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Hermaphrodite: When a rare individual has ambiguous sexual organs, that person has hermaphroditism. Typically, the adult breast size is small, but not non-existent, and there is more body hair than a typical female would have, yet less than a male. The other most noticeable difference is that the person who might most often be assumed to be female, has a clitoris that is particularly large. The clitoris can have an erection, sticking more than an inch out of the body, yet there are also internal and external labia. The large, erect clitoris can be stimulated to orgasm by rubbing the sides, but ejaculation in the typical sense does not occur.

Often, hermaphrodite babies are ‘corrected’ at birth, being surgically altered to look like one sex or the other. They sometimes have difficulties as they come into maturity, becoming dissatisfied with the gender assignment they received.

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