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My Daughter Asked Like 16 Times

My daughter has always been a horndog. I’ve known that, but of course didn’t let her know I knew. And how did I know? Well, first of all, she her father’s daughter. But also, I caught her wanking in her room twice. Both times, I slinked away before she knew I had seen. I also caught her looking rather lustfully at a family photo that we usually ignore. We have up on the mantle except when we have company. It’s the whole family, naked at a campsite near the river. She was obviously interested in her brother’s equipment, which of course she’s seen in person, but on this occasion, you could tell by the way she was studying that picture. Anyway, on with the event.

Returning home from college for Christmas vacation, she started asking me, her own father, how often I masturbate, whether I enjoy masturbation, etc. I answered truthfully, but not volunteering anything more.

On her second day home, she came right out and asked whether I’d enjoy masturbating with her. I told her, again truthfully, that while I probably would enjoy that very much, I didn’t think it was appropriate.

She kept on asking every time she had a chance, meaning every time my wife was out shopping and our son wasn’t home. It got tiring. Worse, it started to affect me strangely. I started thinking, “So what would be so wrong with that?”

The day came, and we arranged to meet in my bedroom. She walked in wearing only a towel while I was in my bathrobe. She immediately dropped the towel. I have to say, I’m proud of what her mother and I created. She’s a beauty with long raven hair just like her mother, and tits, well, actually larger than her mother’s. I shouldn’t care about breast size, but I have to say, big ones really do something to me. Even if they are my daughter’s.

Under the circumstances, I wasn’t as shy as one might expect. I got rid of my bathrobe. Only this time, I was already rock-hard. My daughter has seen me naked more than once. No big deal. But never with an erection. This was a big deal, a huge deal for me. It was simultaneously exciting and embarrassing. My heart was beating really fast. I even felt strangely weak in the knees and feverish.

She took command. She had me lay down on the bed, and the next thing you know, my daughter’s pretty mouth was around the knob of my penis, while simultaneously, my fingers went to that little slit I used to clean when she was a baby. Well, she was no baby now! I felt her getting wet down there, just like when her mother is excited. It didn’t last long. She didn’t even get more than the knob of my penis in her mouth. In fact, I doubt she had yet acquired the skill to blow the whole thing, but dang if I didn’t cum right away. And my daughter swallowed every last bit! Being the gentleman and father I am, there was no doubt that I had to reciprocate. I had her take my place on the bed, and licked her amazing little clit until she exploded.

Well, that was the first time. Perhaps at another time I’ll tell you about the three-way with my daughter, wife and I. I have yet to experience anything like this with my son, but I know he’s a horndog too. So, it’s only a matter of time.

2 thoughts on “My Daughter Asked Like 16 Times

  1. I thought she wanted to masturbate with you? Seems like she went right to the blowjob without any masturbation at all. Defintely get your son involved. Get her to do a little cock-to-cock jack off with both dicks together.

  2. Yes, it definitely needs a part two, at slightly greater length. It was a bit of a squib as far as length goes. I’d love to hear about the mum, dad, daughter threesome. and your second sequel is ‘son of horndog, four in a bed’.

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