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Kenisha, an erotic tale

I like to get clients to dive deep into intimate, sexual details early on. It makes it easier to maintain rapport with them as I do my work. Plus, I have to admit I’m kind of a verbal voyeur. I enjoy hearing the details.

On Kenish’s first visit, she revealed, “I’ve had boyfriends before Mike. Most guys would fuck me for like two minutes, cum, and then want nothing more. It was all I could do to get them to lick or finger me to my own orgasm.

“Mike wasn’t like that. Maybe he was the only one in the world who could do what he did. He would stick it in, and just lay there with me. We’d often fall asleep connected. Fifteen minutes later I’d awaken slightly as I felt his softened cock pop out of me. It was so satisfying!

“Oh, we had orgasms from time to time. It wasn’t always weird sex like that. I’ve got my two daughters to prove it.”

I noticed Kenisha put Mike in the past tense. I asked, “What happened to Mike?”

“You don’t want to know.” Then after a brief pause, “He was a sanitation worker. He drove a garbage truck. You know how they have a yellow knob on the dashboard that sets the parking brake? That truck ain’t goin’ nowhere when the air brakes are set.

“Well, like all good garbage men, when he found things in the trash he liked, he’d take them home. He had piled some books on the dashboard, then he went out behind the truck to do something. The books fell to the floor, bumping the air brake button on their way down. The truck rolled back and squished Mike against a dumpster. They say his head burst. He didn’t have time to feel any pain, or even know there was a problem.”

It made me sad to hear that. To distract myself, I sometimes play a little guessing game in my mind with new clients. I try to figure out what they do for a living before they tell me. I knew Kenisha worked in the shipyards. I had her pegged as an administrative assistant, or maybe an accounting clerk or inventory manager, or something like that. Being small and thin, she fit the part.

I was really surprised to discover her actual line of work.

“Now, I was a black single mom with two little kids to raise. Fortunately, the city gave some money. Some lawyer figured out that the parking brake knob in Mike’s truck was defective. The city knew and hadn’t fixed it. So I took the money, hired a nanny, and went back to school.”

“What did you study?” I asked her.

“I’m a fabrication welder. That means I make the fittings and things that a ship needs. Oh, I started out doing big ol’ hull welding like everyone else, but advanced to where I make and attach equipment mounts, handrails and guard plates. I love my work.”

Like many of my clients, Kenisha came to me already fairly confident. She just wanted more, and in a specific area. With men. She explained that since Mike passed, she’s had a heck of a time associating with other men. As she explained it, she’d like to find a new daddy for her two girls, but can’t get to first base with any of these men.

We talked a bit, and I suggested she pursue an ordinary friendship with a man in her life. Not to date him, but just to start being able to converse with men. I said maybe she could find a man at her church, a distant relative, a coworker, or something like that.

“Well, there is this one guy. I don’t think he’s very bright, though. He follows me around with a grinder sometimes. His job is slag removal and smoothing welds. He’s quiet, and has such sad eyes.”

Bingo, I thought. That would be a good fellow to start with. We ended the session with me asking her to find out why he is so sad.

On the way out of the office, she dropped a bombshell on me. She mentioned his name, Eric. I know Eric, he’s another of my clients! I realized Kenisha is in for a huge surprise.

The next week I found out that Kenisha did indeed talk with Eric. It seemed to go well for her, but she hadn’t yet found out Eric’s secret. They made a date to go to dinner. I don’t think she thought of it as a real date. She just figured dinner would be a good exercise.

There was one thing that intrigued Kenisha about Eric. She and he had been on the job for about two years. During that time, he has disappeared for a month three times. She was surprised the company kept him on. Most guys who keep taking that much time off get fired.

Let me tell you about Eric. He’s tall, thin, sandy-haired and kind of craggy but very good-looking, not unlike a younger version of Mick Jagger.

Here’s the thing: Eric was a trauma surgeon. He lost his confidence, or more specifically, his interest in the medical profession, at least the way it’s practiced in America. Trauma surgery can be pretty rough. A trauma surgeon sees people die all the time. There’s a lot of horrifying sights, sounds and smells in that line of work.

But that’s not what got Eric. It was the way the medical system is run. One patient was the last straw. A woman came in with intense abdominal pain. She was 42 years old with a deadbeat missing husband and three small children. She was diagonsed with a mass in her intestinal area, and Eric was called in. He used a long needle to take a sample. The lab reported that this woman had a benign tumor of an unusual type. It would be a simple thing to have a gastroenterological surgeon remove it and she’d be fine. But her insurance wouldn’t cover it. They said that particular form of cancer ‘wasn’t in their charts.’ The hospital refused to do anything for her. Eric thought about doing the surgery himself and paying the hospital’s expenses. Surgeons have been known to do that sort of thing. But he didn’t. He kept quiet. The woman suffered through the night, then died in the morning. Eric was an emotional wreck. He could have saved her. It would have been so easy for him. But he just didn’t step up to the plate. A week later, after having cried himself to sleep every night, he took a leave of absence from the hospital.

That’s when he took the laborer’s job at the shipyard.

I didn’t tell any of this to Kenisha. She’d have to figure it out for herself. I also didn’t tell her the reason for Eric’s mysterious month-long disappearances. It turns out he was joining a hospital ship at his own expense, and performing charitable surgeries on injured or crippled children and adults in Haiti.

Over the following weeks, I strongly encouraged Kenisha to pursue Eric, and in Eric’s sessions, I gently pushed him toward Kenisha. I guess I was more of a matchmaker than a confidence counselor. But whatever, right?

Eric reported he had found a wonderful woman at work, but that she scared him somewhat. When I asked why, he first said that she was his boss, but then revealed he found her especially attractive. It turns out, in all his 36 years, he had never been serious about a woman. He initially come to me to regain his confidence in working within the American medical system. Now things were getting weird. He said he wouldn’t mind being a common laborer at the shipyards forever, even with the huge cut in pay. He said the money was sufficient.

Hmmm, was I failing in my job? I was thinking maybe not. Maybe it was OK for Eric to shift gears, and instead, I’d help him with Kenisha. What he really needed now was confidence with Kenisha.

One issue he was facing is that he hadn’t told her anything of his background yet. He was afraid she’d freak out that he wasn’t being a doctor ‘like he should be,’ as he put it. Then too, it had been weeks. The longer he put off telling her, the deeper the hole he was digging.

A few weeks after that, Kenisha came into her appointment all smiles. “Oh my god, you won’t believe what I found out about Eric!” I believed it. At that point, I had to come clean, and tell her that Eric was my client also, and I knew all about his past. She playfully slapped me on the shoulder.

The week after that, she told me that they had not only started having sex, they were talking about marriage. She revealed that she had always thought of white men as somehow weak, ‘you know, due to their light color,’ but that was not Eric. He had yet to learn Ken’s trick of holding still while fucking. Instead, he was very attentive to her, long-lasting and strong, making sure she had her orgasm first. She came right out and said she really like how his white penis could become rock-hard. According to her, it was harder and larger than Ken’s. She liked that he wasn’t circumcised. She could play with rolling his foreskin over his glans for hours, which he didn’t mind a bit.

Suddenly switching gears away from sex, she mentioned that he just loves her two daughters.

Time went on. They married. With my help, he went back to work at the hospital, realizing that he could do more important work from with in the admittedly broken health care system, than by staying away from it. Kenisha went with him to Haiti, helping out as a general hand on the hospital ship. When they found out about her welding skill, she became the ship’s fixit woman during the times she was there.

Kenisha now has a third child, a lovely little boy. The boy’s father doesn’t have sad eyes any more.

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