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Cock Ring: A device worn around the base of the penis, usually behind the scrotum. Cock rings can be true rings, typically made of metal or a rubber-like substance. Others are openable or adjustable so they can be worn more tightly, since a solid cock ring has to be fairly large diameter to get past the testicles. Working a solid cock ring on past the testicles can be a frustration or a pleasure depending on the wearer’s state of mind.

A loose cockring can be considered a piece of jewelry. Many are seen at nude beaches and in porn videos. They can have a placebo effect in which the wearer will maintain an erection better than without one.

A tighter cock ring will indeed maintain an erection because it prevents blood from flowing back out of the penis. Care should be taken in the tightness of a cock ring. Too tight, and blood won’t flow into the penis in the first place. Or, with a too-tight ring, the erection may last too long, a self-inflicted version of the disorder known as priapism. A super-tight cock ring can also cause damage to the spermatic cords, testicles or the penis.

If you get it just right, your penis will be larger, harder, veinier, and shinier than it has ever been, quite a unique experience. For best results, don’t use a cock ring, but instead, bind your penis behind the testicles with a strip of cloth, or large-diameter soft rope. Adjust the tightness so that blood can flow in, but not out. Leave it that hard for too long, however, and you’ll have to deal with a dull ache for the next few hours. Be very careful with this exercise, because it is possible to cause damage.

Occasionally a man will play with putting a very tight ring on a soft penis, or more commonly, will create a ring by winding behind the scrotum with a length of cord. In this situation, it is possible to have an orgasm without erection. The ejaculate will be prevented from squirting out. This is a dangerous practice because the penis has to be squeezed very tightly.

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