clothes as usual. Then I approached my door, put my hand on the doorknob, and was going to walk out in front of everyone stark naked. But I couldn’t do it. I flopped on my bed and cried.

Back with Jerome the next day, I told him what happened, and he said no worries, he’d try something else.

He got me in a hypnotic state, and had me regress. I did vaguely recall something from my childhood that I must have totally repressed. It was a very vague memory, but there was something about a naked man, and my mom screaming at him, him leaving, and me feeling like I had done something wrong. It seems maybe he was an uncle or something, and he had exposed himself to me, and before he could do anything more, my mom had discovered us, and thrown him out. I never saw him again. I’ll have to ask her about that someday. I also remember seeing his penis. It seemed huge, and he was so hairy and ugly. That’s the way I remembered it, anyway.

Tom told me that there was an isomorphic relationship between that incident and my current state, in which I didn’t want to be seen naked. That was what he called ‘one-trial learning.’ The little girl made a little girl’s assumption, that nudity, or her nudity specifically, is a bad thing, and had never outgrown that assumption.

I left his room again thinking I was cured. But no, I still couldn’t get naked outside of my room.

While all this was going on, I was able to shower with the girls at the gym just fine. I know it doesn’t make any sense, but it’s as if that was somehow different.

I happened to mention that to Jerome on the next visit, and he seemed to file it away in his brain. We talked a bit, and he tried some hypnosis, but that didn’t do any good either.

The next day, I happened by Asa’s room, and the door was partially open. I saw her masturbating on her bed. But instead of hiding or being upset, she said, “Come in.” I was reluctant at first, but my feet carried me into her bedroom anyway.

You’d think she would have been embarrassed or something, but instead, she just continued rubbing her wispy blond hair-covered clit right there in front of me as I stood by her bed. “Let’s wank together,” she said.

As odd of an invitation as that was, I thought about it, and really wanted to, but couldn’t quite bring myself to do so. Instead, I impulsively jumped on the bed and kissed her. I think I wanted to let her know that masturbating in front of me was OK.

During the kiss, something happened. I kept kissing this strange white-haired but beautiful naked girl, and it turned into a French kiss. I broke off the kiss slowly, then kissed her chin, her neck, her chest, then her large left breast, and then her nipple. She was still rubbing herself and she orgasmed. It was a true pleasure to see, and I felt a remarkable feeling between my own legs. I continued kissing her working my way down to her belly, and she continued frigging herself. I think she was going for a second orgasm. On occasion, I’ve been able to have several orgasms in a row, so I kind of know what she was shooting for.

Pretty soon, my mouth replaced her busy hand, and I found myself working on her inner labia with my tongue. I pulled them into my mouth, and sucked, and flicked them with my tongue. She was arching her back, and moaning, and she was shivering all over. I thought she was cold, but that couldn’t be it. The room was plenty warm. I found her beautiful little clitoris with my lips. Then my tongue, with a mind of its own, started licking her clit, with long strokes. I went from bottom to top, with my tongue starting as deep as I could put it in her vagina, and ending in the junction of labia above her clit, over and over again. She had a crashing orgasm!

After we laid together for several minutes while she came down from that fantastic high, she offered to ‘do’ me. Oh, how I wanted that, but my phobia got me again. Fuck! I was mad at my phobia. Then, I suddenly knew who was boss. This was something I had to do. No doubt about it. This was the time, otherwise what a missed opportunity it would have been!

I didn’t say anything. I just stood up, wiggled out of my jeans and panties and laid back down on the bed, still maintaining the modesty of my T-shirt over my breasts. To Asa’s credit, she didn’t push me to go for full nudity at that point.

She just said “Yummy, Jen!” and went to work on my vagina. I had no idea that what I had impulsively done to her was so spectacular, until she did it to me. Within just a few seconds, I had the strongest orgasm of my life. As she worked me to my second and third orgasms, I found myself shivering in the same way she had.

We fell asleep in each other’s arms.

At first, I didn’t know how the whole house knew, but the next few days, everyone was acting different toward me. As if I had fully joined the family for the first time. It was pretty obvious they had heard what happened with Asa. At first I thought she had told them, but I knew she wouldn’t be so crass.

With Jerome’s help, I figured it out. Or I should say that when I asked him, he just told me. The whole thing had been a setup, but a loving, delicious one. Knowing of my problem as he did, he thought I might need something like that to fix it. He thought maybe if it was with a girl, like the girls in the gym shower, I could be more OK with some sort of nudity. He had told of my situation, and asked her whether she was willing to help. He didn’t tell her exactly what to do. She had decided on the details herself. Perhaps I should have been mad, but instead, I felt so loved, well, I can’t even put it in words.

Asa and I got together again. This time in my room. This time, I removed my top, and she gasped, saying my breasts were beautiful. That was the last thing I expected. I always thought they were too small, and ugly. “On the contrary,” she said, explaining being what she called ‘overly-titted,’ she likes small breasts, mine weren’t that small, and my little dark nipples were delicious-looking.” With that, she started kissing my tits, and then specifically my nipples. The tingles that went through my belly and vagina were the strongest ever.

I gave her some orgasms with my oral attention. She then reciprocated. At one point, she stopped for a moment, and pushed a finger into my vagina. Oh my God. Shivers! But then she pulled it out, and placed it against my anus. After a moment, she started twisting and pushing a bit, and it slipped into my butt. I orgasmed right away, and oddly, the orgasm didn’t subside. I had what seemed to be a continuous orgasm for maybe a whole minute.

We talked about that finger thing afterward, me letting her know how much I hadn’t expected that, yet how much I enjoyed the sensation. I asked her how far her finger had gone in. She showed me, and I was in disbelief. She indicated that she had pushed in only to the first joint. It had felt like she had pressed it all the way in.

November 12 was my birthday. I came to the pool naked. I did it! And I was somewhat surprised to discover it wasn’t that hard to do. Everyone greeted me with congratulations. On that evening, I noticed erections at various times on all three guys. Oh, they didn’t do anything about their erections. They didn’t stroke their dicks, or try to hide their erections. They just seemed to enjoy having them. In a few minutes the erections subsided on their own. I was totally fine, more than fine, with the whole thing.

Jerome disappeared for a minute then returned with a gift-wrapped package.
The whole family had chiiped in and bought me a birthday present. Still all naked, we adjourned to the living room. With everyone gathered around, I opened the present. Jerome had been trying to get me to open it later in my own room. I didn’t understand why, until I got the wrapping paper off.

Right there, with the whole family watching, I unwrapped it and discovered a smooth, light purple, plastic, battery-operated vibrator. I’m sure my face turned three shades of red. I saw Barbara flash Tom a grin. Leonard, on the other hand, started laughing, and within a moment, everyone, even me, was laughing.

I think it was supposed to be a gag gift. Maybe not.

Doing my best to fit into the mood, I thanked everyone, and then set the thing down on the table, trying to turn my attention to other matters.

Thinking maybe I hadn’t seen one before, Asa said, “Jen, that’s a vibrator. Women use it for self-pleasuring.”

I knew what it was, but this was the first I had ever seen one up close.

“How?” Obviously I knew, but that’s the first thing that came out of my mouth. I don’t know what I was thinking. Maybe someone would demonstrate? That would be fun to watch.

Tom grabbed the package. “Jenelle, do you mind if I open this?”

“Sure, Tom.”

He went into the kitchen for a moment and came back with his Swiss army knife. When he’s out and about he always carries that knife, but here at home, what with all of us having no clothes on, he had no pockets.

Meanwhile, Jerome disappeared for a moment, and came back with four AA batteries.

Tom opened the package with his little knife, and took out the rocket-shaped contraption. He unscrewed the end, slipped the batteries in, and turned on the little switch on the bottom. It made a faint buzzing sound that we could all hear.
I noticed that Tom smirking at Barbara.

“Jen, do you want a demonstration?” and without waiting for an answer, he approached his wife.

“Now, Tom, don’t even think of such things in front of the kids,” she laughed, at the same time slouching low in her chair spreading her legs wide in front of her.

“We’re hardly kids, Mom.” Jerome and Asa said laughingly, almost in unison.

Tom turned it back on as he got down on his knees in front of Barbara, and stroked it with one hand, suggestively. He then placed it against her vagina. I think we were all excited to watch the show. I felt a bit of moistening between my own legs.

Slowly, ever so slowly, he placed it further and further into his wife’s vagina, as she started bucking and yelling incoherent things in front of all of us. The only things she said clearly, were “Oh fuck, Tom. Yes!”

Right there in front of all of us, Barbara started cumming. To my shock, Jerome stood next to her and was fondling her right nipple. Barbara continued to orgasm for quite a long time. From my own experience, I didn’t realize that many orgasms, or a single orgasm that long – whatever was going on, was even possible.

As she was calming down, Somehow, Jerome ended up with the vibrator, at which point he came over to Asa. He didn’t ask, “Would you like this?” He didn’t ask, “OK?” He just said, “Here you go,” at which point, she laid down on her back on the floor, brought her knees up to her chest, and received the vibrator. Jerome stuck it in with one hand, and lightly stroked her clitoris with his other thumb.

I was excited to watch, and without realizing it, found myself stroking my own clit, right in front of everyone. I don’t think anyone noticed. They were all watching Jerome and Asa. But I didn’t notice either. Or, I should say, here I was more or less masturbating in front of the whole family, with whom only hours before I had never had the gumption to even be seen naked, and it was OK!

What’s more, I was becoming jealous. I was starting to think how nice it would have been if someone was sticking that thing in me with the rest of the family watching.

After Jerome and Asa were done with it, still buzzing, it ended up in Lenard’s hands. I don’t know quite how it happened, but the next thing I know, Tom was on the floor on his hands and knees with a big erection pointing toward the floor, and Len was pressing the vibrator into his butt. Barbara knelt down next to Tom, and was wrapping her fingers around his penis and stroking. Within a minute, Tom was ejaculating onto the carpet big-time. It was interesting to see that area between his asshole and his balls pulsing as he ejaculated.

I was now hornier than I’ve ever been in my life, and wishing, hoping, somehow I’d get involved. I was starting to have the weird thought, ‘Hey, it’s MY birthday.”

I needn’t have worried. Len cleaned off the vibrator, and covered it with some KY jelly that someone had found. His simple words were, “Jen, get over here.”

I didn’t need to be convinced. I laid on the floor, somehow right over the wet spot that Tom had left, and felt the cold cum (Tom’s cum!) on my back, which only enhanced my mood.

Somehow, now Barbara held the vibrator, and teasingly approached my vagina. She didn’t stick it right in. She waved it around for a while while joking around.

I was shivering again, and I think I could have orgasmed even without ever having the vibrator. Especially when I noticed everyone was kneeling around me there on the floor, and everyone was looking at my pussy or into my eyes.

Suddenly, I felt the very beginning of penetration. Barbara was pushing it into me, finally! I felt more loved than I ever have in my life. Wanting to maximize the sensation, I brought my knees up as close to my face as I could. I realized everyone could see my little dark asshole, the most secret place on my body, and that made me even hornier if you can imagine that. While Barbara was sliding that purple vibrating rocket in and out of my vagina, ever deeper on each stroke, Len had laid down next to me, and started sucking on one nipple. Tom took the other side, and was sucking that nipple. I noticed Tom had more technique. He was gently nibbling with his teeth. That, in itself would be orgasmic. And it was about to be. ‘Hold on, I’m cumming,’ I was thinking. Suddenly, it got so much better, I can’t even tell you.

Leonard had started poking a finger into my butt. At least that’s what I think was happening. I was too blissed out to be sure. Shivering. Bucking. I was so into it that I didn’t even hear myself, but I was yelling. And orgasming. And orgasming some more.

I woke up a few minutes later, still feeling that funny low-tummy satisfaction feeling. The orgasms had been so strong, I blacked out. The whole family was huddled around me, and we all fell asleep right there on the floor with the vibrator still buzzing. It needed new batteries in the morning.

Nothing was the same in the family ever again. From that day forward, we all fucked and played with each other in every imaginable way. Even Tom and Barbara were just fine being kissed, licked, fondled and penetrated by anyone and everyone in the family. It was interesting to see Tom and Len spend a lot of time playing together. They both kept trying fisting, where one guy sticks his whole hand in another guy’s ass. Neither could manage full penetration, but they sure enjoyed trying. Len and I hit it off nicely, but the real deal was Jerome and Asa, they fell in love.

Jerome had stayed on as assistant professor after getting his doctorate. All of us students continued on to advanced study. When Asa became happily pregnant, after three years, she and Jerome married and bought a home of their own, just up the street. They continued to play with us from time to time.

In time, the rest of the family did break up, as new students took our places in the Bradford home. I’d say it was the happiest time in my life, except I’ve had even happier times, since.

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