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Circle Jerk

Circlejerk, otherwise known as circle jerk and US presidents

A circle jerk is a masturbatory or handjob activity generally involving three or more people, usually, but not necessarily restricted to men. The “circle” concept can be taken quite literally. For instance, people can sit around a campfire, each wanking the person to his right. But more often, the name doesn’t have much to do with the activity. More commonly, it is a bunch of guys or girls getting together at someone’s house, and jerking each other off, or variations. For instance, one guy may be giving a blowjob to another, who is jerking a guy laying next to him. In another part of the room, a guy is just watching while jerking himself off. Elsewhere, two guys are watching porn while mutually masturbating.

Circle jerks are a safe form of sex in that the activities don’t lead to the passing of diseases. Most circle jerks do not lead to intimate sexual relationships. These are most often attended by people who want a casual situation, not something for ongoing sex with specific partners.

Perhaps if these men had lived in the same era, they would have had a circle jerk

A friend recently attended a circle jerk that turned out to be mixed-gender, and came back with this report:

The evening was better, way better than I had imagined it could be! This is exactly what happened, with no exaggeration. The only thing is I changed the names, in case anyone would be concerned about being recognized.

I spotted an ad online where a guy was going to organize a circle jerk. Of course I responded, with a degree of excitement. He sent the evening it was to occur and the hotel room where he had reserved a room.

I arrived ten minutes early. Couldn’t help myself. He greeted me at the door naked, with a good, solid hardon. He was quite tall, thin, fit, with still mostly blond hair tied in a ponytail, even though he appeared around 60 years old. He beckoned me in, and sat back down in the chair where he had been casually wanking while watching some porn. He had hooked up his laptop to the big TV in the motel room.

I took off my clothes right away, and laid out on his bed, starting to stroke myself as I watched the porn along with him. It was a big-titted blond woman getting fucked every which way by a good-looking man. Totally typical porn.

I started to get hard, but not entirely. I kind of wanted to get hard right away, but it wasn’t entirely happening. I was relaxed. I knew I’d get hard in time. He, we’ll call him Brian, and I talked. He has been married twice, is now divorced. He drives a truck for a living, and plans to retire in a year. He considers himself mostly hetero, but enjoys circle jerks. He isn’t much interested in getting jerked, oral, or anything else by a man, but has the quirk that he really likes having guys cum on him. On his legs, or his chest and stomach. He says it dates back to his first wife who introduced him to swinging – having sex with other couples. She’ do things like sit on him while they were fucking, and then blow a couple of guys at the same time. When they came, their cum would drip on him, and he found it very appealing. So now, he likes to have guys ejaculate on him. We talked and watched the porn for about ten minutes, when there was a knock on the door. It was a tall, medium built man named Marty, about 50 years old. Brian introduced him to me as his “jerk off buddy.” Evidently, whenever Brian is in town and in the mood, he and Mark place ads online and work out these circle jerks. They weren’t sure who was coming. It might have been just the three of us. And that would be fine by me, but of course the more, the merrier. As is typical with Craigslist, they had around 8 respondents, but quite often, many of them will get cold feet, or fail to show up for one reason or another.

But no worries, there was another knock on the door, and in walked Sam. Another tall, fit guy, but perhaps a bit heavier than any of the three of us. He was well tanned – all over. We got to talking, and Sam said he likes giving head. I told him that whereas I’m mostly a handjob guy, I wouldn’t mind a good blowjob. So, with me laying face up on the bed, and him face down, laying between my legs, he went to work. And he was good. I did start to get fully hard.

I worry about that. Sometimes, with a new person, or in a new setting, it takes me at least a half-hour to relax enough so that I can become fully erect. I suppose it is from a lifetime of trying to suppress erections at nude beaches and such.

As he was sucking on me, another knock, and Brian let in Marvin, a shorter fellow who was also fit, apparently in his early sixties, and with an academic look. He too disrobed, and he seemed to be more of a voyeur, sitting on a shelf along the window, and just stroking himself while watching Brian stroke himself, and Sam giving me my blowjob. Oh, and the porn on the TV which had switched to a three-way with a woman and two men.

Marvin asked Bruce whether any women were coming. Bruce said no. Marvin said that Marty had said possible a woman might come. Marty interjected that he had indeed invited a woman, but he doubted she’d actually show up. Her name was Lori. It seems both he and Brian knew who she was, and seemed to have had some past sexual experience with her of some sort. Just the thought that a woman could have showed up got me harder, and I had to ask Sam to take a break for a second so I wouldn’t cum. I could easily imagine how cool it would be to have a circle jerk with a woman involved. That thought got me ridiculously horny.

Another knock, and John arrived. He might have been around 70. Bald, tall, and also fit. Oddly, every man there was quite fit. I don’t know why. I would have been fine with someone who may have been flabby or fat or whatever, but even happier that we were such a healthy group.

The evening was going nicely. Sam had moved on to jerking himself. He didn’t need reciprocation from me, even though I offered. John, on the other hand, seemed to like some attention from me, so I started in on him. He stayed soft for a good five minutes and I was worried that he might just not harden up. But after a while, he became very hard indeed. I asked him a couple of times if I should do anything different – I had been alternating between ever so lightly touching his frenulum, then the tip of his dick, then actually stroking him in earnest a bit. He said, ‘no’, that he was just totally enjoying what I was doing.

Then, another knock at the door, and in walked Lori! A real, live woman. And good looking at that. She was only around 40, and although not tall, and rather rounded, you wouldn’t call her fat at all. She was just built a bit on the thick side. Or maybe not. I mean, her ass was small and tight, it’s just that she had big, gorgous boobs, with pretty pink nipples. She had olive skin and long black hair, like a southern Italian model.

Lori started taking off her clothes, and I was suffering from great amazement. Was this woman really going to join in our circle jerk? But no, she stopped removing clothing at a sort of one piece swimsuit like thing. She hugged Brian and Marty, and then kind of sat in Marty’s lap.

We all talked a bit, then she stepped out of her little suit, and was totally naked, just like all of us. But not like us at all. Every time I looked at her, I got electric shocks throughout my body. She had a small, thin patch of black hair on her pussy, and at one point, as she kind of turned over, I got a glimpse of her dark, puckered asshole. This was while Sam had resumed blowing me, and by God, I lost it. I came! I could have prevented that if I had been thinking more clearly. I wanted to tell Sam to stop, but I got confused and called him Brian, and so he didn’t respond, and kept going, so I came. But no problem. The evening was just too good for me to wilt away into nothing, although for a few minutes, I considered going home early, and it did take me a while to get it up again.

Lori started getting more involved. I’m guessing she’s one of those women who are not afraid of sex, even sex with several guys at once. She had Marty and Brian put on condoms. They decided they’d do some double-penetration. It would be a first ever DP experience for both Lori and Brian. Marty never mentioned whether he had done that before.

That whole thing didn’t work out quite as expected. Brian, who had been rock hard the whole evening so far, suddenly went soft after putting on the condom. They were going to fuck normally, with her on top, and then Marty was going to go into her butt from behind. But it took quite a while for Brian to get hard again, and of course that meant he had trouble getting it into her. Finally he did, at least sort of. Marty hung back, and I figured it might be a good idea to help Lori get her ass ready. So, while she was fucking with Brian, I just rubbed my index finger around her butt hole. I was concerned she might not like that. I was preparing to be embarrassed if she told me to stop that. But my attention had an immediate electrifying effect on her. She started bucking, and pressing her butt back, to get my finger to start penetrating into her. So I did just that, pushing it farther and farther in – ever so slowly, while stroking myself with my other hand. My recent ejaculation was forgotten, and I was getting all hard and horny again. Then Marty replaced me, and tried to get in a position to butt fuck her. They couldn’t quite manage a position that worked for the three of them, and so Marty backed off. Then she got off Brian, and Marty took his place, fucking Lori in the ordinary way. No one tried to butt fuck her again, so I pushed my finger back into her butt while she and Marty were going at it, and that sent her into a crashing orgasm.

Later, Brian had said that he felt Marty’s cock in her when he was fucking her, but it turns out what he felt was my finger, since they never quite managed double-penetration. I didn’t have the heart to tell him, because I’m pretty sure he would have been disappointed.

The evening wore on. At various times, pretty much all the guys sucked her tits, ate her pussy, or got a blowjob from Lori. Sam came when she blew him, and because our host Brian had said he likes having cum on his body, he pulled out of her mouth, and squirted some of his sperm on Brian. Shortly after, he dressed and went home.

Now, John and the others had got involved also with Lori and various men were fucking her. She announced that she wanted someone to cum on her tits. I was ready, and so I volunteered. She was having a great time being fucked sideways by John, and I started stroking over her chest. At the same time, suspecting she wanted more butt action, I pushed my finger back into her butt, and she had another crashing orgasm. That sent me over the edge, and so I came on her tits. She then climbed on Brian, spreading my cum onto his chest, which seems to have made his day.

Like all good things, the evening came to an end. We all thanked Brian on our way out. He told us that he was very pleased we came, that he thought it was a very successful evening, and he plans to do it again. He’ll drop us an email the next time he’s coming to town. We also thanked Lori, who turned it around and let us know that she was very, very happy to have been with us.

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  1. there were a group of my friends and I that would get together atleast once a month and drink and most every time a couple if not all of us would end up stroking ourselves and some of us would stroke someone else’s cock. then one time I brought a female friend along and she decided she wanted to participate. she removed her clothes and soon she was rubbing herself then she helped a guy and by the end of the night she had done something with everyone there. she was a regular for about 1 1/2 years then she moved.

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