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Naked Dorm Living

by Jeremy J. Watson

In high school, I learned some programming and had fun writing simple computer games. So I thought studying software design in college would be a good idea. I was accepted to a small university in Southern Oregon, 200 miles from home.

Money was going to be tight, but I had a tiny scholarship, a few thousand dollars from my parents, and a student loan. I’d be alright.

I was a bit concerned about living away from home, but that was trumped by excitement. I had no idea what it would be like, other than that I wouldn’t have parents telling me to go to bed at 10pm, or that I should eat more vegetables.

I didn’t have any experience with sex yet, so I was very much looking forward to that, also. I mean, it’s in college where guys and girls typically ‘do it’ for the first time, right?

On the other hand, I had a lot of experience with masturbating. I can say that, can’t I? Probably my biggest concern about going away to college was actually about jerking off. At home, I could do it in my room with the door locked, and had as much time as I needed. My parents probably thought I was studying all the time. I certainly hope that’s what they thought.

My concern is that with a college roommate, I wouldn’t have the privacy I’d need. Because a guy’s got to do what a guy’s got to do.

The day arrived. I said goodbye to my parents and my sister, and got on the train. In the late afternoon, I arrived at the Amtrak station, and figured out how to take a bus from the center of town to the campus. I got in line to get my room assignment and key. The line was long and a bit frustrating, but I was excited to see my dorm room.

It took forever to find the right building, then the right hallway, but finally, around 6pm, I slipped the card through the slot, and the door opened.

It was a room alright, but I barely noticed. Because, standing at a piano keyboard against the far wall, wearing headphones, was my new roommate. The thing was, other than the headphones, he was wearing absolutely nothing.

It took him a moment to notice I had entered. You’d think he would have jumped, or made a move to cover up, but no, he just slowly turned around, took off the headphones and broke out with a great big smile. Then, stepping toward me with his hand outstretched, he said “I’m Jake Landis.”

Shocked, and not knowing any other way to react, I shook his hand and introduced myself. “Jeremy J. Watson. People call me ‘JJ.’ Pleased to meet you.” My voice trailed off in uncertainly on that last bit.

Trying not to sound too disappointed or weirded out, I asked, “So, you’re my roommate?” Meanwhile, I was thinking there must be an explanation.

“Absolutely,dude, as long as you belong in room 433.”

I had to know, so I just came out and asked. “Why are you naked, Jake?”

“Why not, JJ?”

“Well, because…” I couldn’t actually come up with a good reason. I was still trying to understand the situation. After gym class, I’d see guys naked in the showers. But, I had never seen my mom, dad or sister naked. Nor anyone else.

And here was this guy, acting like it was perfectly normal. I found myself staring, and quickly looked away. But not before noticing that he was pretty good-looking. He was tall, light-skinned, had what you might call dirty-blond, fairly-long hair, a neatly trimmed beard, sparkly blue eyes, a fetching smile, and a remarkably square jaw. He was standing tall, and looked quite confidant. I wished I looked like that, and felt like that.

I also noticed his private area. He had removed all the hair. I had always been self-conscious about that. I shave my balls a bit, keeping the rest of the hair in that region short. I do it because it makes me feel cleaner, but somehow wouldn’t want to reveal that I shave there to anyone.

Ignoring the direction of the conversation, Jake asked, “What are you in for?”


“What are you going to study?”

“Oh,” I answered. “Computer programming.”

“I’m in the music program. I’m a floutist.” Seeing my quizzical look, he added, “I play the flute.”

“Sounds like a tough way to make a living,” I said, without thinking. My mind was still on ‘Why is this guy nude?’

“I’ve got some good ideas. Not quite like Jethro Tull or Tim Weisberg, but I have a feeling I’ll make a name for the flute. It’s not your typical rock ‘n’ roll instrument, and that’s one reason I like it. I guess I’m a bit of a rebel.”

I didn’t know who those people he mentioned were, but I could certainly tell he was a rebel.

He went on. “I have a backup plan, too. I also play piano, and would be just about as happy teaching an instrument, as playing. Music teachers can make a lot of money.”

“Cool.” I couldn’t think of what else to say.

“Hey, feel free to join me.”

I didn’t understand and it must have shown on my face.

“Dude, you don’t need to wear clothes in here if you don’t want to.”

“Um, that’s OK.”

“Suit yourself,” Jake replied.

I was sufficiently weirded out by this guy that I thought of going back to the registration office and asking for another room.

The problem was I was hungry. I was on the meal plan, and wanted to find the cafeteria. That trumped going to the registration office. Besides, it would be a big line down there. I could always get a different room tomorrow.

“Well, good to meet you Jake. I’m headed to the cafeteria.”

“JJ, hang on, I’ll join you.”

That concerned me greatly. First of all, was he planning to go there naked? If so, I didn’t want to know this guy. I wasn’t sure I wanted to know him anyway. Just as I was thinking up a way to politely decline, he grabbed some shorts and a T-shirt off his bed and started putting them on. What could I say?

“Sure, let’s go.”

On the short walk, I thought he was going to carry on about music, but he did something I didn’t expect. He started asking me questions about my computer interest. He wanted to know about the games I created. I had to admit they were nothing much, but felt surprisingly honored that he wanted to know.

Along the way, he said “Hi” to everyone we passed, and smiling at them. He seemed to draw them out of their shells, as they said “Hi” back and smiled in return. The women, in particular, had big smiles for him. By extension, just by walking next to Jake, they seemed to smile at me as well in a way that made me feel bigger than I am.

As it turns out, I’m not that big. It’s due to my Thai background. When I was in my adolescence and started to grow I was very happy, but when I topped out around sixteen at 5’4″, I kept hoping for more, and never got it.

We arrived at the cafeteria in the nick of time. It was closing so there wasn’t much food left. But Jake and I weren’t picky. We were just hungry. We talked as we ate, and the funny thing was that now he had clothes on, he normalized in my mind. I actually found him likable.

Once we returned to our room, he took off his sandals, T-shirt and shorts again. I almost forgot that he might do that, and I went from liking him, to not so sure. This naked business was just too weird.

At the same time, I kind of liked what I saw. I always thought I was one hundred percent into girls, but Jake was rather decent looking. I felt a kind of tightening in my balls. Pretty soon, as Jake and I were idly chatting about school, trying to guess what it would be like, I was starting to think I’d like to go jerk off somewhere. I excused myself and went down the hall to the bathroom. Unfortunately, there were several guys in there, and so wanking was out of the question. This would be the first time in a long while that I’d have to go to sleep without jerking off. Oh, I had done it when I wasn’t horny, but damn it! I was horny. I don’t know if it was seeing Jake that did that to me, or just the concept of nakedness.

Returning to the room, I found Jake playing his electric piano. It was set up against the back wall, so all I saw was his back and his butt. Probably because I was already horny, I found myself appreciating what I saw. I couldn’t quite hear what he was playing. I heard the keys ticking very slightly as he pressed them, and felt the vibration from one of his feet tapping the floor while the other was pressing a pedal off and on. I also heard just the slightest squeaking coming from his headphones. It seemed like some sort of bluegrass.

I don’t think he heard me come in, because after a minute, he quit playing music, and instead started playing with his penis. Or, at least that’s what it looked like, since he was facing away from me.

Suddenly, he noticed I was standing there. He turned around with a smile and said “Hi.” The thing was, his penis was erect!

I was wondering whether I should leave the room, or say “Excuse me,” or maybe be mad at him, or something. I really didn’t know how to react. It was his smile that disarmed me. Trying to sound cool, I simply said, “Having a little wank?”

He said, “Yup.” He could have said anything else and I would have been less surprised.

At that point, he took off his headphones, hit the power button on the piano, then sat down sideways on his bed, with one hand holding his rather large penis. Then, he started fondling his balls with his other hand. In a moment, he was stroking his penis up and down.

Meanwhile, I was just standing next to the door, dumbfounded. He broke me out of my hypnosis by saying, “Join me?”

Wow, how does a guy respond to that? I know now, what I should have done, but what I did at the time was just plain stupid.

“Oh, you go ahead. I’m going to go on a walk.”

“Suit yourself,” he answered, and went right on stroking.

I didn’t really want to leave. I wanted to stay and watch. And, truth be told, I wanted to wank right along with him. But I was to, well, shy, I guess, so having left myself no option, I went back out of the room, and walked aimlessly around the campus for fifteen minutes. Several other students said “Hi” to me on my walk, but my head was so full of this Jake situation, I barely nodded to them.

When I returned to the room, Jake wasn’t there. He arrived about two minutes later, without a stitch of clothing. I realized, he had been walking in the hall that way! I guess he figured it’s OK to go to the bathroom totally naked. Maybe it was. This was a male dorm, after all. But there’s no way in hell I would, or could, do that. Actually, there’s a part of me that would like to have been so bold. Especially at this moment. I hadn’t jerked off yet, and was both horny and annoyed.

It was getting late, so I climbed into my bed, said “G’nite” to Jake, and turned out my little reading light. Jake got into his bed, still naked, and turned out his light.

It took me approximately forever to get to sleep that night. I thought about wanking under the covers, but Jake would probably know what I was doing. In the morning, I woke up frustrated and sleepy.

I was hoping to wank in the bathroom, but again, there were guys coming and going. That was out of the question. Maybe I could have shut myself in a stall, but I think they’d know what I was doing.

Jake was still asleep when I returned from peeing, brushing my teeth and all that, so I went to breakfast hoping that the coffee was good and strong. This was one of those cafeterias that are focusing on good food, so I was happy to find bananas, whole grain pancakes, berries, and of course fairly good coffee.

My first ever class was scheduled for 9am, more than an hour away, and Jake had already left, so back in the room, I pulled off my shorts and gave myself a good rubbing resulting in a nice orgasm. Oddly, it wasn’t thoughts of girls that came to my mind, but goofy naked Jake. That kind of worried me.

Literally, less than a minute after I had finished, threw away the Kleenex, and pulled my shorts back on, Jake came banging through the door. Close call! I made a note that he will just come in, not knock first.

“Have a good wank?” he asked.

I’m sure my cheeks turned red. “What makes you think that?”

“I can smell it, you know, the chlorine-like smell.”

“Well, um…”

“Dude, I’m your roommate. We’re going to be together for two years or more. OK, look, everyone masturbates. Please don’t let me stop you, just like you didn’t stop me yesterday.”

“Hey Jake, if I can ask, what’s with you? You seem hell-bent on nakedness and, well, everything.”

“Maybe not everything,” he laughed. “I’ve never thought it out fully. I’m kind of a rebel, so I’m naturally attracted to anything that’s different. But more than that, I feel that our society needs some shaking up. One of the biggest concerns is the sexual attitudes, especially in this country.

“Us Americans are so up-tight. So conservative about sexual matters, and it has a detrimental effect. How many guys, and girls too, for that matter, make off-color jokes at the wrong times, try to get with people who aren’t good company just for the sex, and generally make fools out of themselves because they’re horny and don’t have proper outlets? How many people engage in risky sex just to get satisfaction?

“Now, imagine a world, in which everyone is allowed to be sexually satisfied. Imagine being able to jerk off at a bus stop, if you wanted, and everyone would be OK with it. What might happen? You’d be sexually satisfied, right? And so would everyone else in such a society.

“On the same token, take nudity. You’re a guy, so you know: You see a pretty girl in a bikini, or naked, and you go nuts. It shouldn’t be like that. You should be able to see a naked girl, or guy, and it should just be normal. Just like it is normal to see people’s faces. Once everyone is normalized in those ways, there’d be no more rape, no more bad marriages, and a lot more love in the world.

“I have a theory that even international warfare would end, although I haven’t quite made the mental leap as to exactly why that would happen. But I’ll bet it would.

“There, lecture over. But you asked!” He flashed a big smile at the end.

It took me a while to absorb even the beginning thoughts that provoked, so after several seconds, I simply said, “Wow, Jake, you gave me a lot to think about! I’m starting to appreciate you more.”

I hope he took that last bit as a compliment, and judging by his smile, he did.

“Thank you, JJ. We’re going to be great roomies.”

During the first few days of school, I was feeling great about almost everything. The classes were not only going to be interesting, but the professors seemed like they’d be fun. I met a small girl named Junie in the cafeteria. She looked like she might possibly be Thai. She turned out to be Filipino, which is fine with me. We talked a bit, and exchanged phone numbers. We’ve texted back and forth a few times about just random things. She was in her second year of studying nursing.

I really thought about what Jake had said, and even talked with him more about his whole concept. I feel I am in full agreement, if only theoretically. I’m not quite ready to take my clothes off and wank in front of the whole world. And, to be fair, Jake doesn’t do that. He’s just more of a nudist than I am.

I had been fully intending to pull off my pants and jerk off in the room while he was in there, if for no other reason, than to offer him some solidarity. But every time an opportunity came along, I chickened out. I mean, it just seemed too weird. On the other hand, I wished I was bold enough. The concept is really cool. To be free enough to jerk off in front of another guy. But I wasn’t able to actually do it.

It was like that when my dad was teaching me to drive. For a month, he kept telling me to get on the freeway. I wanted to, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

I wanted to invite Junie to my room but because of the Jake thing, I felt I probably shouldn’t. I had been to her room and met her roommate, Chirelle, who seemed like a nice girl. Junie met at the pizza place a couple of times.

About two weeks in, I got a text from Junie, “Why don’t you invite me over?”


“Why not?”

“My roommie.”

“What’s wrong with your roomie, a religion freak or something?”

“No, a nudist.”

I hadn’t ment to say that. I just texted it without thinking about the consequences.


“Are you a nudist, too?”

The trouble with text is you can’t figure out what’s underneath. I mean, was she shocked? Intrigued? Was she a nudist? Did she hope I was, or wasn’t?

“No, not yet, anyway.”

“Well, if I came over, would he keep his clothes on?”


“And if he didn’t, would that be so bad?”

“I suppose if you could handle it,” I texted back, getting in the swing of the conversation.

“I wanna meet him.”

“OK, I’ll ask him.”

About an hour later, Jake came home, throwing all his clothes on the bed as usual, then tromping down the hall to the bathroom. I noticed that none of the guys on the floor had said anything about that. If they were shocked, they kept it to themselves. I didn’t see anyone else walking nude in the hallway. It occurred to me that during daylight hours, there were also occasional women in the dorm on our floor. Oh, well, that was Jake’s business.

When he returned, I asked, “Hey Jake, this girl I met wants to hang out here sometimes. Are you cool with that?”

“Sure,” he said, and then kiddingly, “I’d like to see what kind of girl would put up with you.”

“Thanks, Buddy,” I said sarcastically.

I knew he was going to be home at 3pm, the next afternoon, and both Junie and I were free at that time, so I texted her the room number, and said come on over. I was really curious to see what would happen. I imagined all sorts of scenarios, most quite wicked, like him being naked, she deciding to get naked also, and the three of us having some sort of orgy. Or, on the opposite extreme, he would get naked, she’d freak out, and run out of the room.

I found myself actually quite nervous at 3pm. I had brought a bottle of sparkling apple juice and there glasses. Jake was already there, naked.

‘Oh boy!’ I thought, ‘let the games begin.’

A moment later, there was a knock at the door. As I stood to open it, Jake grabbed his shorts and T-shirt and in two or three seconds, he was dressed.

Junie came in, and I introduced them. I didn’t have to, they knew each other. After a few minutes of excited conversation, I found out that they had crossed paths on the campus a few times, and had spoken only enough to know each others names. In my mind, I had somehow jumped to the conclusion that they knew each other very well, if you know what I mean.

I poured the juice, and we toasted, and drank. We talked about school, what we’re each studying and so on. Jake was curious about nursing, and Junie was happy to tell what nursing school is like. No, they hadn’t worked with real humans yet, but it was starting this very semester.

“So, JJ tells me you’re a nudist.”

I almost gagged on my cider.

“Yes, I like being clothes-free, and have a lot to say about that, for those who find it interesting.”

“Really?” She inquired. “Yes, do tell.”

He rolled out the whole theory about how people should become normalized about nudity, masturbation and sex, and how we’d all have a better society from it. He added more details than I had heard before, and I found the whole thing interesting, finding myself agreeing with it, even if I hadn’t actually done any of it. Well, I masturbated, but certainly not in front of anyone.

In fact, the whole time in school so far, I had been wanting to jerk off openly in front of Jake every single evening. And yet, the harder I tried to make it happen, the more I slipped away. It was getting to the point of ridiculous. I really wanted to do it, and yet I wouldn’t do it.

“Gosh Jake, I like your whole… well, the whole idea sounds pretty good,” Junie responded.

Jake left for a four o’clock rehearsal. Junie and I hung out a while talking about Jake and his philosophy.

“You know, I think he’s on to something,” she said.

I agreed.

She had a 5pm study group. On her way out, she gave me a little peck on the cheek. I was stunned and delighted.

With the room empty, I wanked again. That had been my habit. On the rare occasions when I could have some privacy, I tried to make up for the times when I didn’t.

A couple of days later, Jake asked me whether he could have someone over. I didn’t think anything about it, and said “Sure.”

The next day, I had forgotten about it, and came barging in after an early afternoon class. Hearing music should have been a clue, but I thought Jake was just playing his iPhone tunes through his Bluetooth speaker.

I was stunned to see Jake sitting on his bed playing his flute, and a girl sitting on my bed playing guitar. As usual, he was naked. But, so was she! She was a gorgeous, rounded, freckled red-head. Seeing her like that, even though the guitar covered her vagina, sent immediate shivers of sexuality through my body.

They hung out for another fifteen minutes or so. Their music was really nice. Kind of a lively, lilting hillbilly thing. They told me they were “Irish pub songs.” I tried to focus on my studies at my desk, with my back mostly turned to the two of them. I was trying to make excuses to turn around from time to time, because I just wanted to breath in the sight of her. After a few minutes, I figured it was just fine to turn around, and appreciate their music. It seemed that they were perfectly fine with them being naked, and me being clothed. They were happy to have me as an audience.

He kissed her passionately when she put on her clothes and left.

“That’s Patty,” is all he said.

Junie came over again, I thought Jake was going to be out, but he was there, fully clothed for a change, when she came over. I was happy to have both of them for company. That is, until Jake pulled something that immediately scared the bejeepers out of me.

He suggested we play strip poker. I figured Junie would politely decline, as I had intended to do, but to my surprise, she said, “Cool!”

What the fuck was I supposed to do? Now, I couldn’t very well decline. Yet, I was so completely out of my comfort zone. I hadn’t even been naked once in front of Jake. I changed under the covers or when he wasn’t around.

The funny thing is if he hadn’t been such a gonzo nudist, I probably would have been fine changing in front of him. It’s just that the more time that passed, the worse I became. I was starting to realize I was a genuine, stupid, stuck-in-the-mud prude.

OK, so maybe it was time to get naked in front of Jake. But in front of Junie, too? She and I were still way too distant. All we did was a bit of hugging, and only while standing, at that.

But what could I say? How could I decline, and not come off as an out-of-touch idiot? I really didn’t want to seem that way in front of Junie.

I realized that she was becoming really important to me, but our relationship was still fragile. If I acted like a fool, like a weakling prude, or whatever, she’d probably find someone more to her liking. I had been trying to be more gregarious around her, because Junie was really quite out-going.

It turned out that I didn’t really get a chance to answer. While I was still trying to think of what to say, they both just assumed I’d be on board with it.

He rummaged around in his desk and found a deck of cards.

The two of them started assessing clothing. It seems because I was wearing a T-shirt, shorts with a belt, and shoes and socks, I had three too many items. They told me to loose the shoes and the belt. Then we were even. So far, I handled that without freaking out.

They decided strip poker would be too slow. Instead, we were just going to draw cards and whoever got the lowest card each time, would have to take something off.

I was the first to lose something. Feeling just a bit shaky, I took off a sock.

Junie was next, losing a sandal.

She lost again, and removed her other sandal.

Jake lost one sandal.

I lost my other sock. So now, I was barefoot. No big deal. Still, I felt strangely weak.

Junie lost the next round. Getting up from my office chair, she took off her T-shirt and sat back down. She hadn’t been wearing a bra.

Boy, did I like what I saw! Oh, I’d seen naked women on the Internet, but never really paid much attention. I masturbated to them a few times, but here was a real, live, beautiful girl in my presence and I was looking at her boobs! And it was not just any girl, it was Junie. And she was beautiful. Her breasts weren’t particularly large. They didn’t hang down like some of the pictures I had seen. They were just light brown half-domes on her chest topped by pointy dark brown nipples. I had an instinctual desire to touch them, but of course I didn’t.

I can’t imagine what she was thinking at that point, but she was acting as if it was business as usual. Just hanging out with some friends.

The next loser was me. I took off my shirt, feeling a bit self-conscious. That’s pretty goofy when you think about it. Here was this beautiful topless girl five feet away from me, and I was worried about her seeing me without a shirt. Come to think of it, Jake was seeing me without a shirt as well.

Junie was having a positive effect on me, despite my nervousness. I could feel my penis growing in my pants. In shock, I realized that when we were all naked, I’d have an erection if I wasn’t careful. I started willing very hard for it to go down.

We played the next hand, and I was the loser again. I was horrified. They’d probably see at least the outline of my penis through my briefs. But what could I do? Remembering a Robert Frost quote, “The only way out is through,” I stood up to take off my shorts. My knees were surprisingly weak. I was actually shaking a bit. This was not good.

I was in a trap, so I did what I had to do, I pulled off my shorts. Looking down at myself, I could see that the outline of my penis was indeed visible, and it was pretty obviously hard, laying in there at a 45 degree angle.

I was glad no one said anything. I probably would have become permanently insane if either of them had pointed to my underwear and said, “JJ has a boner,” or anything of that sort.

Jake lost the next hand, and pulled off his T-shirt.

To my absolute horror, I lost the next round. My face turned all red, and I couldn’t trust my voice. My knees were literally shaking. I was hoping that Junie and Jake didn’t notice that.

I wanted to hesitate. I wanted to run out of the room. I wanted to tell them they were both stupid, or worse. Of course I couldn’t do any of that. “The only way out is through.” So, I did what I had to do. I pulled off my underwear, carefully lifting it over my fully hard penis.

One of the most embarrassing parts was how I had been shaving my balls. I didn’t want them to think I was some sort of weirdo.

I don’t know what I was expecting, but Junie was the first to comment. “Beautiful!” is what she said.

Right afterward, Jake said, “Dude, you’re a good-looking guy. I like that woodie of yours.”

I sat back down on my bed, quietly saying, “Thank you,” because I had no clue as to how to act in that moment. Fortunately, the two of them went on as if we did this sort of thing every day.

Jake lost the next hand, and just pulled off his shorts and underwear together. He, too, was hard.

I started to feel better, less freaked out, now that he was naked too. It helped considerably that I wasn’t the only guy with an erection.

Junie could have played another hand, but instead, she just took off her shorts in a single swoop. She didn’t have any underwear. She had no hair on her crotch. She was absolutely beautiful. I don’t know what I was expecting, but as she was standing there, her vagina was really just a one or two-inch slot between her legs. One might think that wouldn’t be much to look at, but I was hypnotized.

I think girls are used to modeling clothes. They naturally like to turn around, and that’s what she did for us. As she turned, I noticed her naked ass for the first time, and was instantly transported. I just loved that light brown, smooth, small butt of hers. I wanted to come right over and hug her, but I was too shy.

I was wondering what was going to happen next. Would we just hang out naked and talk? Maybe Jake would play us some music? Maybe we were done, would put on our clothes, and Junie would head back to her dorm.

Jake had the answer. I glanced at him sitting on his bed and saw that he was masturbating. Oh my god! As if the day wasn’t weird enough already!

I watched Junie stare at him for a moment, and then she had a sort of deer-in-the-headlights look. She held that for just a moment, and then I think she got it. She understood his whole message.

She started by licking her fingertips, and then she appeared to gently squeeze her nipples between the thumb and first finger of each hand. She leaned back in the chair and quietly said, “Hmmm!”

Jake continued to stroke himself, but lazily, as he watched Junie, with an occasional glance to me.

I just sat there, with my erection sticking straight up, unattended.

After a moment, Junie stood up, walked over to me, then sat down on the bed next to me. I could feel the heat of her body, and I could feel the sexual charge in mine. She turned her head toward me and kissed me right on the mouth. We kept kissing as I tentatively put my arms around her and drew her closer. The way I held her was a bit awkward, but I think neither of us cared. It certainly felt wonderful holding a real, live, naked, beautiful human being in my arms like that.

We continued our kissing, as it turned into French kissing. I felt her tongue gently pry against my lips. I naturally let her in, and soon we were fully kissing.

I couldn’t resist any longer, and figuring it would be alright under the circumstances, I placed my right hand tentatively and lightly on her left boob. I squeezed ever so gently. I had no idea it would feel so beautiful. Soft and firm at the same time.

I hoped she didn’t notice how much I was shaking.

She responded with a very appreciative “Hmmm.”

I felt something warm on my penis. She had wrapped her hand around it. It was more than just warm. It was the most amazing feeling in the world. Suddenly, I felt that feeling you get when you’re going to ejaculate. It came on fast. So fast that I couldn’t even say anything, and bang, I was ejaculating in her hand!

Jake stood up, came over to both of us, kind of stooped down, and put his arms around both of us, who were still locked in our own embrace. “Wonderful!” is all he said.

After a long, three-way embrace, Jake said that it was getting late, but there was one thing that still needed to be done.

I had no idea what he could be talking about.

“Junie hasn’t had an orgasm.”

“Oh, that’s OK, she said.”

“Here,” he said, and with that, he gently separated us, and indicated that Junie should fully recline on my bed with a light push against her upper chest.

Positioning himself over her so that his head was near her vagina, he pursed his lips and gently blew on her. She looked ecstatic. He then started licking her vagina.

I was having an unexpected emotion. I was jealous. Shouldn’t I be the one doing that to her? It only lasted a moment, because I should have know the kind of guy Jake is. He backed away, and gave me a little ‘take over’ motion with his hand.

Awkwardly, I took his place and did my best to lick Junie’s most amazing pussy. It took me a while to work out the details, but got to where my tongue was partly lapping into her slit.

At one point, she whispered, “A little higher JJ.”

I found what I believed was her clit, and focused my licking on that. She started shaking sort of like I was, and started moaning louder and louder. I was becoming worried that the neighbors would hear us and come crashing through the door to find out what was wrong. She started arching her back, and practically yelled, “Don’t stop! Don’t stop!”

I felt her tense all up, and realized she was having an orgasm. I kept licking, and she seemed to have another, smaller orgasm. This was so exciting that my penis started hardening up again, something it never does until at least an hour after I’ve ejaculated.

I continued licking Junie, until she gently pushed my head away. Then, letting instinct take over, she and I cuddled on my bed.

Looking over at Jake, I saw that he was sitting on the edge of his bed, wanking big-time, with his penis as large as I had ever seen it, and a moment later, he was ejaculating strongly.

A half-hour later, after some very pleasant small talk, Junie went home, and Jake left for a concert. I jerked off in privacy, trying to savor every detail in my mind of our afternoon, and having my second orgasm within an hour.

Late that night, I woke when Jake came in and settled in his bed.

He asked, “How are you doing?”

“I’m in heaven!”

“Good.” and with that he went to sleep.

As I’m sure you guessed, over the next few days, Junie and I became much closer. We discussed it, and decided to be officially “boyfriend and girlfriend.”

We had the opportunity to get more sexual, but we decided that both of us being virgins, maybe we should wait a little while. Besides, we had this new masturbating thing, and that could maintain our interest for a very long time all by itself. We were thinking that if we jumped right in and had intercourse, it might kind of weaken our excitement about everything else.

Back at my place, we even discussed it with Jake, and he applauded the decision. It fit right in with his whole theory.

We also played again. Dispensing with the cards, all three of us got naked right away, and we gave each other hand jobs. Because there were two boys and a girl, we decided to be bold, with another part of Jake’s theory falling into place. We decided it would be OK, if while Junie watched, I would give Jake a handjob. Once again, I got all weird, but decided to go through with it.

All at the same time, I was freaked out about touching him, and totally wanted to touch him.

None too artistically, I knelt by the rolling chair he was sitting in, and started stroking his penis.

It was the first time I had ever touched a penis other than my own, and I found it intriguing. It was harder than I remembered mine being, and the skin was looser. Both of us are uncircumcised, but his skin was tighter. Mine easly slides over the tip of my penis and all the way back. His was a bit stiff going over the last bit, and kind of popped back over the tip when I let it go. I found that fascinating. His penis is also a bit longer as well as fatter than mine. I liked that. He said he prefers a smaller penis, and then went on to call mine, “delightful.”

He told me I was doing it well. He’s like that, always complimenting people. In time, he shot his sperm over my hand and his stomach while Junie watched with big eyes.

It was her turn, and Jake said with a twinkle in his eye, that he was going to show me an advanced technique.

He had Junie lay down on the bed, and then hold her legs up, over her head, so her pussy and asshole were totally exposed. She was not only alright with that, she seemed to be enjoying the attention from two guys tremendously.

With his first two fingers, he spread her outer labia, revealing the inner labia inside. Holding her vagina open, he instructed me to grab those inner labia, one in each hand, and pull.

It was difficult getting a grip because she was wet and slippery. I was so intrigued that I started erecting again. She seemed to really like it when I pulled fairly hard, so I pulled harder. You’d think it might hurt, but no, she was loving it.

Then he had me let go, and acting like some sort of coach, he then told me to rub my fingertip very gently over her clit, which was now partially exposed through her inner labia.

She was saying things like, “That’s amazing JJ,” and “Yum, that’s great!”

Now he wanted me to place a finger inside her vagina. When I started to do that, he had me turn myself around on the bed, so it was easy for my hand to face upward, and press my finger inside her and forward. He taught me how to rub her G-spot.

I continued to do that for a while, and he then rubbed his first finger around in the juice that was forming around her vagina, coating it liberally, and then pressed it against her puckered anus. Pretty soon, he was inside hor a good inch, just past his first knuckle.

Noticing her anus, I was expecting it to smell foul. It was quite the opposite. I later learned that the glands in that area secrete something that smells sweet and attractive. I was loving that smell, and seeing her little asshole as well. A guy doesn’t get to see something like that very often. In fact, I had never seen anyone’s asshole in person. Bang! I ejaculated without even touching myself.

I know I made a bit of a mess on the sheets, but I just kept right on going, and soon, she was having a crashing orgasm.

Over the next months, the three of us played in various configurations. Usually it was all three of us, and we did everything imaginable. Sometimes it was just Jake and I. Sometimes we’d jerk each other off, but most of the time, it was him jerking on his bed while I wanked on mine. I had fairly quickly overcome my phobia of jerking off in front of him, of course. The most frequent combination of all was Junie and I.

Jake could have invited Junie to do things with him behind my back. Being the gentleman he is, Jake never invited. I doubt whether she would have accepted.

Junie and I had meant to keep our virginity for a while so there’d be another great frontier to cross when we were ready. It didn’t quite work out as we expected.

One day we had been hugging and kissing in my bed, prior to a good mutual masturbation session. My penis was trapped between our bodies. She reached down and started rubbing it a bit. I shifted slightly, perhaps consciously, maybe unconsciously so the tip was quite near her vagina. She took it a step further, and pressed the tip to her vagina.

At that point, we kind of froze. We both knew that what we were doing was quite on the edge. We both wanted it so badly.

I said, “Are you ready?”

She said, “Oh, so ready!”

I broke our embrace just long enough to reach under my bed and find the condom I had stored there just for this occasion. After tearing open the package like an expert, I had quite a bit of difficulty actually putting it on my penis. Then I figured out that I had it backward. Once I turned it over , it was a simple matter to unroll it.

We resumed our embrace, I scooted down in such a way that she could hold my penis at her opening, and together we maneuvered it in. I took my time, because I had heard that it can hurt virgins.

Pretty soon, I was all the way in, and it hadn’t hurt her a bit.

Unfortunately, I came way too soon, so she didn’t cum that time, but she enjoyed it very much anyway. A few minutes later I licked her to a very good orgasm, and then another and yet another.

Months passed. We continued to work on our technique. My premature ejaculation problem settled down and we managed to have simultaneous orgasms several times.

While all this was happening Jake was hanging out more and more often with Patty, the red-headed Irish guitarist. She was quite likable. On several occasions, the four of us could be found in our dorm room, all naked, joking around and having a good time. Sometimes, but not always, we’d all play together. When there were three or more of us, Jake wanted to keep it masturbatory. That was important to him, to fit into his whole sexual theory paradigm. We were perfectly good with that, because it was so much fun. Oddly, we sometimes had more fun doing non-fuckory things than out and out intercourse.

One day when all four of us were playing, I got talked into giving Jake a prostate massage. Maybe ‘talked into’ isn’t quite the way to put it, because I was all for it.

While he was on the bed on all fours with his ass open and up in the air, I lubed up my finger, and his asshole, and slowly pushed in. Once my finger was all the way in, I pressed forward, and with his direction found his prostate and pushed and pressed it various ways, while he was “Ohhing and Ahhing” in absolute delight.

Patty reached under Jake, and gave him a nice hand job, resulting in him having a spectacular orgasm.

I wanted to experience that, and so Junie stuck her finger in my butt. It was the most amazing feeling! I had no idea! Jake reached under me, and pulled on my dick a few times while Junie was massaging my prostate, and I, too, had a spectacular orgasm.

When she pulled her finger out, she did it very slowly, and I could have sworn that finger of hers was a foot long.

Of course Junie and Patty wanted it too, and so we did the same for them. Junie had already experienced it a little bit, but in this form, on her hands and knees, it was like something entirely new. While I fingered her butt, Patty stuck two fingers in Junie’s vagina and brought her to a quick and fantastic orgasm.

In nursing school Junie had started working on live patients. She had to practice some of her techniques, and occasionally I was her guinea pig. Sometimes even Patty and Jake volunteered to get stuck with saline injections, and have blood samples taken.

One day she came over all excited about something that happened in class. They had another ‘standardized patient.’ These are people who are paid to pretend they are real patients. The student nurses practice taking blood pressure, looking in throats, changing bandages, and so on.

On this particular occasion, they put a urinary catheter in the ‘patient.’ Six nurses, each did the guy in turn. They got the impression he was an experienced standardized patient, because he was quiet and calm when the teacher demonstrated the technique. As she was coating some sort of antiseptic on his genitals, he started to become erect. When she slid the catheter in, he was totally erect. The teacher casually told that class that about thirty percent of male patients become erect during anything from bed baths to scrotal ultrasounds, and that the nurses should just quietly accept the ‘condition’ and let the patients know is is perfectly OK.

By the time the sixth nurse slid a tube into the guy’s dick, he had lost his erection, and was saying it was stinging a bit. But being a trooper, he stayed calm and quiet until the last student was done, although, according to Junie, he was wincing a bit at the end.

The thing is, when she told us about this catheter business, we all became incredibly horny. We wanted to try it. We talked it over, and decided that if we didn’t have it done six times in a row, it might be fine to play with. Junie warned us that we had to be very sterile so as to avoid infections.

A few days later, she came over with a dozen catheters that she somehow managed to get from the nursing program. I was afraid to ask exactly how she got them.

Patty was the first to volunteer. Junie put on the antiseptic fluid, then held open Patty’s labia, and slowly introduced the tube. It was terribly exciting seeing it going into her peehole. We asked if it hurt, and she said it was a tiny sting only, and she was very much enjoying it. Once it was in a couple of inches, she started flinching a bit. Junie asked if it was hurting.

Patty said, “Not at all, It feels like I’m gonna pee.”

“Ah, it’s just now passing the first of your two urinary sphincters,” Junie explained, “That’s the way it’s supposed to feel. You won’t pee, it just feels that way.”

“It really feels quite nice.”

Once the tube was in, Junie explained how it could be hooked to a urine bag, and how there’s a balloon built into the end of the tube that can be filled with saline solution introduced with a syringe at the outside end of the catheter. That’s what keeps the catheter from slipping out. She then removed Patty’s catheter, at which point Jake rubbed Patty to a nice orgasm.

Meanwhile, Junie wanted to catheterize Jake. He was all for it. She put on the antiseptic, and started pushing the tube in. I couldn’t believe how far it had to go. She explained that there’s as much penis length buried inside a guy as what shows from the outside. Of course Jake was hard during the procedure, and enjoying it very much.

“Umm!’ he said as it slid through his sphincters. “That’s really something. It feels like you’re gonna pee, and it’s out of your control. Very nice!

After she got the tube all the way in him, Patty wondered what happens if a guy ejaculates with the tube inside. Junie said according to her understanding of male anatomy, it should work out just fine. Jake thought it was risky and was pretty sure he didn’t want to try it.

I volunteered, but first I catheterized Junie. With all the tubes she had been sticking into people, she, herself, hadn’t been catheterized yet, and I got the honors. I found it very exciting. My penis was waving around in front of everyone fully erect.

Now, it was my turn. Jake asked if he could ‘do’ me. That was fine with everyone including myself.

He put on gloves, then applied the antiseptic all over my crotch just like Junie had shown us. It was cold, but nice. Then he opened the lube applicator, a syringe without a needle, pushed the tip into my peehole, and squirted it in. That, in itself was unusual and delightful. I could feel my urethra bulge with the gel-like stuff going inside.

Next he took the catheter out of the pack, and pushed the tip into my penis. It went in about a half-inch easily, then stalled out. Junie explained that men have a slight constriction there. He gently pressed, and it popped on through. My, it felt good! I had the notion that I was being fucked. It was the first time the inside of my penis had ever been stimulated. It did sting just a little, but that didn’t particularly detract.

The tube went in, and in. Finally, it hit that first sphincter, and it really was a nifty feeling. The second sphincter, a half-inch later, felt just as good. Then the tube slid in a couple more inches easily.

I wanted to know about that retention business, so Junie grabbed a syringe, and squirted it into the far end of the catheter. I didn’t feel anything, but then she tugged slightly to make sure the balloon was going to keep the catheter from slipping out. That was such a fantastic gotta-pee feeling that I can’t even describe it. I asked her to tug several more times, just so I could feel it over and over again.

Jake had been chicken to try orgasming with the tube in, but I trusted that it would be OK. I asked Junie to jerk me off with the catheter in place. It only took her about ten strokes, until I ejaculated. On the first couple of pulses, nothing came out, I felt a sort of back pressure, like things were jammed up, and I got a little scared. But then it started oozing out around the tube. I could feel the inside of my penis contracting around the tube, and it was terribly exciting! The contractions lasted about twice as long as usual. All-in-all, it was one of the best orgasms of my life.

She deflated the balloon, and pulled the catheter out. That hurt, a rather strong stinging sensation.

That evening, and the next day, every time I peed, it really stung. I asked Jake if the same thing was happening to him, and he told me it stung, but only a little bit.

A couple of days later, I started feeling an itching sensation inside my dick. I had contracted an infection. Junie was quite worried, but it cleared up in about a week. It could have been much worse. Ever since, I’ve been afraid of urethral play.

So far as we could tell, no one in the college knew about what the four of us were doing. Oh, they had seen Jake stroll to the bathroom naked, and even saw me in the hallway naked a couple of times when I was feeling particularly bold. But I think they had no idea about what was happening in our room. Just as we had no idea whether anything like this was happening elsewhere on the campus.

That all changed the day that the door burst open. The four of us were playing in our dorm room, and we had forgotten to lock the door. Ronald Bricker had come to borrow Jake’s deck of cards, and as was the custom in the dorms during the day time, he just walked in, assuming it was OK.

Ronald is probably the biggest guy I know. He is on the football team. He’s not going to end up in the NFL, but in our small university, he’s the local star. He weighs a good bit, but it’s all muscle, as is evidenced by his thick neck. He’s the kind of guy who you’d assume is straight all the way.

It just so happened at that moment, that we were in various forms of intercourse, something we seldom did, since we enjoyed the masturbatory things so much. But I happened to be buttfucking Jake, while he was laying on top of Patty and fucking her. Junie was off to one side, just frigging herself. And all of that is what Ronald saw.

I think we were all horrified. That’s not the guy you want to discover you in such extremely personal circumstances.

Looking sheepish, he said, “Excuse me,” and started to back out.

Junie said, probably without thinking it through, “Oh, It’s OK Ron, come join us, if you’d like.”

We were kind of in a frozen tableau while Ronald just stood there, looking confused, or indecisive. I could almost feel his internal battle. Finally, he said, “Thank you,” came into the room, and closed the door.

It didn’t take him long to take his clothes off. It was probably easy for him, showering with the jocks every day, plus he probably had plenty of girlfriends to play with.

He was huge and surprisingly hairy, yet his penis, practically buried in a forest of dark curly hair, didn’t look like much at all.

Standing against the wall and watching us, as we started getting back into the rhythm of what we had been doing, he started touching himself, and pretty soon, he was erect and stroking away.

I had been wondering how he might fit in. Like would he like to fuck someone? Would he maybe like to be buttfucked? But no, all he did was watch us, jerk off, then cum, leaving some drips on the floor. Fortunately, that part of the floor wasn’t carpeted. Graciously, he grabbed some Kleenex, and mapped it up himself.

A moment later, he said “Thank you” again, and left.

After we were all done playing, we talked about our visitor.

“Like, what the fuck was that?”

“Is Ronald going to cause trouble for us?”

“He’ll probably blab it to everyone on the football team.”

For the next two days we were rather worried. Who was he going to tell? How would they react? We also figured he might not tell anyone, since he was involved, at least to the degree of being nude and masturbating in front of us.

Ronald texted Jake. He wanted to do it again. We were still a bit worried, but also delighted.

When Jake said “OK,” Ronald texted again. “Can I bring someone?”

Junie and I were in the room when that text came in, and we talked about it a bit. Who was he going to bring? We were wondering if it would be a guy or a girl. We were pretty sure, however, it would be a girl. Should we ask him?”

Jake said, “Why spoil the surprise?”

Talking it over some more, we decided that anyone he might want to bring must be cool with it, or he wouldn’t invite them. We also decided that it would be a fun surprise to find out who he would bring.

We arranged a session the next day at three o’clock. As the clock hit three, we were all quite excited. Part of it was that we were getting new blood. Whoever it was, guy or gal, would probably be a lot of fun.

At about two minutes after three, there was a knock at the door. I opened it, and standing there was a crowd! There was Ronald, plus two other really big guys, evidently more men from the football team. Also with them were two girls, who looked like they might be cheerleaders.

Dumbfounded for a few seconds, I said in a cheery voice, “Welcome!” because I was indeed delighted. We were going to have an orgy!

The room was crowded, with both chairs occupied and an assortment of people on each bed. All became naked within minutes, taking Jake’s lead. The entire floor in the little room was littered with clothing. Pretty soon, everyone was doing everyone. Interestingly, one of the football guys was buttfucking Ronald, and both seemed to be experienced in what they were doing. The girls that came with them didn’t mind. At various times the two new women were in lick fests with Patty and Junie, sucking their men’s dicks, frigging each other, or even giving me a great handjob.

At the end of the session, there were a lot of thank you’s from all the delighted new people.

When the new people left, Jake, Junie, Patty and I talked about what had happened. On the one hand we were delighted. On the the other, we were nervous. Word was going to get around, that was for sure.

We had another concern. The two guys buttfucking. They hadn’t used a condom. That was not good news. Evidently, the two of them had been doing it for a while, and whether they could catch something was ultimately their own concern, but we decided then and there that if people were going to come to this dorm room, there’d be no more penetrative sex.

And that’s what happened. Our little room became known as the ‘masturbatorium’ throughout the college. Over the course of the year, we probably hosted more than a hundred sex-crazed individuals, but never more than eight at a time. Everyone was well-mannered. Everyone respected our no-penetration rule. I think that’s because everyone had such a good time, that they didn’t feel a need to fuck. Jake started taking on the role of a kind of coach, or instructor. He seemed to get more of a kick out of guiding people in ways to have great orgasms than having them himself.

At the start of my second year, Junie had graduated and moved into an apartment shared with two other nurses. Jake had moved into an apartment with Patty, He had switched his major from music to psychology. He announced he was going to become a sex therapist.

He has continued developing his theories about sex and society. I feel he has a best-selling book in his future.

I didn’t move into an apartment. I had other plans.

I had the same room in the dorm, and a new roommate. His name was Jared. He was a rather shy fellow. When he first arrived, he was shocked to see me standing in the room, bare-ass naked.

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