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Hard Testicle Squeezing

We don’t fuck. My girlfriend, who is a nurse, is ridiculously afraid of disease. Well, maybe it’s not so crazy in this day and age. So, we don’t fuck. We’ve done it a few times in the past, but no more. Since she knew I wouldn’t be satisfied with a sexless relationship, she has taken to getting me off by hand. She’s so expert that I really don’t miss the intercourse at all. In fact, I’d say a good handjob beats fucking, hands-down, so to speak.

To my amazement, she seldom wants reciprocation. When she does, it’s just some clit-licking to orgasm. Instead, she seems to enjoy our conversation as she’s working on me. Well, I’m certainly good with that!

But it’s crazier than that. One time a few months ago, I asked her to massage my balls. She had sort of done that just a little bit before, but not even really enough to understand their actual shape, or relation to the epididimis (the connecting tubes) behind them. She started with a gentle massage, and it was nice, but not spectacular.

Evidently being in a sort of crazy, I asked her to squeeze harder, so I could really feel her ministrations. She squeezed just a little harder, being afraid of hurting me. She had been holding one testicle between the thumb and the side of her forefinger in each hand. Suddenly my right ball kind of slipped around in my scrotum, out of her grip, like a wet bar of soap. That hurt a little bit, but in general was a nice surprise.

I asked her to focus on doing that with both balls. She complied. I asked her to ramp it up with more pressure. It didn’t take long to realize she had to avoid squeezing the place where the epidimis connects along the top/back of the balls. That offers an unpleasant kind of sting-pain. But squeezing anywhere else was nice. No pain, just a comfortable compression feeling.

In my crazy mood, that was nice, but not enough. I had her start squeezing harder and harder. I don’t really know how hard she eventually got, but I did see that her fingertips were turning white from pressure as the blood was squeezed out of her fingers.

Now, it was starting to hurt, but I was in this strange mood like I wanted to see just how much I could take.

Every now and then a ball would suddenly slip away. My, that hurt, but was still fun.

The pressure was building terribly, but I knew nuts are surrounded by a thick coating, and like raw chicken gizzards, you can’t really damage them just with fingertips. Now, It was hurting so badly I was wincing, moaning, and screaming a little bit, as she continued to sit on my legs squeezing ever harder. She was also laughing. So was I. I mean, it fucking hurt, but it was fun, too.

Did I mention my dick was rock hard the whole time? Suddenly, my penis started spasming as cum came tumbling out, and she hadn’t even touched my dick.

We’ve repeated the process several times. There’s something really special about cumming from ball squeezing alone. Then too, there’s a mild ache for an hour afterward. It’s not severe at all. However, there’s also an effect where my balls feel heavy for several hours. I mean, while I’d doing other things later in the day whether it’s mowing the lawn or working on the Internet, I can notice my balls, their heaviness, and it’s really pleasant.

Lately, we’ve taken that to a new level. Years ago, I read somewhere about a husband and wife who were playing with something similar. He claimed she squeezed so hard that the fluid in his balls flowed out into his blood stream, and they became flabby, soft, deflated. A moment after she let go, they reinflated. Oh my! I had to experience that, if it was even true.

So, I had her squeeze just my left ball harder than ever, and just hold it that way for five whole minutes. When she let go, she and I both felt both balls and sure enough, the left one was about 50% deflated compared to the other. It was painful to feel my ball at that point, but it was surely interesting to discover it being all flabby like that. I was slightly scared that the deflation might be permanent, or that I might have even sent a blood clot to my brain or something, but nothing of the sort happened. Within a minute, it was back to normal.

However, I don’t recommend you try this. Maybe it could literally kill you, or at least send you to a hospital. Instead, enjoy my report and get off in the normal way.

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