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How Ugly Lawrence Gets The Girls

How Ugly Lawrence Gets The Girls

When I was 19, I was still a virgin, and it was really bothering me. It seemed like a mountain I had to climb, but somehow I just couldn’t manage it. I wouldn’t be a ‘man’ until I climbed that fucking mountain. Thing is, every girl I tried to get next to turned me down. Yes, college is full of girls, but none seemed interested in me. So, I jerked off a lot, becoming ever more frustrated, and I have to admit, very disappointed in myself. I took it quite personally that girls didn’t find me attractive. I didn’t understand, because I’m tall enough, but not too tall, not skinny or fat, in general, not bad-looking. I didn’t know, maybe it was my expression, or something wrong with my face that I just didn’t understand.

At the same time, there was this guy I had grown up with. We weren’t terribly close, but I had known him from high school. He went to the same community college and we’d say ‘Hi’ as we passed in the halls.

He was only about 5’6″ tall, wore glasses, skinny, with mousey hair – in short, not much to look at. Even his name wasn’t great. He wasn’t Larry. He wanted to be called Lawrence. Yet, he always had a girl on his arm. He was a real ladies’ man. They just loved him.

What was the deal? How did he do it? I was dying to know. I asked a couple of guys about what Lawrence had, and didn’t get any satisfactory answers, but they had noticed the same effect.

Seeing Lawrence one day in the cafeteria, I stopped him and asked. And he told me. “I listen.”

That was it. I thought he was fucking with me, but no, he went on to explain exactly how he listened.

1) He tried to find a way to be really interested in whatever she was saying.

2) He’d ask relevant questions.

3) He’d repeat back what she said, often using her own words, to be sure he understood.

4) He’d try to match her in a way. He’d sit the same way, hold his head the same way. He claimed that made people feel more like they’re kindred spirits.

5) And he said, “I’m truthful in my responses.”

I know I was going a bit far, but I asked him whether his sex life was as great as it seems.

“Better than you can imagine.”

That just made me feel worse about my own situation.

I admitted, “My only sexual outlet is my hand.”

“You know, and it’s kind of a strange thing, I still jerk off quite a lot, and sometimes it’s more satisfying than sex.”

I was surprised to hear that, but not nearly as surprised as what he said next:

“Hey, you and I ought to get together to jerk off sometime.”

I couldn’t quite believe he had just said that. It was the last thing on my mind, and the last that I would have expected. Furthermore, I wasn’t attracted to him in the slightest.

Still, a couple of days later found us in my bedroom – my parents were out on a mini-vacation, me nervously taking off my clothes, and him, rapidly stepping out of his clothes.

For a skinny little guy, his already erect penis was fairly impressive, unlike mine, which is just normal, I guess.

Lawrence instructed me to lay down on the bed. He sat next to me, and started tickling my scrotum with his fingertips. Obviously, no one had ever done that to me, and it felt fantastic. In a while, he had worked up to jerking me off in earnest. Whatever initial reluctance I had about this being ‘gay’ and him not being a good-looking guy wore off and I was in heaven.

Just about when I was going to cum, he stopped. I don’t know how he managed to get the timing so good. I was really close to cumming. A few seconds after he stopped, I felt the orgasm still building up. My penis pulsed a couple of times, but nothing came out. That was amazing!

Now, he wanted me to do the same to him. It was the first time in my life I had touched a cock. It wasn’t horrible. In fact, as I started working on his hard penis, I had a notion to suck it. It just seemed natural to put it in my mouth. So I did! Lawrence moaned a couple of times, evidently blissed out. Then he yelled “Stop.” It was too late. He came in my mouth. It was bitter and much more salty than I would have imagined, but I rather liked it, and to my own surprise I swallowed it down.

He changed places with me again, and resumed his handjob activity, bringing me to a quick and strong orgasm.

That was the start of a great friendship that has lasted until this day. We still get together every couple of months. It also did something else. I can’t explain it exactly, but it gave me a sort of confidence that was missing. It also didn’t hurt that he introduced me to three different women. With the first two, we didn’t really hit it off, even though I practiced his listening techniques. With the third, Marie, a dark-skinned Asian beauty, we were instant friends, and within a month, I happily lost my virginity.

You’d think after that I would have been a serial dater like Lawrence, with one girl after another. But no, I was way too hooked on Marie. She and I married last year and I’m pretty sure she’s pregnant. We’ll know for sure in a couple of days, and are very excited about it. Oh, she knows about Lawrence and I, and she’s fine with it. We’ve even done some three-way stuff, but that’s a recollection for another day.

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