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When a man becomes sexually aroused, the penis fills with blood, and he feels an inclination to give it some attention.

An erection almost always requires mental stimulation. If someone were to give any imaginable treatment to a penis during a time when a man is distracted, or not sexually aroused, it might not become hard, other than with artificial means such as Caverject or electro-stimulation.

On the other hand, just the thought of something sexual can cause an erection, no physical stimulation needed. As a boy reaches the adolescent years, he’ll tend to have several uncontrolled erections every day. This can be embarrassing, when, for instance, the child is called to the front of the class to recite or demonstrate something. The boy hunches forward, tries to turn away from the class as much as possible, and hopes no one sees the bulge in his pants.

As the boy ages, the erections become more controllable, and often don’t last as long. However, most men well into their 80s and beyond can still have erections.

Something many men don’t realize is that an erection in itself can be an endgame. You can simply enjoy the alive, aroused feeling of having an erection. You don’t necessarily need to go through the routine of stimulation, orgasm and ejaculation to have a great time.

There’s something wonderfully stimulating, and even freeing about simply having an erection in unusual situations. For many men, the first time you have an erection outdoors can be sweet. Feeling the cold breeze on your schlong with your underwear around your knees deep in the woods, or on a secluded stretch of beach is just great.

For some, a bit of exhibitionism adds to the power of an erection. To let other people see your boner can be a treat, in the right circumstances. Most men are wise enough to avoid going naked along a freeway or in the public library. But the first time with the lights on with your girlfriend, or in a bathhouse, or a masturbation party, can positively change your life.

Hanging: Men have been known to have erections when hanged.

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  1. I fondly remember my days in high school where my erections seemed to be nearly constant. A real concern at the time for fear of being noticed. I remember one pair of pants had a hole in the pocket and I would slip my fingers through the hole and massage the head of my cock while in class. I can’t remember if I ever orgasmed but I’m thinking I might have done so at least once.

  2. Yes I was the same, I walked around the school with a hard on every day at school, I remember sitting down most of the day hopping no one would notice my ragging hard on 😔 it was so embarrassing.

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