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My Favorite Fetish – Glans Blame

my favorite sexual fetish, glans blame, also known as apple polishing, rosy palm, glans rubbing, cockhead torture

Hello, it’s me, Jeremy Watson, co-author of ProWank. I suppose my favorite fetish lately is intense glans palming, also known as glans blame, apple polishing, cockhead torture, rosy palm, or glans blame

I’ll have a friend start by tying me down by my wrists and ankles with soft ropes or bandanas to the corners of a bed or massage table. It doesn’t matter whether this friend is young or old, fat or thin, white or black, or male or female. Then the friend gets me erect, oils up the palm of one hand and starts rubbing it over the glans (tip of penis) while holding my penis in the grip of his or her other hand. If you’re a guy and have never had this done, you’ve gotta try it.

It is the most excruciating tickle in the world. You feel like you’ve gotta get away. Yet, it’s intensely erotic at the same time. You don’t generally ejaculate. It’s just too intense, But you might involuntarily pee. Anyway, that’s my favorite fetish at the moment, both giving and getting.

I have also enjoyed other fetishes such as firm testicle massage.

3 thoughts on “My Favorite Fetish – Glans Blame

  1. Where does the word “blame” fit into this practice?

    1. I think ‘blame’ is a poor translation from a similar word in Japanese. Perhaps their term, kitohzeme, which some refer to as ‘master-slave,’ somehow comes out somewhat like ‘slave blame,’ or ‘the slave should be blamed,’ which may be similar to ‘the slave should be tortured.’ That’s just my guess. Maybe someone can reply with more knowledge.

  2. It is kitouzeme (亀頭責め) (きとうぜめ) in Japanese. Kitou means “glans”, literally written as “turtle head”, and zeme is harder to translate but is often translated to blame, although in this context means more “attack” or “persecution”. You may also find it referred to as kitoumigaki (亀頭磨き), literally “glans polishing”.

    Pre-orgasm polishing is one of my favourite things to inflict and suffer. Instantly unbearable but harmless agony.

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