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Not Your Typical Gay

Another story from a client. Although I, your author, am bisexual, there are similarities between this guy’s attitude and mine.

I see your website is really aimed at the hetero population.

[I denied that, then realized he’s probably right.]

So, you might like to add my story, such as it is. I’ve been gay since as early as I could remember.

I have a vague memory of fooling around with a friend when we were about eight years old. I don’t recall why, but we were naked on his bed, kind of wrestling. At one point my face was close to his ass. I got a good view, and a smell of his anus, and found it delightful. I remember being surprised that it smelled sweet, not shitty. Nothing more came of it. In fact, nothing much else happened for years.

When I was thirteen, just before I started getting hair ‘down there,’ I remember being naked in my bedroom. I passed by the window, and happened to notice my neighbor looking across at me from his bedroom window. He was sixteen, and a bully. Oh, he never hurt me badly, but I was afraid of him. On this occasion, he seemed very interested in seeing me, so I put on a little show for him. I started jumping up and down, so he’d get little glimpses of my little wiener above the window sill. That’s all. After a minute, I quit, and he went away.

Interestingly, after that, he didn’t pick on me any more. I wouldn’t say he became a friend, but at least he wasn’t an enemy.

In my late teens, I just wasn’t interested in girls, and I knew something was ‘wrong.’ When hanging around with my friends, they’d make sexual comments about every woman who walked by, and I’d join in, but didn’t feel any excitement like they seemed to. What did get me excited was driving by the outdoor swimming pool of the middle school, and seeing the boys in nothing but their little swim trunks.

But it wasn’t really boys either. I’d sometimes see a thin, athletic, gray-haired man, and I’d have to go home and jerk off right away.

In terms of sex, I was a late bloomer. First, I tried to like the girls. Around eighteen, there was this Japanese-American chick I kind of fancied. I think I may have liked her not only for her personality, but because she had small tits. When the time came, we tried fucking, but I couldn’t get hard. I found her hairy pussy sort of gross. She wanted me to lick it, and I knew that’s what guys did, so I licked her cunt, but it didn’t do anything for me. In fact, it grossed me out.

Visiting in San Diego, I heard about a gay bath house. Just the idea that something like that could exist totally excited me. I simply said I was 21 at the front desk, expecting to be turned down as soon as I had to show ID. But the man didn’t ask, and I was in!

It was one of those places with a hot tub, sauna, and lots of little dimly-lit rooms. It didn’t take long for a guy to hit on me. We went into his little room, and he sucked my dick. I came right away. Then he wanted me to suck his. I had no experience, of course. His dick seemed huge to me. I tried sucking and he had to tell me to keep my teeth away a couple of times.

Then, he started insistently pressing deep into my mouth. I almost gagged as his cum filled my throat. Basically, I didn’t enjoy that.

Then I met a plumber on a job site. He was a cool guy. Thin, tall, with wavy blond hair. We shared a beer one evening, during which he just came out and told me he was gay. Plain and simple. I was surprised and impressed. I let him know I was not only OK with that, but kind of figured I was too. He asked whether I’d like to play. He said he’d be slow and gentle.

We went to his house, and basically gave each other handjobs. Nothing more. It was fucking great! This was the kind of sex I wanted, and the guy was totally friendly and good looking.

We got together again. He wanted to be buttfucked. I wanted to do it. A match made in heaven. I had no problem staying erect at all with him.

We got together several more times. He never wanted to buttfuck me, and I was mildly disappointed. He then introduced me to another construction worker. This guy was slightly heavyset, bearded, and tall. A real bear. He wanted to buttfuck me. I was all for it. It didn’ really hurt like I had thought it would. In fact, about half-way through, I wished his thing was longer and bigger around.

That was the start of my long life as a gay guy. I don’t really advertise it. I know that being gay in our society can be problematic. Perhaps I’m not as brave as I’d like to think, because if I was, I’d tell everyone. Even my parents, after all these years, don’t know. They keep asking when I’m going to get married.

It will never happen. Not even with a guy. I’m not interested in sharing my life. I love being by myself. Frankly, masturbation is just about as good as fucking. Hell, maybe it’s better, really. I don’t have to drive anywhere, adjust my schedule, listen to anyone’s crap, and so on. Every few months, an interesting guy will cross my path. Maybe he’ll blow me, or I’ll blow him. Maybe we’ll buttfuck. Maybe we’ll just share handjobs. Then we go our separate ways. Sometimes, I’ll meet up with the same guy six or eight times, but then I lose interest.

I realize I’m not a typical gay man. I’m not typical at all. But I’m happy, so I’ll accept things just the way they are, thank you very much!

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  1. I answered an ad to meet up with an older gay male when I was 24. He was in his 60’s. I had done things with my friends growing up like circle jerks and giving blowjobs to eachother but never did anything like that until that day. I was into woman and had many sexual encounters prior. But I was curious about doing this for some time. I went to his apartment and talked for a bit. He asked if I wanted to suck his cock and I said yes. He undressed and his cock came into view. It was huge. I undressed and started sucking his beautiful cock. He then sucked my cock, started to lick my anus and asked me if I had ever done anal. I hadn’t yet but agreed and had a good time. He was gentle with me and taught me how pleasurable it can be. I went there for a couple of months, getting and giving head, and him fucking me in the ass. I never asked to try anal on him as I was happy with the oral. I started dating a hot girl who did everything anything I asked and stopped going over to his place. It was fun and enjoyed it.

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