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Hot Tub Fun

As Told To Us By One Of Our Clients

When I said I’d like to install a hot tub on our back porch, my wife wasn’t entirely in favor of it. especially the nearly $1,000 the filter, heater and concrete would cost.

It took me months, but one day it was done, and filled with warm water. Of course I invited my wife on the inaugural soak. With a questioning smile, she joined me in the hot tub. Within minutes, she not only understood why I had wanted it, but couldn’t stop praising me, the tub, everything. Furthermore, she kept grabbing my dick under the warm water. I erect easily, and so as we left the tub, my penis wagging in front of me, she invited me into our bedroom and we played big-time.

But that’s not what this story is about. I purposely made the tub large enough for six people. It took some convincing to get Lori to accept the idea of inviting our friends over for a soak, but I think she was actually in favor of the idea, just a bit shy.

We started with Mark and Jacinda. I kind of fucked up by not saying right away that the hot tub is supposed to be enjoyed nude. They came over with swim suits, and instead of communicating our wishes, Lori and I changed into swim suits to join our friends in the tub. What a drag. It was a nice, but uneventful evening.

A few days later, we tried again. Lori invited Larry and Ester. They are less conservative than Mark and Jacinda, and so I felt more comfortable saying the n word in front of them, “nude.” Larry was like “Of course,” and Ester didn’t say anything, but smiled knowingly.

As they joined us in the tub, my heart was racing. I’m pretty sure Lori’s was also. We, all four of us, casually stripped off, as if we did it every day. My heart leapt to my chest when I saw Ester’s milky white, freckled small tits, framed with her long red hair. Lori has very large breasts, which I love, but those pert little things on Ester really did something to me.

I was proud of my friend Larry. As soon as his pants were off, we could see he was erect. Way cool! Furthermore, he was shaved ‘down there.’ I don’t particularly think of myself as bisexual, but I could swear if I had time to myself right then, I would have jerked off more to the look of Larry’s boner than even Ester’s tits. I think he affected me that way just because he was hard. It seemed very bold to me, and I do tend to be a sort of shy person. I’d never dream of just being hard like that in front of my friends. Or, I should say, I wouldn’t have at the time. I’ve grown, literally and figuratively.

So Larry and Ester. Lori and I were soaking in the water, seeing only our heads and shoulders clearly, and enjoying light conversation. Then something occurred to me by looking at Ester’s right shoulder. It was moving back and forth slightly. She was idly wanking her husband under the bubbly water.

My beautiful wife Lori is brilliant, and so it’s no surprise that she noticed too. I knew that because in a moment, I felt a hand on my own dick. In less than a minute it went from soft to totally hard.

I reached over to Lori and started rubbing her right where she loves it.

We were all doing that for several minutes, and the conversation sort of died off. After a while, I noticed Larry kind of tensing up. I was pretty sure I knew what he was experiencing. To ease his ‘pain,’ I let him know that the filter I installed is very good. I didn’t have to say ‘it will even remove cum from the water.’ He knew what I meant.

Moments later, he groaned and came in our hot tub. That was it for me! I came a moment later. My wife was all smiles, as was Ester.

By the time we left the tub, both Larry and I were soft again. Later that evening, in our bed, I made sure Lori was equally satisfied.

Now it was time to test the full capacity of the tub, six people. I invited Larry and Ester back, but also Mark and Jacinda, this time, letting them know about the nudity aspect. I summoned up my courage, and just told them that ‘lately Lori and I have taken to soaking nude.’ I was prepared to lose our friendship right then. I though they might rage, or freak out, or something.

Nothing of the sort. They didn’t react at all. Not a word. I wasn’t sure if they understood, and tried to rephrase it a couple of times, but couldn’t bring it up.

So, Tuesday evening rolled around, and everyone showed up. We had some wine and small talk upstairs before retiring to the back porch. I was quite concerned that Mark and Jacinta might not have understood about nudity. To my utter surprise, Jacinda was the first to strip. What a beautiful woman! She’s the only one among us who is black, and I have to say, I find that extremely attractive. To give you the rest of the picture, she is exceedingly slim, has medium sized breasts, depilates her crotch hair, has wild frizzy hair, and is so dark you’d think she was first-generation African. Oh, I’m way hooked on Lori, but I do entertain fantasies of fucking Jacinta. Of course that will never happen. But we all enjoyed the hot tub very much. It didn’t take long before all three women were masturbating their husbands under the water. I couldn’t tell, but I’m pretty sure all the guys had their hands in their wives’ pussies as well. I know I did.

When our kids (boy and girl fraternal twins) get back from college, it should be interesting to see how they react to the hot tub. They know I was building one, but they haven’t seen the finished product yet. I don’t know how Lori feels about it, but it would be fine with me, even rather exciting, if they’d join us in the hot tub. I think I’ll go ahead and rub Lori’s pussy under the water, and she’ll probably ‘do’ me, and if the kids want to do whatever they want to do, too, well, that will be fine.

The extremely crazy part is that the kids have never seen their parents nude, and we haven’t seen them nude since they were eight years old. So, this will be groundbreaking!

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  1. The reason Larry’s hard cock turned you on more than Esther’s tits was because you have seen hundreds of bare tits and very few hard cocks. So the novelty appealed to you. I’ve had two hot tubs in my lifetime, one indoor and one outdoor. Between the two I’ve probably had a hundred or more ejaculations. But unlike you I never trusted the filter. In the indoor one, I would just stand up and shoot onto the marble bathroom floor. Easy clean-up. In the outdoor one, again I would stand up and ejaculate onto the surrounding grass. No cum in the water for me. My orgasms were brought on by a female partner’s hands or the water jets.

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