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Injaculation Play with Nancy

Before I tell you this memoir, I want to point out that what I’m about to describe, although seemingly safe, may have medical consequences, so check with your doctor before trying anything like this yourself. Besides, if you’re bold, you may get a kick out of seeing your doctor’s reaction.

I grew up across the street from Nancy. We were close, but not that close, if you know what I mean. We always treated each other like brother and sister. I kind of missed her when I went off to law school. At the same time, she went to medical school.

We both moved back to the old neighborhood. She eventually became the town’s only trauma surgeon, and I started my own practice suing the pants of people who damage the environment. You’d think that doesn’t pay very well, but I’ve won some big cases. Some require that I travel, some in my own little town.

I never married, perhaps it was all the traveling, but dated the shit out of every girl in town. OK, that’s an exaggeration. Lately, I’ve been preferring my own company to a bunch of strange women. And I do mean strange. Maybe if just one of them had been somewhat normal, I’d be married now. Maybe I’m just too judgmental. Meanwhile Nancy married, and divorced, and had two kids, now both in college.

We’ve met for dinner a dozen times over the years since her divorce, but somehow, it was never sexual even though she’s super-beautiful. We were just good friends.

One night, as the crowd in the restaurant was thinning out, we somehow got on the topic of sex. We both admitted masturbating to soothe our sexual appetites. Nancy got onto the topic of people who come into the emergency room with masturbation-related problems. After hearing a half-dozen of her fascinating stories, I’ve gotta say, “Hey everyone, be careful how you masturbate! Don’t take risks, its not worth it.”

The restaurant closed, so we continued our discussion while walking the mostly empty streets in our town. She said that most of the accidents from crazy sexual or masturbatory activity are ordinary sprained wrists, broken arms, hurt knees, and cuts from falling out of beds, or crashing into furniture.

She has had to treat penile fractures, although they are quite rare. I didn’t even know that was a thing. She said it mostly happens in ordinary sex with the woman on top. She pulls up, or he pulls down a little too far, and when he goes to jab it back in, he misses the hole, it bends, and breaks under her weight. Nancy told me of various things stuck in anuses, urethras, and even bladders. I asked how they retrieve such things. Evidently, they have a tool that’s like a super-long hemostat, with small jaws on the end. They insert it into a urethra and try to grab what they can. They aren’t always successful. She’s had to open bladders to get stuff out. She’s also had to perform colostomies for people, mostly guys, who just have to see how much abuse their rectums can take. Guys, don’t play like that! The one thing she said that really sent the message home – not that I take such risks, usually – is that she sees all these people only at the beginning. She doesn’t get to see their long, painful struggles toward recovery, but she knows what they are in for, and feels sad for them.

Since she’s a doctor, I asked her about my own current favorite practice: Holding my sperm in. I like to put some padding around the tip of my dick, then wrap that with a strong rubber band, and jerk off with the sperm trapped inside. My objective is to keep it in for awhile after I calm down, but I always chicken out. I loose the enthusiasm shortly after cumming, and remove the rubber band. I wanted to know if this was harmful.

As I was explaining this, I saw her demeanor change. As a lawyer, I have learned to spot when people are trying to hide their emotions. Her cheeks reddened, her speech became a little higher pitched and choppy. I know horniness when I see it!

She told me that it wasn’t harmful, that people have been practicing variations of that for 2,000 years. She explained ‘the million dollar spot.’ That’s a small area between the scrotum and the anus. She said if one presses there, the sperm will be harmlessly trapped inside.

OK, that did it! Now, I was horny too. I was imagining her demonstrating that on me. Of course it was just imagination. It wasn’t like I could just come out and say, “Hey, would you mind showing me how that’s done?”

While I was musing over that, she said in a slightly too abrupt, and strangely quiet voice, “You know, if you’d like to try that, I’d be glad to help.”

Ten minutes later, we were naked, kissing and rolling all around in my bed. She was so natural. She looked better than I could have hoped for, with very perky but full breasts, and neatly trimmed crotch hair. She tasted and smelled absolutely lovely.

As we were rolling all over each other and continuing to kiss long and deep, of course my penis had become rock-hard. I felt some cool wetness dripping on my thighs, so I knew I wasn’t the only one who was turned on.

The one thing we discussed was fucking. We decided we didn’t need to do that. She said there are plenty of other ways to have wonderful orgasms. I not only agreed, but added that in my experience, the other kinds of orgasms, non-intercourse orgasms, are often better. And, she wholehearted agreed with that!

After quite a while, we got down to business. Well, not quite yet. First, using my somewhat expert tongue, I licked her to several orgasms, while ever so gently running my fingertips over her nipples.

Now, it was time for our grand experiment. She was going to give me a handjob, then stop the sperm at my perineum – the million-dollar spot. She began wanking me. All too soon I let her know I was going to cum. She pressed a finger into the spot. She pressed really hard and it hurt. But, she did entirely stop the flow of semen. Since I had said that I always chickened out after orgasming, but wanted to retain the semen longer, by prior agreement, she kept pressing with her finger.

It was nice, but it fucking hurt! I had to let her know, and she let go. Only a little bit of semen came out of my dick.

A few days later, we discussed it. Her idea was lovely, and I did enjoy it, but she, not knowing exactly how hard to press, had pressed way too hard. I guess as a surgeon, she knew she wouldn’t be causing any damage, but it was excruciating.

Fortunately, we got to practice that again, and the second time, she didn’t press hard enough. My sperm just spilled out.

On the third occasion, she got it right, but it just wasn’t as great as I would have liked, and I asked her to remove her finger from my crotch after less than a minute.

On the next occasion, we were probably ten seconds away when her phone rang. She had to go to the hospital to fix a trauma victim. It’s a tough life being the only emergency surgeon in town, but she loves it.

On the most recent occasion, which was just last Wednesday. we decided to do something different. This time, she arranged to bring four bandanas, and tied my wrists and ankles to the head and tailboards of my bed. She gave me a safeword, but warned me not to use it unless I felt like I was in real trouble.

Then she went to work having me orgasming big-time within a minute. Instead of the million-dollar spot, she just pinched the end of my dick closed with her thumb and forefinger.

Oddly, the orgasm just kept coming, wave after wave. It must have lasted twice as long as usual. Even with the experimenting I had been doing, I never experienced that before.

Almost immediately, I wanted her to let go, but she wasn’t having it. She reminded me that I had asked her not to let go, but to keep the semen inside. She continued to pinch until my penis lost all it’s glorious length, girth and firmness. Still, she held on. I wasn’t sure I was liking it so much. Guys, I’m sure most of you have experienced something similar: After your orgasm, you’re not as enthusiastic as you were before.

Then Nancy did something I didn’t expect. She started pinching her fingers down the length of my now soft penis, forcing the semen backward. As she worked her way down to where she was pinching my penis through my scrotum near the base, I felt kind of a strange squirting sensation inside. She had forced much of my cum into my bladder! It was shocking, but interesting too. I was worried, but she assured it me there’d be no anatomical consequence. And she was right. I got up in the middle of the night to pee, as I usually do, while Nancy continued to sleep next to me. As I was urinating, I felt what seemed like chunks of clumped up semen shooting out my urethra.

I so totally want to continue this play with Nancy! She informed me that some girls like urethral play, and she’s one of them. She said she likes to stick things in her urethra, mostly fingertips, but she has played with a few blunt surgical instruments. I can’t wait to help her with that.

Something we discussed but won’t do would be for me to cum with my penis pressed hard against her peehole, so my cum could squirt into her bladder. We’d love that, but decided it’s too dangerous. I don’t have any STDs or anything, but she still doesn’t feel it’s safe. So, we’re planning to simulate that with a syringe and milk. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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  1. That’s hot! I love it. She sounds like a great friend.

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