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Cousin Katie

We have relatives in California that I barely know. The last I had seen them was four years earlier when my cousin Katie was 9 and Hank was 10. I was very much looking forward to the trip. We almost didn’t make it. As we drove to the airport, the snow was really coming down. My mom and dad were freaking out that our plane would probably be grounded. Luck was in our favor, and we arrived in California on schedule.

It was so amazingly warm and nice! I swore I was going to move to California as soon as I grew up. So we got there, and I have to say Katie was a real knockout. She has always had curly reddish hair, but she was no longer a little girl. At 13, she had grown you-know-what, and although still skinny, and quite a tomboy in her speech and actions, I was immediately attracted to her. Hank was cool too. He was becoming taller, just like me. My cousin was chiseled. I asked him about it, and he says it was mostly from bicycling. I was so jealous. My bike was firmly stored in the garage until spring when the snow would finally melt.

The combined families spent the afternoon playing a crazy sport called pickleball. It was like scaled-down tennis. How amazing is it to be sweating out in the sun, in shorts and T-shirt in January? In fact, I almost felt kind of silly, dressed so lightly. Back east, it was always jacket, hat and gloves when you went anywhere.

After a huge family dinner, I found out I had to share a room with Hank. I kind of knew it was coming, but it was a disappointment. I didn’t know how I’d jack off, which had become rather important to me. I thought maybe I could sneak a wank in the bathroom or something. Not very elegant, but it would have to do.

I never had the opportunity, so I went to bed horny, with visions of Katie in my head. Maybe I could at least touch myself under the covers. I started to do that as Hank lay in his bed, next to my cot and was talking about sports – the things he could do all winter, which I could not. I kept asking questions about his sister. He’d sort of answer, then turn the conversation back to soccer, bicycling, or whatever. Then I asked whether he’s ever seen her nude.

He stopped talking. Just dead silent. I regretted asking. Then, slowly, quietly, he said, ‘Yeah.’

I tried drawing him out. It was difficult. Then, finally, he said that usually, most evenings, right about now, he and Katie take a shower together. I was instantly super-jealous. I mean, not only did Hank get to live in Southern California, but to see his sister naked! Way cool. Then I got to wondering, so I asked, “What about your parents? Do they know?”

“Oh, yeah, they’re fine with it. She and I have been doing that since we were little. It’s only in the past year or so that we started…”

He stopped.

“What?” I practically yelled.

It took some prodding, but I got it out of him. “We rub each other.”

“Woah, dude! And your parents are OK with that?”

“Well, they don’t know about that part. But, I think if they did, we’d get that ‘Don’t get anyone pregnant’ lecture for about the hundredth time. They actually encourage masturbation. They say wanking will keep us out of trouble.”

I couldn’t even fathom that. My parents would simply kill me if they even caught me walking from my bathroom to the bedroom without underpants on. They’ve never mentioned sex, and I’m quite certain they never would.

“So, you mean you jerk off?” I asked, rather red in the face just for mentioning the subject.

“Of course. Doesn’t everyone?”

“Well yes. Yes I do. In fact, I’ve been trying to figure out how to get some privacy so I could jerk off here at your house.”

“Oh, you don’t need privacy. I don’t mind.”

“You mean, I could do it right here in your room?”

“Sure. It might be fun to do it together.” At that point, he threw off the sheet and I saw he wasn’t wearing underpants. And, I saw his penis sticking straight up, already erect. He started stroking it.

Oddly, my heart was in my throat. This was awesome beyond words, but also scary in a way. Jerking off in front of someone? How cool was that! But why was I scared? I didn’t know, yet it took me a minute or two to throw off my own sheet, pull down my underpants, and let Hank see my erect penis. Finally, boldly, I did it.

He commented that I looked just like him. Both of us were probably around 5″ erect at the time, and just starting to grow hairs around the base.

I was super-excited. Not so much attracted to him, but more like attracted to the freedom of jerking off with another boy. I started wanking, sheepishly at first, but soon I was starting to get into it. I was getting close to the point of cumming when suddenly the door burst open.

I had the biggest shot of adrenaline I have ever had. I was sure it was my dad, or my uncle. But no, maybe worse, it was Katie. There was no way she didn’t see me naked, with my penis in hand. I was mortified.

She looked at me, then at Hank, then simply said, “Cool.”

Katie was dressed in a long white T-shirt. I could make out the points of her nipples under the cloth. I had the impression she had no underwear underneath.

A moment later, she added, “I couldn’t sleep. Thought I’d visit you guys.”

“Come on in and join us,” Hank offered.

She did.

3 thoughts on “Cousin Katie

  1. Do I detect a sequel in the works?

  2. sequel?absolutely…i got wet when the sister came through the door, thinking the story would continue. one of my fantasies –and i don’t even know if it would work–is to be entered from in front by one guy and have a second enter me from behind. every time i hear of one girl and two men, that’s where i go in my mind. anybody out there had that?

    1. Jeremy here. I have been one of the two guys on a couple of occasions. It turns out you can indeed be entered by two men, one in front and one behind. Not only that, you, or the men, get to choose which holes to use. You can potentially take two cocks in your pussy, one in pussy and one in ass, or if you are sufficiently stretchy – and some people are not – you could take two in the anus.

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