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An Exciting New Approach to Mental and Physical Health

Copyright Jeremy J. Watson

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Start Here

Table of Contents

Meditation plus masturbation equals medibation.

What’s the big deal and why is it so beneficial?

People have been talking about medibation lately. So what is it?

You’ll find wide variations, but in general any form of meditation that involves masturbation is medibation. You’ll discover the versions you like best. For some, it is simply mindful masturbation. To clear your mind while masturbating, especially when you are troubled, or looking for creative solutions. On the other end of the spectrum is meditation in which you might be naked, become erect or wet, then have an orgasm, or in some cases purposely not have an orgasm. I’ll cover many specific techniques in this book, but before I do, let’s look at why medibation can be so beneficial for both men and women.


Table of Contents

No doubt you’re fairly aware of the good things that can come from meditation. Mental clarity, new insights, calmer reactions, reduced stress, increased self-awareness, increased happiness, and even improvements in cardiovascular and immune system health. Some claim that meditation can even slow the aging process.

With all these benefits, many people won’t meditate. They might not feel they have time, or they say it is ‘boring,’ or that they think they’d need to hold still for long periods of time. Many don’t believe the effort is worth the benefits.

Many of these same non-meditating people masturbate frequently. So, what if they could enjoy their masturbating, while getting the benefits of meditation? They can! For others, that don’t masturbate frequently, they may discover that medibation opens unexpected new vistas.

Recent medical and psychological studies have shown that masturbation has many health benefits of it’s own. Yes, this is the same masturbation that was considered ‘bad’ in the 1950s, and later. Even today, there are people among us who feel that masturbation is ‘the work of the devil,’ or can cause physical or mental health problems. Nothing could be further from the truth.

What the scientists and medical professionals have discovered is that masturbation lowers blood pressure, improves immunity, reduces stress, gives one a sense of confidence, relieves horniness, so people are more likely to act ‘right’ in public and among friends, reduces cancer risk, helps with weight management, and is the safest form of sex.

Solo sex is so easy and controllable compared to partner sex. You don’t have to find a time when both people are in the mood, you do exactly what you want to do, which may not be what your partner would want to do, you know what feels best, and you don’t need to use any sort of protection against pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases.

We are so lucky to be in a time when people are starting to discuss masturbation more openly. And just now, many are discovering all these benefits of medibation. Besides, it’s fun!

Techniques for Women

Table of Contents

By Nicyhensen (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

You probably won’t like all of the ideas below. Some may seem downright horrible. On the other hand, you are likely to find a number of new ideas that you’ll discover are absolutely delightful. We all have our own tastes.

1. Stand in front of your full-length mirror, and put on a stripping show. Entertain yourself as if you were entertaining a crowd. Take your time. After a while, a very long while, you can begin masturbating in the usual way or in the ways described below.

If you have been dealing with troubling thoughts, let them flow from your mind, as you entertain yourself. You may be amazed at how much less weight those thoughts carry after your session.

On the other hand, if you are trying to come up for a creative solution for business, a relationship, or even a friend’s troubles, a long medibation session can break your looped thinking. When you try hard to thing of something, you tend to keep working with the same information. By letting your mind free itself, to break out of the loop, when you next visit the subject, you will more easily be able to consider new factors or new possibilities. It is not unusual to have a ‘eureka moment’ soon after a medibation session, and sometimes, within the session.

2. Take a long, warm bath, allowing yourself to touch your whole body in the ways you find pleasurable.

Focus on the inner labia.

3. Focus on inner labia massage for a long while. It is not important to orgasm. In fact, medibation does not have to involve orgasms at all. Many women are more interested in the sensual rather than the sexual aspects. So, whether inner labia massage results in orgasm or not, is entirely up to you.

By Peter Klashorst (Flickr) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
4. Run your finger over your upper ass crack. This is an often overlooked part of the anatomy that is quite sensual. It probably won’t get you super-hot or orgasmic, but running your finger lightly over that area above your anus can be a downright pleasurable way to start your session.

5. Give yourself a footrub.

6. Work your medibation practices into your yoga sessions.

Naked yoga and medibation or masturbation
By David Levine from Portland, USA (Garden Uploaded by Vydra) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
7. Allow your mind to wander into the most erotic places. This will certainly break looped thinking. Daydreaming about circumstances you’d never actually engage in, or even about people who you’d never interact with in sexual ways, has been proven to be harmless and healthy, as long as you don’t get obsessive about it.

8. Run your fingertip very lightly around but not directly in your anus.

female anus
9. Some women like to put a finger or physical object in their anus. If you’ve never done it before, proceed slowly. All pain should be avoided, and can be avoided as long as you take your time, and use a good, slippery lubricant such as coconut oil or KY jelly. A surprisingly large number of women have orgasms from anal stimulation. Some will orgasm more easily from anal than vaginal stimulation.

10. Hold off your orgasm. This is more commonly practiced among men because for most men, once they orgasm, their mood is lost, whereas for many women, they can orgasm more than once in a session. When women practice holding off, called ‘edging,’ they will find that when they finally allow an orgasm, it can be remarkably strong. Plus, the process of getting there is quite pleasurable. The general idea is to get close to orgasm, then stop stimulating for a while, until the feeling subsides somewhat, then resume. Do it over and over again until you can’t stand it any longer, or until you’ve had one or more satisfying orgasms.

Inside the vagina
By davíd pęrü (Nasty Nurse) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
11. You may have never experienced a G-spot orgasm. The G-spot is inside the vaginal cavity, along the front wall, about one or two inches in. Although difficult to identify at first, you can feel it with a fingertip as a spongy or slightly more springy area. You may or may not receive a special feeling, a sort of minor chill or almost like a mild electric shock when you first touch it. Keep lightly rubbing that spot, with your fingertip if you can comfortably reach it, or with an object such as a dildo, vibrator, or hairbrush handle, until you have a delightful new kind of orgasm.

12. Hold your pee. Some, but by no means all, women enjoy playing while their bladder is full. This can result in a squirting orgasm, since retaining the urine while orgasming can be difficult, so be prepared with something to soak up the mess.

13. If you’ve never masturbated while menstruating, you may find it can be particularly pleasurable.

female urethra
14. Contamination in the urethra can lead to bladder infections, so the next idea should be considered dangerous. Using alcohol or hydrogen peroxide to remove bacteria from your fingers and vagina, then a good, sterile lubricant, you can introduce your little finger into your urethral opening. Many women report delightful feelings with urethral play. Some like stretching their urethras. The female urethra is capable of considerable stretching. Some have inserted their fingers past their sphincters, which gives one a remarkable ‘gotta-pee’ kind of feeling, and into their bladders. Again, this is dangerous, and not recommended, but presented as information for your amusement.

nipples and masturbation medibation
15. Stimulate your nipples. The amount and exact technique varies from woman to woman. If you’ve never tried very light stimulation, the results may amaze you. First, touch only the areola, the darker ring around a nipple, so lightly that you’re not quite even touching it, then ever so slowly, let your finger run around the areola with a slightly less light touch. Avoid the temptation to increase the pressure. After a while, run your fingertip, still extremely lightly, directly over your nipple. You can do this with one hand, and masturbate with the other. You might also try touching your nipples with a feather. If you don’t have a feather handy, the corner of a sheet of toilet paper can be oddly sensual.

16. When it is time to go to sleep, masturbate lightly, and let yourself fall asleep while masturbating.

17. While masturbating with one hand, very lightly fondle an ear with your other hand.

18. Deny your orgasm. When you are very close to having an orgasm, stop. Deny yourself. You may find that you stay sexually charged up all day. You may even find that you are more alert, more active, and feel overall more alive for the rest of the day. You can repeat the process several times in the day, coming close, but not having orgasms several times.

19. If you’ve always thought of yourself as a one-orgasm woman, keep going past your first orgasm, even if it becomes difficult, and see whether you can have subsequent orgasms.

Or, if you are multi-orgasmic, deny yourself a second orgasm until your next session.

20. For many women, peegasms are very difficult to achieve. When you need to urinate, rub your clitoris until you are about to orgasm. Stop for a moment, then resume rubbing. Work on balancing the ‘gonna-cum’ with ‘gotta-pee’ feeling and in time, with enough practice, you’ll find yourself squirting urine and orgasming at the same time.

medibation with sex toys - vibrator
Designer vibrator
21. Buying sex toys has never been easier. Many large cities have tasteful sex toy stores focusing on women, such as Good Vibrations. Get yourself a vibrator. There are many styles to choose from. There are eggs you can insert in your vagina or rectum, there are penis-shaped vibrators, and there are very powerful ones called Hitachi Wands that plug into the wall, because batteries just give enough juice. There are even very thin vibrators that can be inserted into the urethra. (Remember to use sterile procedures when inserting anything into the urethra. The urethra is also prone to scratching from even the smallest roughness. In general, urethral play is discouraged.)

female masturbating in front of frends and family
22. The idea of masturbating in front of your friends or partner is frightening, yet can open new horizons. Making sure your ‘audience’ is onboard with your idea, put on a show. This has the added benefit that from your first ‘performance’ and ever onward, you’ll be able to freely masturbate in front of your partner or friends. No more hiding under the covers or in the bathroom when you’re horny.

23. Remove the hair from your genital area. Many women find this is a huge turn-on.

24. Allow yourself to enjoy Internet porn. In general, women are less affected by visual stimuli than men, but if you haven’t allowed yourself to see some tasteful porn, you may be surprised. Of course we’re not talking about old-fashioned male-centric porn where the women are made to seem insignificant. Instead, you’ll find that there is good quality porn for women, at sites such as,,, and others. If you enjoy short stories, check out

25. If you’re bold, you can be seen masturbating while remaining anonymous. At sites such as and you can broadcast yourself. Hundreds of people are on these sites, all masturbating, and hoping others will watch. If you put on a particularly good show, you can be seen by more than 1,000 simultaneous viewers. It is up to you whether you’d like to show your face or not. Many people show only their genital area.

An interesting side benefit: Money can be had from cam shows on these sites. Watchers can buy tokens that they then give you. Some will give tokens as appreciation. Others will pay tokens to have you perform specific acts, or for private shows. These tokens can then be exchanged for real money.

Taking this exhibitionism idea a step further, you can buy an insertable vibrator such as OhMyBod or Lush. These are controlled via Bluetooth technology. You can adjust the intensity and pattern of the vibrations with your cellphone. Better yet, you can let someone else anywhere in the world control your vibrations through the webcam website.

cosplay and medibation
26. Costume play or role playing. Remember how when you were a kid, you’d get all dressed up, often in your mother’s clothes, and pretend you were someone else? You can still do that, although you probably won’t want to use your mother’s clothes. You might decide you’re a nurse, or a patient, or a whore, or an abused secretary, or the boss of a big company, or any number of possibilities, and let the situation turn as sexual as you wish.

27. Give yourself an enema, not because you need one, but because you’d enjoy one.

28. Water play. Spraying water from a shower wand or other sources on your nipples, asshole, or your clit can be very stimulating. You might want to experiment with cold or warm water, and various pressures. Obviously, you don’t want to force significant amounts of water into your anus, mouth or vagina. Hot tub jets can be particularly amusing. More than one woman has had spectacular and almost instant orgasms from jets.

nude female housework medibation
By peter klashorst (Coming out !) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
29. Spend a naked day around the house. Do all your cooking, housework, computer work, or whatever you do at home in the buff. Then, try masturbating in a place where you don’t usually masturbate.

intense medibation and clothespins female
By Elmo Love (Flickr: GreyStudio&Paint. 301) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
30. For women who like more intensity, you might get some clothespins, and place them on your belly, your arms, your thighs, your breasts, then maybe your nipples, outer labia, inner labia, even your clit. Early in your clothespin experimentation, make sure to remove one after it’s been on a minuter or less. You may find that the slight pain while wearing a clothespin is appealing, but the moment you remove it, it is suddenly too painful as the blood rushes back into the squeezed area.

medibation and hot wax play on female breasts
By Felicia Fox (This file was derived from: Felicia Fox 6.jpg) [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
31. Another activity for people who like intensity is hot wax play. Dripping candle wax on your body is generally harmless, but will make you jump. Some women find this exciting, and end up pouring hot wax all over their bodies, especially on their breasts or vaginas.

32. Needle play. Get a large sewing needle, and tease your body with it. I’m not talking about actually sticking the needle into your skin. Just gently rub the tip over your various areas, and see what happens.

pinch and hold clit clitoris in medibation
33. Pinch and hold your clitoris. That’s all. Just pinch and hold. For some, this builds up to an incredible orgasm. An alternative is to use lube unless you are naturally wet enough, and pinch your clit and let it slip out of your grasp, over and over again. This is particularly nice in medibation because you can easily do it for a long while.

Techniques for Men

Table of Contents

1. Frenulum tickle: You may not realize the little bit of extra skin just below the head of the penis is called the “frenulum.” You may also not realize how sensitive it is. Try touching it super lightly. You might even use a feather, or the corner of a sheet of toilet paper dangled just above the frenulum, then lowered until it is just touching. If your cock isn’t already hard, it will probably rise to attention almost immediately. When it is hard, don’t be surprised to see it jump an inch involuntarily every time the frenulum is touched.

2. Frenulum pull: Some guys can ejaculate just from pulling and holding the frenulum. Grab it, and lift your penis up and hold it, pulling down against the natural inclination of the penis to stick up or out. In the right mood, that’s all it will take. This is a particularly good medibation technique to quiet the mind.

Tickling and Pulling on the Frenulum of the Penis
By Richiex (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons
3. Guys who have not experienced anal play may be surprised how nice attention to the anus can feel. You might start with a very light touch, not on the anus itself, but around it, keeping your finger perhaps 1/2-inch (13mm) away from the center. In due course, you might just touch the anus itself very lightly. Even if you are experienced with anal penetration, getting back to basics with this light touching, can be like a new experience, and quite erotic.

Touching the male anus
By Richiex (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
4. Assuming you are fairly clean, smell your finger. It won’t be rank. In fact, it will have a sweet, attractive smell. The glands around the anus secrete an attractive smell, evolved in ancient times to help entice mates into sexual activity.

5. Imagine a person of the sex of your choice examining your genitals in great detail, quite possibly complimenting your size and shape. Or, depending on your interests, acting disgusted, or making fun of your genital package.

Male Masturbation, edging, in front of a mirror
By Oddman47 (Own work) [CC BY 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
6. While women are more known for admiring themselves in mirrors, it can be great for men, too. Give it a try. Stand in front of a full-length mirror, and slowly strip. Admire your stomach, even if it is large. (Many people find large men very attractive.) Admire your hairy or hairless body as the case may be. Turn around and notice your butt. If you’re erect, just enjoy seeing your erection for a long while.

male use of vibrator in medibation
By Ingo4skin (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
7. Many men enjoy sticking things into their anus. The items should be smooth and not too long, so as to not cause harm. Start with small-diameter things, under an inch (25mm), and if you wish, work up to larger objects. Go slowly, let the anus get used to the stretch before moving on. Use lots of lube to prevent injuring the sensitive anal canal.

8. Sub-dominant hand masturbation. Jack off using your other hand. Many men feel as if someone else is doing the jacking when this is happening.

9. Have a wank outdoors, ideally in a secluded spot. You don’t really want to get in trouble with the law or anything like that. Feeling the breeze where you seldom feel a breeze can be a huge turn-on.

medibation look at bikini clad women
10. Reduce your porn level. It is typical for guys to look at porn. In time, it becomes more and more explicit. Taking several steps back, for instance admiring bikini-clad women on YouTube, or watching an R-rated movie, can be oddly refreshing. I’m not recommending this all the time, but rather as an occasional change of pace.

11. You may find that a very light tickling of the scrotum sets the mood nicely. Take your time, really enjoying this step before moving on to other techniques. Medibation is best when it is not rushed.

stretch scrotum (ballack) in medibation
12. Stretch your scrotum. Pull it hard as you wish, but not beyond where it starts to hurt. You’ll find you have quite a bit of skin there! This can be particularly nice in slow medibation, where you don’t want to get all ejaculatory too soon. You can enjoy this simple stretching for literally hours.

The male nipple in medibation
13. Run a fingertip very lightly over a nipple. This enhances the masturbatory feeling throughout your body. It is common to discover that one nipple is more sensitive than the other.

male use of clothespins in medibation
14. Apply clothespins to various parts of your body. You might start with your arms, the web between your thumbs and fingers, your thighs, and work your way to your nipples, scrotum and your frenulum. When you first start experimenting with clothespins, apply them only momentarily, then release them. What happens is that the sensation of applying and wearing the clamp is usually quite bearable. However, after it has been on for a while, removing it can really hurt! So, be sure you are aware of this phenomenon before you go too far.

15. Needle play. I’m not talking about sticking needles into your body, although some men do enjoy ‘play piercing.’ Instead, find a large sewing needle, and gently rub it on various parts of your body. You may find the scrotum, glans and the areas between your scrotum and inner legs are quite erotic when teased in this way.

16. Some men like vibrators. Many types exist. A common style is a penis shaped probe that can be held on genitals or pressed into the anus. A very powerful one is called the Hitachi Wand. It plugs into the wall, because battery power would not be sufficient. The wand is a large vibrator with a ball-shape at the end that is used externally. You’ll also find very thin ones that can be placed within the urethra. You’ll read more about urethral play later. Caution is necessary because the urethra is easily torn, and prone to infection.

electrostimulation estim in medibation
By Luemmel (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
17. Some men enjoy electro-stimulation, ofter called ‘estim.’ The most common toy used for estim is a TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) unit. These are designed as a muscle relaxant for sore backs or cramped extremities. They come with small pads that are applied to the body. Wires are attached to the pads, and a small electrical current is applied. Most units are adjustable so that you can apply varying frequencies and intensities. The self-adhesive pads can be applied to either side of the penis, on the scrotum, to top and bottom of penis, on the buttocks and elsewhere. When a current is run through the penis, the sensation can be so intense you’ll ejaculate with no manual stimulation.

Attachments are available, or you can make your own, so that the voltage can be applied in rings around your penis, or through an anal or urethral plug. Some people use the electrical impulses that come out of a sound system to vary the frequency and intensity of the stimulation.

Before experimenting with your own equipment, make sure you know some things about electricity so you don’t electrocute or burn yourself. Do not apply the contacts to your body in any way that could cause the current to run through your heart or brain.

18. Have you ever masturbated when you had to pee? In the right mood, it can significantly enhance your experience. Starting and stopping peeing is fun, too.

19. Purposely not ejaculate. This is one of the core principles of what westerners call ‘tantric’ masturbation. It may be hard for you at first, but mostly it is a matter of belief. Many men believe they won’t be satisfied until they cum. When you give yourself a nice session, but stop short of cumming, zip up your pants and go about your day, magical things can happen. You do stay more sexually charged up. Beyond that, however, the world seems slightly clearer, slightly higher in contrast. You seem to have faster reaction time, and even think more clearly and positively.

20. One of the more common forms of medibation for men is edging. In this practice, you bring yourself to orgasm several times in a row, but stop stimulating just short of ejaculation. This is a new thing for many men who have always ejaculated within a few minutes, and were then done. With experience, your medibation and sheer joy can last literally for hours if you wish.

21. Taking edging a step further, you can get ever closer to the edge and end up with several mini-ejaculations, also known as ‘multiple orgasms.’ Bring yourself to the edge repeatedly, then stop. However, stop only for a few seconds, then continue. That way, you won’t let the orgasmic feeling fall entirely away. It may take years of practice, but in time, you can let out a single drop of cum, over and over again during the course of an hour or more. In reality, it may not be exactly a drop every time. Sometimes it may be two or three drops or a small spurt. Other times you may have dry orgasms. In the end, you may have a crashing orgasm, or maybe not, staying charged up for the rest of the day instead.

Your author playing with continuous ejaculation
With sufficient practice, the mini-ejaculation effect can be chained together, resulting in a slow, continuous ejaculation. The following video shows your author attempting continuous ejaculation. I didn’t get it quite right, starting with a good series of continuous mini-ejaculations, but all too soon, it turned into a full-blast ejaculation.

22. Continuous orgasm is quite possible. Your author has attained it many times. Using the edging techniques above, bring yourself to the edge, then reduce the stimulation, but don’t necessarily stop. Then keep yourself in that ‘gonna-cum’ feeling, varying the amount of stimulation so you can balance right there. In time, you’ll be able to have continuous dry orgasms, contractions and all, yet nothing will come out. At first, you may be able to maintain the orgasm only for a minute or two at a time, but with practice, it can last five minutes or more. When and if you do choose to cum at the end, it can result in a super-strong amazing orgasm.

23. Injaculation, also known as retrograde ejaculation, is the process of blocking ejaculation, so the semen remains in the body. It is a practice considered dangerous by some, but it has been practiced for thousands of years, and there is not a single reported case of damage. Still, it is best to consult with a medical professional before you try injaculation. You may have to show the doctor, actually demonstrate, what you intend to do. (At least it makes an interesting fantasy.)

Injaculation can take several forms. Perhaps the easiest to play with during medibation is to simply squeeze the end of your penis closed when you’re cumming. Some guys feel a rather intense sharp pain at the end of their urethra where it is closed. If this happens to you, let it go immediately. That pain may indicate the urethra is being over-stressed at the tip where you are blocking it. If it doesn’t hurt, then you can hold the semen in for a while, and when you are ready, just let go, and it will flow out.

Many men will find their orgasm lasts twice as long when the urethra is blocked.

If you keep the semen in for several minutes after you cum, you get a rather interesting, but often annoying feeling in your urethra. It is a sort of itch. Evidently, the body is reacting, and wants the semen out. Semen is alkaline, and urine is acidic. I believe the urethra is designed for an acidic environment, and is not designed to hold semen for long.

pressing on the million dollar spot, the perineum to avoid ejaculation in medibation

By David Shankbone original image. Crop and modification by Viridae (Image:The Taint by David Shankbone.jpg) [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
A more common form of injaculation is to press what’s known as the ‘million dollar spot.’ That’s a point between the bottom of the scrotum and the anus. The urethra can be closed by pressing firmly in that location, blocking the flow of semen. Many people in Asia have practiced birth control by pressing on this spot for thousands of years.

If you find the exact right spot, the semen flows backward, retrograde, into the bladder. The next time you urinate, you may find your pee is cloudy. If you don’t get it right, the semen flows out of your penis anyway, or will stay contained within your prostate gland, where it is soon reabsorbed by the body.

Yet another approach to injaculation is to simply resist the ejaculation. This is so difficult that most men can’t do it. You tense your muscles, especially the PC muscles. Those are the ones on the floor of the pelvis that you flex when you try to squeeze your anus tightly, or try to stop the flow of urine. At the same time suck in a big breath, often called “the big draw technique,” and you may be able to stop the ejaculation.

Practitioners of these forms of injaculation claim it is especially good for health, invigorating your sense of power and well-being, and reabsorbing precious nutrients that you’d normally expel.

The final form of injaculation is to block the flow of the semen with a physical object, normally a sound or catheter, which will be discussed shortly.

24. Let out a single drop of pee, then medibate. You may want to do this several times in a session. That can make you very horny, as long as you enjoy the sensation of a full bladder when medibating.

25. Peegasm. It is possible, but very difficult, to have a peegasm, also known as pissgasm, in which you urinate and ejaculate at the same time. Since this is very difficult to attain, it is the practicing that is fun. You’ll probably fail dozens of times before you manage a peegasm, either ejaculating without peeing, or releasing all your urine before you cum.

The difficulty is caused by your body’s natural tendency to clamp the urinary sphincters tight when ejaculating. The acid from the urine would kill or damage the sperm, so mixing urine and sperm is normally not allowed.

Stat with a very full bladder. Bring yourself close to orgasm, then stop. Bring yourself close to letting some pee out, but don’t. Bring yourself close to orgasm again, then close to peeing again. When you’re close to ejaculating try relaxing every muscle in your body, which will have a loosening effect on your sphincters that normally want to clamp tight at that point. When you feel the time is right, let out some pee while stroking and you may find your pee flowing out in spurts as if ejaculating, and sure enough, cum will be mixed in. The physical feeling is nice, but the sense of accomplishment is even nicer!

26. Play with water. Warm or cold water on your scrotum can be interesting. You may also enjoy fooling around with your shower wand or hot tub jets. Be careful about applying too much pressure to your anus or peehole, because you can cause damage with high pressure water.

urethral sounding as discussed in medibation

By CasperTG [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
27. A particularly dangerous form of masturbation that some men engage in is urethral play, also known as “sounding.” Although men have been sticking things into their peeholes for thousands of years, and although it usually works out OK, there is a strong possibility of infection, that at minimum will be embarrassing to explain to your doctor and nurse, and at maximum can be deadly. Bladder infections are sometimes so hard to fight that our best antibiotics are ineffective. Not only that, but the urethra is fragile. It can be easily scratched and bleed rather profusely.

Therefore, this information is provided for your amusement only. As the saying goes, “Don’t try this at home.” And if you do, sterilize everything, and make sure nothing has a rough surface.

Urethral play takes two forms. Peehole stretching is about putting ever wider things into your “meatus” – the proper name for the peehole. The items are not usually inserted very deep. Four inches (10 cm) is typical. Some men enjoy the accomplishment of accommodating ever wider objects, more than the actual feeling. Oh, you can get an orgasmic high from the pain, but it is still pain.

In urethral stretching, you’ll find two restrictions. First is the meatus itself. Then, about 1/2-inch or 3/4-inch in (1 – 2 cm), you’ll find another narrowing. Sometimes it is more restrictive than than the meatus. Men who practice peehole stretching frequently will manage to widen it slightly. The accompanying effect may be annoying. It is more difficult to aim a focused urine stream.

The other form of urethral play is deep sounding, in which objects are placed as deep as past the two sphincters that control urine flow, and into the bladder. This can be less painful, even entirely pain-free if done slowly and carefully. As the sound passes the sphincters, the feeling can be quite enjoyable. It feels as if you’re going to urinate, but generally, you don’t.

With any type of urethral play, and deep sounding in particular, work up to your capacity very slowly. Like sunburn, you may not realize you’re causing damage until later. Then, when you take a piss, it will sting like crazy, and you’ll be disappointed that you played too hard. It can take days before the stinging while peeing goes away.

Some men will use pens, blunt knitting needles, or the backs of silverware. Special sounds are made just for the purpose of urethral play. Some are derived from medical sounds, that were used in the past to overcome strictures in the urethra or swollen prostate glands. They come in graduated sets, up to as large as 17 millimeters (3/4-inch). Yes, with considerable practice, some men can handle such diameters. The average man has to start with a sound no more than 6 mm (1/4-inch) diameter. Sounds are usually made from stainless steel. Recently, flexible silicone sounds have come on the market, which will naturally curve to follow the path of the urethra. Silicone sounds need lots of good lubrication. Otherwise they can stick to the urethra wall, causing a tear that can bleed profusely.

The urethra in an average man is 14 inches (35 cm) long. There is as much penis inside the body as the visible external portion. With solid sounds, one has to be careful to angle the penis properly so the sound will penetrate. Ideally, one doesn’t push the sound in, but let it fall into the urethra from its own weight.

catheter play as discussed in medibation
Another form of sounding is catheter play. The typical medical catheter has two tubes, one within the other, and a retention balloon at the end. Once the catheter is all the way into the bladder, a syringe is plugged into the outside end to fill the little balloon inside the bladder. That keeps the catheter from sliding out. The balloon has to be deflated to remove the catheter. Once placed, the recipient can decide whether or not to allow urine to escape. This can be a huge turn-on. But, it comes at a price. You might get an infection and kill yourself.

If you must try any sort of urethral play, sterilize everything including your hands or gloves, and your penis. Make sure to use sterile, very slippery, and non-toxic lube.

One time your author was in a hotel attending a convention. Looking around the room for some sort of lube, I discovered a complimentary packet of shampoo in the shower. Being an idiot, I decided to do some sounding with the long, tapered ballpoint pen the hotel provided in my room. I coated the pen with shampoo, and went to work. It stung a bit, so after playing about six inches (15 cm) deep I decided to call it quits, and had a nice medibation session. At the end I ejaculated, and it stung considerably. I immediately regretted using that shampoo. Afterward, my penis swelled up almost to its erect size, but it was soft. Peeing was nearly impossible because it hurt way too much. I kept stopping the urine flow then reluctantly restarting, until after a half-hour, I had peed in about 30 painful spurts. During the next three days of the convention, my penis remained swollen and continued to sting so badly that I could not walk upright. I told everyone I had hurt my back. Peeing was so nearly impossible that I considered going to the hospital. Finally, everything returned to normal. I do not recommend using shampoo as lube.

28. To grab the shaft of your penis in one hand, and rub the palm of your other hand over the tip (the glans) can be excruciating, but some men actually enjoy the effect. Perhaps it is a challenge, to see how much they can take. It is like a deep tickle that will make you squirm badly. If you can stand it, in time the sensation will transmute into a strong ‘gonna-cum’ mixed with ‘gotta-pee’ feeling. Yet, usually, neither happens. In fact, you can feel almost orgasmic for quite a while, without cumming. This technique goes by various names. The most common ones are ‘palming,’ ‘apple polishing,’ ‘glans rubbing,’ and in Japan, it is often called ‘glans blame.’

testicle massage in medibation

By Richiex (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
29. Most men like testicle massage to some degree. Many like it very gentle. A few like it very firm, bordering on painful. The balls are not like grapes that can be easily squished, although it can feel that way. Actually, they are rubbery, in a thick covering, more like chicken gizzards. You probably can’t squeeze a testicle hard enough to cause damage with bare hands. However, where the spermatic cord attaches, at the upper rear of the testicle, is prone to damage. So, if you must firmly massage testicles, make sure to stay away from the upper back area.

True Medibation

Table of Contents

You may have noticed that most of the techniques were more about masturbation than meditation. So, what is true medibation? When done properly, it allows one to free the mind, with all the corresponding good results that meditation can bring. In most cases, the goal is to break looped thinking. For instance, if your cousin is turning into an alcoholic, you may spend considerable time trying to figure out how to help. All this thinking causes you stress, prevents you from doing your tasks mindfully and well, can be emotionally painful, and actually prevents you from coming up with creative solutions. While you are in the loop, your brain is not open to new ideas.

The same is true for creative thinking. You may be wanting to write a new ad campaign. All you can think of, over and over again, is a 1950s housewife television commercial, and you want to emulate that, but in a proper, modern way. That’s all you can come up with. You’ve spent tense hours trying to visualize that 1950s housewife in all different settings, saying different things, but you’re stuck. Nothing works.

If you can break the loop, which means allowing your mind to be free of that intense thinking for a while, suddenly new possibilities become available to you. Suddenly you may discover that you don’t need a 1950s housewife at all. It might be something entirely different. Maybe something involving airplanes… Obviously that’s a goofy example, but I think you understand that allowing your mind to be free for a while, is good all around.

That’s what meditation is supposed to do. For many of us, pure meditation is difficult. The mind refuses to get quiet. The body isn’t so interested in being still. We are supposed to focus on breathing, but that’s boring, or our breathing gets so weird we want to stop. A mantra can work, but often doesn’t.

Now, with medibation, you truly can free the mind. You’re so focused on your genitals, or the erotic feelings, or maybe even erotic fantasies, that you finally do let go of the loop. Finally, the stress falls away. Finally, any of the negative things you’ve been telling yourself recede into the background as your erotic mind takes over. You may think I’m kidding, but nothing could be better! When you’re done with your medibation session, you’ll come back nicely refreshed, feel better about your situation, and be able to think in new ways.

Here’s the oddest part of the whole thing: You don’t need to do anything special. Just wank and let your mind go where it will. Letting go of the loop becomes automatic. However, instead of a quick wank over just a few minutes, you’ll generally have much better results if you let yourself medibate for twenty minutes or more. Some people will literally medibate for hours.

You might assume that there’s no place for fantasy in medibation. Nothing could be further from the truth. Fantasy is just great for helping you break out of thinking loops. Your fantasies can be as wild as you like. They’ll keep you from taking inappropriate actions in real life. Many of the stories and memoirs you’ll find on this site go way beyond medibation. They are here to help you develop your own fantasies.


Table of Contents

If you have someone you can medibate with, you are in for a new level of joy. This person will probably be your husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, but if you don’t have a significant other, you may find that an open-minded friend can be just right.

If you do have a significant other, it is very important to communicate if you plan to medibate with anyone else. Make sure everyone is onboard and comfortable with the situation. You may, in some cases, be surprised to discover that your mate is happy about the situation. A typical case would be a middle-aged or older husband and wife. When she hit menopause the hormonal shift left her not wanting sex. The husband has been begging her to be sexual, and the pressure is relentless. If he can medibate with a friend, male or female, the pressure is off her to ‘perform.’ She may be quite accepting. On the other hand, unless she is very open-minded, there can be a gigantic element of concern or jealousy. Every situation is different. Proceed with caution, caring and communication.

Bringing up the idea of medibating with a friend can be quite difficult, and again, must be approached with caution, caring, and communication. If at all possible, avoid trying to get a coworker involved. This often leads to troubles in the workplace, either during your attempt to recruit, or after a session has taken place.

Of course underage people should be considered entirely off-limits. While on the surface this seems like it might be harmless enough, it has a deep, and huge hidden danger. It causes young minds to fill with remarkable doubt about their sexuality, their level of involvement, and even their very identity. Kids can spin out of control. Some have committed suicide over sexual participation at too early an age. Others grow into insecure adults with emotional problems that can adversely affect their entire lives. Most adults who have sexual hangups, or simply trouble relating with people of one sex or another, have probably been abused as children. And ‘abuse’ doesn’t necessarily mean rape. It can be a situation in which the child was enticed into participating. Enticement can be even worse, because the child believes s/he caused the situation or was to blame.

Even among adults, we have to be very open-minded to do something that in our current times is usually considered quite unconventional. After participation, people may develop strong doubts based on their religious upbringing, or just their moral code. You may want to believe ‘They’re wrong to feel that way,’ but that attitude will get you nowhere. If a person is not ready, do not push the issue. There are plenty of other fish in the barrel.

Group medibation
For instance,, which serves many communities throughout the world, has a section under Personals called “Casual Encounters.” You can place a free ad there, spelling out exactly what you want. Your author has found that even in a small community, you’ll get plenty of takers, as long as your ad is well-written, and your requirements aren’t too narrow or too far out in left field.

The easiest way to go is to advertise in the Men for Men section, as long as you are a man and don’t mind medibating with another man. It is also fairly easy for a woman to hook up with a woman. It is very easy for a woman to find a man, but quite difficult for a man to find a woman. Women have always had to be cautious around men, so that’s no surprise.

We should all be cautious when hooking up in this way. I’d recommend asking people to send nude pictures of themselves. I’d ask them exactly what they’d like to get out of the deal. If they respond back with very little detail, please be suspicious. Also be on the lookout for people who say they want what you want, then when it gets real, they want something else.

Here’s an example: Your author posted something like this:

“I’m looking for someone who can host that enjoys giving and getting long, edging handjobs. Nothing more. I’m not interested in oral, anal or kissing. You can be any legal age, any weight, color, etc, as long as you are drug- and disease-free. Hit me up. Here are some of the actual pictures I posted.”

You’ll notice that I’m willing to accept a wide range of ages and body styles. I could be more specific, but that may limit the number of people who will get back to me. I did, however, get very specific about what I don’t want. That’s just me. You may have other likes or dislikes. Spell them out. I have placed ads like this in communities of under 10,000 people, and typically get four to six responses every time.

Once people respond, weed them out. It is OK to email back and forth several times asking specific questions, and offering the information the other person may want.

I’ve had a fantasy that I’ll hook up with someone this way, and find to my delight that it is a coworker, distant relative, or unsuspecting friend. That fantasy can come with a bit of fear, too. What if you finally show up at someone’s house for the first time and it turns out to be your boss, or your minister, or your sister’s best friend? Well, that person is as interested as you are, so it’s actually a good thing for both of you.

One last thing to think about with Craigslist or other ways of hooking up with strangers. For many, discretion is very important. Discretion must be respected. You may want to make sure the person you’re hooking up with will be able to keep quiet. You or the other person may not want the whole world knowing that you’re into medibation, or even just hooking up to masturbate together. Many people simply aren’t ready for that, and will react badly. Often the bad reaction is more for cover-up or due to jealousy, yet the reaction can be intense and even damaging to your reputation. Be careful, people have lost church affiliations, family relationships, and even jobs over this sort of thing.

Once you do get someone to medibate with, you’ll find that all the dynamics of being with another person in such an intimate way actually benefit the medibation process. Even if you don’t specifically tell the other person about medibation, you will find that your thinking loop is properly disrupted, so that after your session, you can be calmer and more creative in your thinking.

With another person, there are many techniques you can’t practice on yourself. Kissing is certainly one. For men who want to experiment with glans rubbing or firm testicle massage, a partner can make a world of difference. This person will be able to go where you won’t take yourself. For women who want a good anal massage or g-spot orgasm, ditto.


Table of Contents

Medibation really comes alive in groups. Your author have attended a few affairs that were truly delightful. I’ve been to a few private parties, arranged through Craigslist, in which eight or ten men met at someone’s house or in a motel room and masturbated together. In one case, there were eight men and one woman. We all had a great time. Most of the men were accomplished in edging, so were able to last a long time. The woman was capable of many orgasms, so also lasted a long time. This is very medibative. The longer period of time really frees the mind. The very erotic setting of all the other people doesn’t allow one to stay in the stressful looped thinking. It simply can’t maintain in that kind of setting.

group masturbation in medibation
Your author attended a weekly event at a tantric massage school in Berkeley, California called Body Electric. That was a men-only affair. Each week, thirty or so men would gather in a large carpeted room full of massage tables. They’d disrobe and organize into groups of three. Each group would put one of their members on a massage table and two men would give that person twenty minutes of undivided, four-hand attention. Then another person would get on the table for twenty minutes of attention, and so on.

Typically, the person on the table would lay face down for eight or ten minutes and get an ordinary massage, sometimes with a bit more focus on the buttocks or the back of the scrotum. Then he’d roll over, and get ten to twelve minutes on his front side, usually involving quite a bit of genital massage.

The unspoken goal was to not cum, to avoid ejaculation, and go home nicely sexually charged up. In one session, your author lost it, and did ejaculate. Everyone was fine with that, but the author was a bit embarrassed.

I also attended the Masturbate-A-Thon in San Francisco three times. This is an annual affair involving around 120 people of both sexes, mostly strangers, who masturbate for charity. In the way that a participant in a walk-a-thon or bike-a-thon gathers sponsors who will contribute a certain amount of money for each mile covered, the sponsors for Masturbate-A-Thon participants offer a certain amount for each minute that the person wanks.

I’ll tell you about the first time I attended.

I was surprised at how easy it was to discuss the Masturbate-A-Thon with coworkers, family members and friends, and ask for sponsorships. The first year, I ended up with eight sponsors. It did scare me to bring up the subject, but everyone I spoke with was very supportive. I also tried to talk some of them into coming to the event with me, but there were no takers. I could tell that several wanted to, but couldn’t quite bring themselves to attend. Still, in our society, this kind of thing weirds most people out. Every year, people do get more open about masturbation, so perhaps in twenty years, I can ask friends to accompany me on such an adventure, and they’ll be able to do so with no trepidation.

Maybe I’ll see you there, and you’ll bring some of your friends.

Upon arriving, I found a large refitted warehouse furnished with an assortment of chairs, sofas, and mattresses on the floor. Everything was covered in clean sheets. There was a small stage, and a roped off area with chairs. Members of the public could come as spectators, and watch from those chairs. There were twenty or so spectators who paid $40 each to watch. I’ll be once they saw what was happening they wished they had participated.

I arrived early and volunteered to help out. I swept the floor, and helped bring handtrucks full of snacks and soda up from vans parked outside the building. I worked alongside a fellow who looked somehow familiar. He was the only naked person there, and I noticed he was sporting an erection. He was a very brave individual in my opinion, and I was proud to be able to work alongside him. I tried to be brave like he was. Inside the building, I shed all my clothes also, but after a few minutes, I felt weird among the twenty or so other volunteers who were all still clothed, so I dressed again. As we stepped out into the sunlight, on a fairly busy street with our handtrucks, I was amazed to see him out there, erection and all, without a care in the world. I had forgotten that this was San Francisco, where public nudity was legal at the time.

Later, I found out the guy was a fairly well-known newscaster. That’s why I sort of recognized him, but hadn’t been able to place him. I asked whether he was worried that he’d be recognized. Would attending the Masturbate-A-thon ruin his career? He wasn’t worried for a reason that I wouldn’t have suspected: He told me that people always think he looks like the person he is, but they don’t realize he is actually that person.

When the event started, we all signed in, and left all our clothing with a hat-check area. Once there were scores of naked people, I no longer felt embarrassed about being naked myself. A whistle blew, and we were to start masturbating, being allowed a five-minute break every hour. It was a terribly exciting party. I participated in many discussions. At one point, a group of guys, mostly young, were sitting in a circle, cross-legged on the floor, and discussing the merits of fuel injection versus carburation in motorcycles. Each was idly stroking a penis sticking upward in their laps.

I spoke briefly with a woman who was over eighty years old. She said that she felt young most of the time, but especially when she masturbated. Here she was in a group, not looking as sleek and fit as the youngsters, but bold and happy to be there.

One young woman was a recently minted psychologist. She was volunteering as a monitor at the event in trade for internship hours. She took off her clothes, and joined in, masturbating with the rest of us. A group of men formed around her as she gave us a minute-by-minute account of what she was experiencing, until she finally had a back-arching, moaning orgasm in front of the whole crowd.

Entertainment was provided. There were three musical bands throughout the evening. They all remained clothed. There was a video crew, live streaming the event for the Internet. Some of them were clothed, some naked. There were a half-dozen porn stars although I didn’t recognize many of them. One I did recognize was Nina Hartley, looking lovely as ever with her long blond hair, and large breasts. She had removed all her crotch hair, as had many of the participants.

I swore I would not allow myself to go on stage and be videoed, but nevertheless, I signed a release form and got a plastic bracelet indicating I could go on camera if I wanted. Then, from the stage, Nina asked whether anyone had anything they’d like to have her demonstrate with them. My hand shot up in a fraction of a second like an over-excited schoolboy, and the next thing I knew, I was on stage with perhaps sixty people watching my naked self, and who knows, maybe a thousand people, watching on the Internet. It was a well-publicized event.

Nina asked what I wanted. At the time, I was particularly interested in testicle massage, so that’s what I said. She had me sit in a folding chair while she knelt in front of me, and proceeded to give me the best testicle massage I ever had, as camera men swooped in right over my shoulder and directly in front of me to get close-ups. It was all I could do to avoid ejaculating then and there!

It was also bending the rules a bit. Technically, we were only supposed to masturbate ourselves, but there was Nina doing that to me. There was a lot of bending the rules the first year I attended. It became a little more controlled in subsequent years.

The moment was over all too soon, as Nina thanked me, then asked for another volunteer. That guy wanted a blowjob, and got just that from the lovely Nina.

I hadn’t had any plans of breaking a record or anything like that, but as the evening wore on, and night became early morning, I found I was still going, mostly staying erect, and without having ejaculated for hours. Finally, with only about twenty people left, mostly volunteers working as monitors, and only three people still masturbating, I had enough, and let myself have a well-deserved ejaculation. I was done at eight hours and twenty minutes. Perhaps if I had known that the winning time was only eight hours and forty-two minutes, I would have kept it up longer. But then again, the winner would have probably waited as long as necessary for me and the other fellow to quit. The winner was a Japanese guy who had flown in for the event, and was sponsored by a company that makes a product similar to FleshLight, a sort of artificial hand-held vagina that one can slip over a penis and stroke into. I believe he made it into the Guinness book of World Records. I suppose that could have been me, although I don’t think I would have wanted the publicity. Then again…

As much as I am a proponent of masturbation in general, and specifically medibation, I’m still somewhat closeted. I suppose I’ll continue to come out slowly, but I’m not sure I’d be ready for wide acclaim as the world’s longest running masturbator.

So that was the Masturbate-A-Thon. You don’t need a hundred plus people to have a good time. Just a few can make a great medibation party.

You might get lucky, and find that people are holding events in your neighborhood. There are other Masturbate-A-Thons in a few major cities. There are organized groups that do jerk off together once every week or two weeks. Sometimes events pop up on Craigslist, organized in an impromptu way in a hotel room or in someone’s living room.

The greater likelihood is if you want a group event, you will have to organize it yourself. It’s not hard. Just advertise on Craigslist, and do your best to screen the participants before giving them the address of your home or a venue. The good news is it is fairly safe. Anyone who would willingly show up for a group medibation is going to have a fairly level head. Otherwise, they’d just be too scared to attend. Then too, you’ll have several men there. If anyone gets out of hand, there’ll be plenty of help in dealing with the situation. In all the events I have attended, I’ve never seen anything go wrong.

I once attended an event in San Diego that was supposed to be some sort of naked Halloween party. There were several fliers posted around town. So I showed up expecting someone would stop the music, make an announcement or something, then the party would really begin. By 11pm, nothing had happened. It was just a bunch of clothed people dancing. By midnight, I went home.

Don’t let that happen to your party. No one wants to be the first to strip. The best way to do it is to arrange some sort of game or activity that involves removing clothing. The second best way is just to announce, “OK, everyone, strip.”

Make it comfortable for everyone. They’ll want to know their clothing, wallets, and so on are safe. You might outlaw cellphones. Also, make sure the room is uncomfortably warm with clothing. People won’t take off their clothes if they think they’re going to be cold. On the other hand, if they’re sweating in their clothes, they’ll want to get naked.

Before the event, make sure all the participants will have a clear idea what’s going to happen. You wouldn’t want some conservative, confused individual showing up not expecting that people will be naked and masturbating. On the other hand, you want everyone to know what is OK. Let them know specifically what the rules are. Will you allow touching others? Is kissing part of the deal or not? What about intercourse? Some parties of this sort provide condoms, and the sky is the limit. Others are strictly rub yourself, and no one else. The most common version is that mutual masturbation is allowed as long as both parties agree.

That’s it. Happy medibating, and may all your wishes come true!

See also: Specific Medibation Techniques