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Nudist Clubs

Nudist clubs, sometimes known also as nudist resorts or nudist camps represent a huge variety of lifestyles. Some allow pretty much any sexual activity, such as the famous celebrity nudist club, Sandstone Retreat that existed in the hills outside Los Angeles in the 1970s. Others are strictly about nudism, being clothes-free, getting an overall tan, and practicing nudity, also known as naturism for health reasons.

At the latter kind of club, sexual activity is either strictly forbidden, hidden away behind bushes or closed doors, or at least frowned upon. At some, simply having an erection will cause a man to be exiled.

Nudists have a term for the people who wear clothes: textiles.

Nudist clubs come in two flavors: Landed and Non-Landed. Those terms have to do with whether the club has a specific, owned property where activities take place, or whether the club does not own property. A non-landed club may meet at a member’s house, on a public nude beach, or in a deep forest.

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