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Hot Tea Discovery

Hot Tea Masturbation Discovery

I discovered a surprisingly delightful little technique that ought to work for men and probably women too.

I was naked as usual, and just working on my computer, while absent-mindedly drinking hot tea from a mug. My fingers became quite warm while wrapped around that hot mug. Then, feeling slightly horny, I used that same hand to idly rub my already erect penis. What a surprise! The warm fingertips were really delightful.

I’d tell you that I ejaculated right away, but that’s not quite true. I orgasmed right away, but kept my semen in. I stayed in orgasm for quite a while, feeling the chills all over, and occasionally having contractions in my urethra. That’s something you can learn to do too. I have written about continuous orgasms here.

Once you learn the technique, it’s easy to maintain for as long as you want, and do it whenever you want. It’s as if your body knows what you you’re trying to do, and actually assists you in not cumming. So, it’s not something strenuous and perhaps slightly frustrating. Instead – with practice – it’s just wonderful all around! Enjoy!

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